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Electric Land Rover Defender goes to Geneva

Vehicles with hybrid and electric vehicles present nowadays considered commonplace.
However, a massive SUV moving on electric alone, is already on the verge of fantasy.
At the Geneva Motor Show, which kicks off in a few days, the British brand Land Rover will introduce the legendary Defender, equipped with an electric motor.

Overall, the British company has built seven such models.
If the machine will be able to pass all the tests, while motorists will be interesting, it is quite possible that the electric Land Rover Defender will put on the conveyor.
At the Geneva Motor Show the British automaker will show the Land Rover Defender with a 94-strong electric motor with a maximum torque of 330 Newton-meters.
The capacity of a set of lithium-ion batteries of 27 kW / h.
Range SUV stroke when fully charged battery is 80-ti kilometers.
Fully rechargeable batteries can be recharged in 4 hours.
In the tests already carried out an electric car could overcome ford, whose depth was 80 centimeters.
In addition, the SUV was able to tighten the trailer weight of 12 tons on the hill sloped at 13 degrees.
The weight of the new electric car reaches 2162 kg, which is 107 kg more compared with the diesel version of the machine. 410 kilograms of the total weight of the electric vehicle falls on the battery pack, located under the hood.

After the Geneva Motor Show the company will send copies of all seven electric Land Rover Defender on the long road test, after which determined the fate of innovations.

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