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Expensive and popular SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200

New Toyota Land Cruiser 200 large, expensive and representative SUV enjoys in Russia stable and high demand, as well as the popular Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 series . Businessmen, government officials, oil and gas companies are snapping up Toyota Land Cruiser 200 like hotcakes. Despite the fact that the price of the car in Russia is quite high, buy a car, the sample, we can be for the cost of 3181000 rubles.
What is the secret of the popularity of expensive and elegant Japanese SUV? So whether it be good, or maybe in the car cost more than $ 100,000 there are “schools”? Our task – to understand the components of success, according to tradition, we are helpers specifications Toyota Land Cruiser 200 year, the photo and video materials, the analysis of machine data and reviews of the owners. Select the new Land Cruiser 200 in . Russian motorists will not be very difficult. Versions Kruzak only three – Elegance with a diesel engine, and two complete suite – petrol and diesel. Let’s look at all the variations, of course do not forget about the size and dimensions, tires and wheels, enamel color options, full specifications (engine, gearbox, four-wheel drive, fuel consumption). Sit down in the cabin, we estimate the level of equipment and comfort of passengers and cargo location, and finally carry out a test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

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Updated Toyota 200 is present on the Russian market since April , and will not be subjected to restyling the next couple of years. Go around a huge SUV around and visually evaluate the appearance of the participant of our review. Let’s start with the gigantic dimensions of Cruiser 200 Series: 4950 mm long, 1970 mm wide, 1950 mm high, 2850 mm wheelbase, 225 mm ground clearance (clearance).

  • Standard equipment for the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200: tires 285/60 R18 on alloy wheels 18 size, if desired, the vehicle owner can be established and larger wheels – tires 275/55 R20, 285/50 R20, 305/50 R20, and even tires 285/45 R22 or 285/35 R24.

Here are just 20-24 wheels with low profile tires radius substantially impair smoothness, as well as cross-country off-road paved.
Appearance Kruzer200 will impress even the people are absolutely indifferent to cars. Japanese new full-size SUV looks bright, but somewhat ponderous. The huge grille is richly decorated with chrome elements – four horizontal slats framed by a wide border. Large headlights with xenon bulbs complemented strokes LED daytime running lights. Chopped front bumper with large round foglights prudently trimmed from the bottom to provide a better geometric cross body. Hood with two longitudinal beams vyshtampovok looks like a dining table – large and smooth surface.
In a review from side seeing classic forms and proportions wagon with a flat roofline, large doorways, huge wheel arches with a bloated profile gigantic rear. Feed with an SUV just after a huge tailgate perfectly rectangular shape, the lower edge of a deep entering into a compact rear bumper. Plafonds rear position lamps with LED strict form filling, duplicated with additional luminous element, located on the bumper. Body Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – a high-Stone Chip and anti-corrosion treatment, resting on strong frame reinforced with additional lateral gusset in the back of the (improved rigidity and a favorable effect on the controllability). Full size spare tire on alloy wheels suspended from the underbody, engine compartment bottom closes strong metal protection.

  • When ordering, the executive SUV potential owner can choose to color the body color, with only a basic white is included in the cost of cars, for metallics – silver, ash-gray, black, red, beige, dark green and gray-blue, surcharge required 28,000 rubles, and for white pearl will be asked to pay 42,000 rubles.

Salon Toyota Lendkruizer 200 Year – to match the external dimensions, affects an enviable reserve a place not only in the first and second rows, but even in the gallery, designed for two people will be able to accommodate three passengers. Only with the proviso that the growth of sitting on the third row does not exceed 170 cm. To sit on the last row is convenient thanks to the original system of folding the right side of the second row seats by pressing a lever. In the second row can comfortably accommodate three adult men, middle-row seat is able to move along the interior 10cm interior materials and filling comfort features and entertainment -. Premium level. Leather upholstery and door cards, soft plastics, wood inserts and aluminum. Complete electrification – a steering column, front seats (8-way) with memory 3 positions setting the driving position (seat, steering wheel and mirrors), 4 ex-zone climate control, a proprietary system, heated steering wheel, seat of the first and the second row, the driver’s ventilation and passenger seats, Optitron instrument panel with multi-function color screen, cruise control, rain and light sensors, advanced radio cassette premium JBL (CD MP3 WMA DVD, USB AUX and iPod jack, 14 speakers, Bluetooth), 8-inch touch screen ( navigator, the picture with 4 cameras), 12 airbags. Continue filling the cabin description can be a very long time, but let’s try to stay in the driver’s seat.
Climb into the cabin, the plump armchair with completely flat and slippery cushion upholstery. Get really comfortable does not work, the steering column with a very small range of adjustments, backrest does not provide adequate support for the back, the captain’s landing is very high, to deal quickly with all the buttons and switches scattered on the front panel, center console and transmission tunnel will be problematic. It’s a shame, but in the car for the money the picture quality on the touch screen rather mediocre, and the hard plastic seats and sonorous.
Summing up the review of salon I want to say that the interior of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was created with an eye on the US market – a large living area, large armchair in a position to ride leisurely rich content. That’s only uncomfortable to sit in the driver’s seat, especially in a long journey, and while moving constantly catch myself thinking that more hands holding the handlebars than to rely on the pillow and the back of the chair body.
Finally, look at the trunk of the SUV. Access to the luggage compartment provides a huge fifth door, consisting of two parts (as an option with the electric upper part). With seven passengers on board a modest amount of luggage – only 259 liters by folding the third row of seats (equidimensional half raised and mounted on each side of the cabin) will get 700 liters, and will by no means a record amount of cover in 1431 liters by folding the second row.

Specifications Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Year : Russia in 200th Kruzak offered with two eight-cylinder engine and permanent all-wheel drive with Torsen center differential and reduction gear. Front suspension Independent on wishbone with stabilizer bar, rear dependent not split with the powerful bridge and Panhard rod. The SUV boasts a serious arsenal of electronic systems for confident movement on paved roads and off-road. The default setting is Multi Terrain Select from four modes (rocks and dirt, mogul, gravel, dirt, sand), Off-Road Turn Assist (assistant at the entrance to turn off the road), Assistant descent from the mountain (the DAC), an assistant at start hill (HAC), the stabilization of the position of the body (KDSS), traction active system (A-TRC), locking center differential, the system ensures directional stability (VSC), a system to maintain a constant speed on the roads c 5 fixed speed (Crawl Control), anti-lock system brakes the drive select The ability of operation, depending on the coating (Multi-terrain ABS), Electronic Brakeforce distribution (EBD), brake assist (BAS).

  • Gasoline 1UR-FE 4,6 liter engine (309 hp), Automatic transmission 6 automatic transmission, can accelerate heavy SUV weighing 2585 kg to 100 mph in 8.6 seconds and to a top speed of 205 mph.

The manufacturer claims the fuel consumption of 11.4 liters to 18.2 liters road in town, in the opinion of owners Land Cruiser 200, does not correspond to reality. In actual use cars with the engine requires the combined cycle of 22-25 liters, and when driving on the roads and in city traffic, and the figure could rise to 30-32 liters.

  • Land Cruiser 200 diesel 1VD-FTV 4,5 liter (235 hp) with 6 automatic transmission provides jeep weight 2585 kg momentum booster to the first hundred in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 210 mph.

The manufacturer promises that the turbodiesel uses heavy fuel oil from 9.1 liters on the highway up to 12 liters in the city. The owners called several other fuel efficiency, the diesel engine consumes 15-18 liters of combined cycle.

Test drive Toyota Land Cruiser 200 year: on the asphalt country roads, and in the city, the Toyota 200 demonstrates the habits of a large, powerful and heavy SUV. The dynamics is impressive, especially knowing that the mass of passengers cars is 3 tons. Acceleration powerful engine even at high speeds is almost inaudible. Here are just a steering descriptiveness is far from ideal and the car lurches noticeably in the corners. But how comfortable the car is traveling, it is absolutely indifferent to what quality of road surfaces, the suspension is able to reverse the huge pits and potholes. Do not be amiss to note that the suspension elements of the resource even when aggressive driving is a little more than 100,000 km. It remains unclear just maintenance regulations, prescribed by dealers every 5 th. Km, but the owners do not bother for such a trifle, and correctly follow prescriptions, serving SUV only service that provides authorized dealers.
Off-road cars are not saved and will climb forward stubbornly and confidently, but … if under the wheels is hard, even off-road surface. On soft ground (sand, clay raskisshaya, dirt) “dig” wheels 200th Cruiser will not be difficult, and then have to take a shovel and dig cars, but most likely will not go alone.
Results. Pros: Land Cruiser 200 is actually a phenomenal vehicle for Russian roads, with a huge salon, comfortable suspension, powerful engines, rich equipment, high reliability. Cons: high fuel consumption and cost of ownership.

How much is: buy a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 year it is possible positioning at least 3181 rubles for a considerable cost the owner will receive an SUV with a diesel engine in complete set Elegance. Price version of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Lux with a diesel engine -. 3301 thousand rubles, sale complete suite with a gasoline engine offered from 3325 thousand rubles.
For individualization Land Cruiser 200 is offered tuning and accessories in a wide selection, from alloy wheels and chrome trims on the outer elements of the body (as well as mats, blankets and much more), finishing all kinds of load carriers, boxes, fixing cargo, hitch and more serious protection suspension components and the fuel tank. In all senses pleasant operation of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 closes its problems and shortcomings. Buy spare parts for cars easier through an authorized dealer showroom, the price will be more expensive than the Internet, but will retain the warranty repair, which is important for an expensive car.

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