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Crossover BMW X6 M 2018-2019

The official debut of the “hot” crossover BMW X6 M new generation took place in the late autumn of 2018-2019, at the auto show in Los Angeles, although the basic information about your new product Bavarians declassified before the premiere.
Well acquainted with the novelty is worth a closer look, because the car was better in every way.

We begin, as usual, with the exterior, which has become much more athletic and aggressive notes of, excellent harmony with the modern high-tech design details, for example, with lanterns at the stern.

Aerodynamic body kit (spoiler, side skirts, bumpers), blending with the original diffuser, large false radiator grille, four-pipe exhaust system and alloy wheels 20 inches in diameter with an interesting design.
For a fee, you can choose a massive 21-inch wheels.

Generally speaking, the new crossover BMW X6 M 2018-2019 model year boasts a good thought-out appearance, which harmoniously combines aerodynamic shape and nice design, so the novelty is obviously to attract attention in the transport stream.

For its size “charged” crossover is virtually identical to the standard version of the BMW the X6 , except for ride height, which German engineers have reduced by 1 centimeter – to a mark of 19.5 centimeters.
The car’s weight in running order reaches 2275 kg.

Inside the new BMW X6 M 2018-2019 has a design style standard version of the crossover, but trends lounge in some embodiments receives equipment finishing materials of higher quality, sports seats are two options to choose from, a modified steering wheel and pedals are made of aluminum.

The ergonomics of the cabin and the amount of free space remained unchanged, but the interior fittings BMW X6 M 2018-2019 “made a step forward” due to increased functional equipment received.

For example, a “hot” new product engineers equipped with a projection screen, which displays the tachometer and indicators of a sensor showing the most optimal time to switch speeds.
This function is borrowed from the new BMW X5 M.

Under the hood “charged» BMW X6 M 2018-2019 is gasoline 8-cylinder V-twin powerplant with a displacement of 4.4 liters, known by the previous generation of the crossover.

However, the engine has undergone some improvements, having advanced technology of direct fuel injection, improved the function of variable valve timing, two 2-channel turbocharger and a revised exhaust system.

The upgrade engine maximum power 555 from the previous five-horsepower increased to 575-minute forces achieved in the range of 6000 to 6500 rpm.
Peak torque of the engine is also increased to 750 Newton-meters ti (before was 680 Nm) and is achieved within the 2200 – 5000 rpm.

All these changes have allowed the German engineers to improve the acceleration time from zero to 100 kilometers per hour – now the BMW X6 M crossover 2018-2019 gaining first “hundred” on the speedometer in just 4.2 seconds, while top speed of the car electronics is still limited at around 250 kilometers per hour.

The power unit is equipped with the new automatic 8-speed transmission called ZF M Steptronic.
This box has a sports regulations, as well as the gear lever using the shift paddles.

With regard to the flow of gasoline in the mixed mode of motion, it is significantly decreased.
If above the average consumes about 13.9 liters per 100 kilometers, it is now about 11.1 liters.
This indicator provides a new product to become one of the most efficient cars in its segment.

New “charged» BMW X6 M 2018-2019 is based on the all-wheel drive platform with upgraded independent suspension.
The front part of the car received a 2-lever design, and feed is based on a multi-link system called Integral-V with a pair of pneumatic supports, smoothing trim body.

In addition, the “hot” car gets driven electronically adaptive dampers with three modes – «Sport +», «Sport» and «Comfort».
The new 2018-2019 BMW X6 M is equipped with all-wheel drive system called the xDrive, with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch and the rear active differential (DPS) with a degree of traction control technology.

The wheels on both axles are equipped with German car disc brakes enhanced with a ventilation function and lighter calipers: on the front wheels – six-piston at the rear – single piston.
Rack and pinion steering mechanism “charged” crossover gets electromechanical power assistance.

The basic equipment of crossover BMW X6 M 2018-2019 German automaker including leather interior trim, aluminum laths, lane control system, Launch Control function, parking assistance system, memory function settings and electric adjustment of the first row of seats, a multimedia system called BMW ConnectedDrive, automatic climate control and a host of other options.

As mentioned above, “charged» BMW X6 M new generation was officially unveiled in the autumn of 2018-2019, at the auto show in Los Angeles, and the European debut of new items planned for the Geneva International Motor Show, which kicks off at the beginning of spring 2018-2019 year.
Around the same time to begin selling crossover in the North American market.

The dealerships European countries (including Russia), the novelty will arrive in the second half of 2018-2019 year.
In the United States, the initial value of the “charged” car will make about 103 thousand dollars, the price for Europe has not been announced.

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