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Declassified the new BMW X4 2018-2019

Auto Show in Shanghai will be the arena for the debut of a new model of BMW 2018-2019, which had an index designation X4.

However, as it will look like the concept – already it is no secret.
The German company has recently released the first images of “little brother” SUV X6.
Officially, the BMW X4 2018-2019 will be presented as a concept car, but in reality it will be the so-called pre-production sample.
That is, cars that will arrive in dealerships German manufacturer if and will differ from the concept of Shanghai, only minor insignificant details.
Though, most likely, the production model will get rid of the huge wheels and replace the bumper on the original form of the more traditional.
As stated by the head of the German brand Norbert Reithofer, the new BMW X4 2018-2019 has a length of almost 465 centimeters, and in the power of the car lineup will include various modifications of petrol and diesel turbocharged engines.
However, the new car is unlikely to get some unique motors.
Probably, the power line will be similar to BMW X4 2018-2019 X3 model lineup.
From which it follows that the crossover will get units that develop up to 306 horsepower ti.
More detailed information about their new product the Germans are going to sound just before the debut, which is scheduled for April 19 this year.

Note that on the conveyor new BMW X4 will put only in the following year.


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