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Electric SUV 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 EV

With the introduction of the new 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 EV at the usual RAV4 fans appeared more choices.
The Japanese company has created a modernized, more than it modern version of the RAV4 SUV with improved aerodynamics.
On the technical side 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 EV is a more comfortable and versatile modification of the original.
In addition, the new SUV higher productivity.
The car can go the distance up to 160 kilometers without recharging ti.
By the way, with the charger from the wall socket at 240 volts and the battery is charged for 6 hours, and from the outlet to 110 volts – 12 hours.

The front wheels are in the 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 EV can work in two ways Normal and Sport.
In Sport mode, up to 100 km / h electric SUV in 7 seconds, reaching a top speed – 160 km / h.
The mode Normal, due to lower acceleration rates of up to 8.6 seconds, saving battery power.
In this case, the maximum speed is 137 km / h.
Electric transmission, which was developed by the US company Tesla Motors, has a maximum power of 154 horsepower.

Model 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 EV has very good aerodynamics – the drag coefficient is equal to 0,30 Cd, and it is a pretty decent figure for SUVs.
To extend battery life, there are three control parameter ECO, ECO LO / HI and NORMAL.
According to the Japanese brand information, ECO LO mode provides the best balance between comfort and distance run.
ECO HI mode power is reduced by 40 percent compared to NORMAL.

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