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Crossover BMW X4 M40i 2018-2019

At the North American International Auto Show in January 2018-2019 before the general public appeared “hot” version of the BMW X4 crossover kupeobraznogo with the addition of M40i, which was officially declassified in the autumn of 2018-2019 on the web.
“Poluemka” from Bavaria became an intermediate step towards full modification “the M”, demonstrating not only the sporting accents in the exterior and the interior, but also a high-performance “six” under the hood and a more sporting suspension settings on the background of the standard “brother.”

Overview of BMW X4 M40i 2018-2019

And without that dynamic and aggressive enough appearance in the BMW X4 M40i versions supported by aerodynamic body around the perimeter with large air ducts in the front bumper and a diffuser in the rear bumper embossed with spaced along the edges of the black pipes of the exhaust system and silver accents.
Rounding out the shape of the unique wheels 19 inches, dressed in different-sized tires of width 245 mm front and 275 mm at the rear.

The length of the BMW X4 M40i stretched to 4671 mm, a width of 1901 mm and a height not exceeding 1624 mm.
On the wheelbase of the “hot” coupe-crossover accounts for 2810 mm and its ground clearance is fixed at 204 mm.
“Battle” mass “Bavarian” has 1840 kg.

Interior BMW X4 M40i 2018-2019

Inside the M40i is not much different from the standard models – three-spoke «M-wheel”, unique trim on the door sills and pedals so sports front seats with strongly tailored support on the sides.

According to other aspects of the car at full parity – beautiful design, premium design, five seats.

Picture luggage BMW X4 M40i

Well, quite roomy “hold”, the amount of which varies from 500 to 1400 liters, depending on the orientation of the back of the sofa backs.

Specifications BMW X4 M40i 2018-2019

But the main advantage of BMW X4 M40i is hidden under the hood – gasoline row “Six” with a turbocharged, direct injection and high-power spark plugs, which in the working volume of 3.0 liters (2979 cc), gives birth to a herd of 360 “heads” in 5800-6000 revolutions / minute.
Peak thrust it reaches 465 Nm in a wide range from 1350 to 5250 rev / min.

Photos under the hood X4 M40i

Engine in collaboration with 8-band sport “automatic” Steptronic transmission and the xDrive all-wheel drive “catapult” the crossover to the first “hundred” in just 4.9 seconds and accelerates up to a maximum of 250 km / h (electronic “collar” is triggered at that point).
In the combined driving cycle “hot” version of pyatidverki consumes on average 8.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Structurally, the M40i is almost identical to the standard version of the machine (although it has some features) – independent front and rear suspension (double wishbone and multi-link design, respectively), rack and pinion steering with an electric amplifier and powerful disc brakes with ventilated “in a circle.”
This coupe-crossover is different “special” settings and steering comprehensively revised chassis with stiffer springs, a sports way perekroennymi adaptive shock absorbers and reinforced by transverse stabilizers.
Spare parts and accessories to the vehicle can be found on the official website Karvilshop .

BMW X4 M40i US sales will begin in the first quarter of 2018-2019 at a price of $ 57 800, when the SUV gets to Russia (and whether it will get) is still unknown.
Standard kupeobrazny car has six airbags, zonal air conditioning system, a premium “music”, sports front seats, leather upholstery, adaptive suspension, multimedia complex, 19-inch “rollers”, a multi-function steering wheel and weight of modern electronic “assistants” to facilitate the lives of the driver .

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