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Crossover BMW X3 2018-2019 model year

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2018-2019, the German automaker BMW has brought a number of its new products, among which was an updated crossover X3 2018-2019 model year.
This vehicle enjoys a good demand in the world, therefore we recommend to get to know him better.

Let’s start with the look, as there has not been the same.
Exterior model is made ​​in the same design concept as the X5 crossover appearance.

More specifically, the German engineers have extended headlights and modified the false radiator grille, so the car has received a more modern appearance and is very close to “a single standard BMW», which the company established in 2013 year.

Also note the updated front and rear bumpers, a different design of wheel disks, turn signals in the exterior mirrors and a pair of new exterior colors.
In general, after the restyling crossover BMW X3 began to look more modern, dynamic and cute, which will undoubtedly further enhance its popularity.

If we talk about the dimensions of the car, there is also not without changes.
After this restyling crossover length increased to 465.7 centimeters (an increase of 0.9 cm).

Other dimensions remained unchanged.
Thus, the width of the model excluding exterior mirrors is 188.1 cm, height of the machine rests on the marker 166.1 cm and a wheelbase length is 281 cm. Clearance height is 21.2 centimeters.

In the five-seater cabin of the updated BMW X3 changes have occurred, the layout remained the same.
However, new finishing materials, as well as the larger display multimedia complex in the center console.

In addition, the car has got increasingly popular touchpad to control a joystick, which is located on the right side of the gear lever.
Here, perhaps, and all changes in the cabin, glaring.

The luggage compartment of the crossover BMW X3 still remain, the minimum useful volume is limited to a mark of 550 liters, and its capacity after the transformation of the cabin is increased to a maximum of 1600 liters.
Note that the electric tailgate are now offered in the initial equipment variants.
In addition, the more expensive the vehicle, the tailgate can be opened only after spending foot under the bumper.

In the line of small changes powertrains BMW X3 crossover 2018-2019 model year.
More specifically, the two less powerful engines have been modernized and are available in the new version.

So now in the rear-wheel modification sDrive18d car is equipped with no 143-horsepower engine, a turbocharged 4-cylinder 2-liter unit, developing 150 horsepower at 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 360 Newton-meters, available in the range 1500 – 2250 rpm.

Modification xDrive20d now receives at 184-hp engine, and the engine power of 190 horsepower achieved at 4,000 rev / min with maximum torque of 400 Nm between 1750 – 2250 rev / min.

According to the German automaker, both the motor efficiency increased by 7.1 percent.
For example, a 190-horsepower engine consumes in combined cycle of about 5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.
He is able to disperse the BMW X3 from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.5 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds longer than it was before.

In addition to these two upgraded engines in the power range of the machine will include more 3 engine remains unchanged.
This 2-liter petrol turbo power 184 and 245 horsepower, as well as 3-liter 306-horsepower turbine.
Diesel engines are represented by two turbo units with the same volume of 3.0 liters, but with different capacity – 249 and 313 horsepower.

In a couple of motors Germans offer 6-band “mechanics” or the automatic 8-speed ZF gearbox.

Besides the version sDrive18d all BMW X3 crossover modification in the “base” have the xDrive all-wheel drive with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, which connects the front axle.

Speaking of the chassis, after restyling changes are imperceptible.
German engineers only slightly retuned front and rear double wishbones “mnogoryichazhka”, and at the same time eliminate the disadvantages found earlier, so significant changes in the terrain, ride and handling are observed.

As before, all vehicle wheels are equipped with disc brakes with ventilation function.
The assistance offered system ABS, BAS and EBD.
Rack and pinion electric power steering system equipped with a variable gear ratio.

Restyling version of the BMW X3 2018-2019 model year will appear on the Russian market, presumably this summer.
Closer to the top of the sales price will be announced and the vehicle, and now we only know that equipping the base version will be expanded at the expense of heating the front row of seats, a navigation system and a leather steering wheel braid.

Recall that dorestaylingovoy BMW X3 crossover version is available in Russian from 1.874 million rubles.

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