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Electric Renault Zoe 2018-2019 – 300 km of clean run

Renewed Renault Zoe 2018-2019 – photos and videos, the price and specifications, the specifications of Renault Zoe, the French electric car, which received a powerful battery traction battery ZE 40 (capacity 41 kWh), which allows you to overcome the distance of 300 km in real operating conditions, and A wider list of options. The world premiere of the modernized Renault Zoe took place at the home for the Renault Paris Motor Show in early October 2016. Exhibition copies of the Renault Zoe were adorned with a promising 400 km inscription, but, alas, such an electric vehicle run is only available at the stand on the cycle of the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle). Acceptance of orders for the updated Renault Zoe in Europe started on October 1, 2016, the price ranges from 22,100 euros for the version with a 22 kWh battery and from 24,900 euros for an electric car with a more powerful battery with a capacity of 41 kWh.

The cost of an electric car may seem high, but it is not final. Depending on the country in which the electric vehicle is purchased, there is a bonus from the state for using the car not polluting the environment. In France, this is 6,300 euros, in Germany 5,000 euros, and in Britain more than 4,000 pounds. However, the traction battery is available to the buyer solely on the basis of leasing rights. When mileage is up to 5000 km per year from 49 to 69 euros per month (contract for more than 36 months or for 12 months), with mileage up to 12,500 km 79-99 euros respectively, and at mileage up to 30,000 km 142-162 euros per month. Here such arithmetic turns out.

Such cunning and intricate calculations with the manufacturer do not prevent Renault Zoe from entering the top 10 best-selling electric cars in the world. Produced, by the way, since 2012, the French electric car Renault Zoe in 2015 was awarded the title of the best-selling electric car in Europe, and following the results of June 2016 the car sold out in different parts of the world with a circulation exceeding 50,000 copies.

What is so attractive to modern motorists in the electric model Renault with the original name ZOE? Stylish and attractive design of the body of the five-door hatchback with sporting notes: the ideal body in terms of aerodynamics with organic lines, stylishly hidden in the frames of the glass, the rear door handles, massive but bumper-free bumper, elegant LED headlamps and uniquely stylish LED headlamps. Add to the asset model 9 power enamel colors: Arctic White, Glacier White, Calico Gray, Neptune Gray, Iceberg Blue, Lightning Blue, Diamond Black, Intense Red and Titanium Gray (the last two new), steel 15-inch wheels with stylish caps and 16-17 inch alloy wheels with original design.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Renault Zoe 2018-2019 are 4004 mm in length, 1730 mm (including exterior mirrors 1945 mm) in width, 1562 mm in height, with 2,588 mm of wheelbase and 120 mm of ground clearance.
  • The track of the front wheels is 1511 mm, the track of the rear wheels is 1510 mm.

Compact five-door electric car hatchback despite the modest exterior dimensions of the body has a very roomy cabin, able to comfortably accommodate the driver and four passengers, as well as a luggage compartment designed for 338 liters of cargo volume with the standard position of the back of the rear seats. When folding the split second row back, the luggage compartment is ready to take up to 1225 liters of cargo, if loaded under the roof.

The neat interior of the electric car makes a very pleasant impression thanks to the quality materials of the finish (optional is the blue interior and even the Edition One with leather trim), the laconic design of the front panel and the center console, comfortable first-row seats and cozy rear seats. There is a digital dashboard, a large steering wheel, an R-Link multimedia complex with a 7-inch color touchscreen (music, telephone, TomTom navigation and R-Link Store), intuitive control of the air conditioning unit. As an option, the rear view camera and parking sensors, Arkamys and Bose (3D Sound) audio systems, rain and light sensors, external mirrors with automatic folding function. In the cabin there is nothing superfluous, and the equipment is installed in the right and accessible places.

Specifications Renault Zoe 2018-2019 year. The electric motor drives the electric motor (92 HP 220 Nm), an automatic transmission and a traction battery ZE 40 (41 kWh capacity) from LG. During the goal, an electric car can be purchased with an old 22 kWh rechargeable battery.
The new battery in real traffic conditions allows you to drive up to 300 km, and the old one is less capacious only 160 km.
Time to replenish the stock of electric fuel directly depends on the power of the charger and is from 30 minutes to 9 hours. By the way, you can refuel the car both at home from a household outlet, and on the streets of European cities, where there is a mass of electric refueling (a long charge from a low-power charging station is free, express charge costs about 10-15 euros).

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