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Crossover BMW X1 2018-2019 model year

In Russia, the BMW X1 crossover enjoyed a pretty good popularity.
And it is not so much in the name of the German automaker, as in the successful ratio of quality, price and practicality.
The crossover is aimed at young motorists, leading an active lifestyle.
At a recent exhibition in Detroit Bavarian concern presented the BMW X1 th 2018-2019 model year, endures point restyling.
In particular, the car has slightly modified the air intakes, “skirt” made of stainless steel, slightly tweaked and redesigned optics rims.
That’s all updates.
The rest is the same stylish, attractive and dynamic vehicle.

Renewed BMW X1 refers to a segment of compact crossovers.
Its length is only 445.4 cm, width 179.8 cm model has excluding exterior mirrors and 204.4 cm with mirrors, body height is 154.5 centimeters.
Depending on the equipment of the machine curb weight ranges 1505 – 1660 kg.
Despite its compact size, BMW X1 has pretty spacious five-seater cabin.
The quality of finishing materials and their fit is beyond doubt, but there is no claim to the level of equipment as standard.
More expensive versions offer the usual level of equipment brand, and for a fee you can increase the functionality of the cabin the entire bulk of all possible options.

Inside, the car features very attractive to youth and, in the decoration looked through sports features.
The ergonomics of the cabin nothing to complain about, everything here is perfectly thought out – the controls are easy to reach, the information is read from the instrument panel is good, and the steering wheel is not overstrained hands.
However, there are some drawbacks.
Thus, niches and compartments for storing various small things too little, and the glove box can not boast of a large volume.
Crossover was comfortable seat with a large selection of adjustments and comfortable fit.
Power line crossover BMW X1, designed for the domestic market, looks pretty solid.
You can pick up the engine to suit all tastes.

On the role of the base gasoline engine offered 4-cylinder 2-liter unit.
Its power is 150 hp and achieved at 6400 rev / min and maximum torque of 200 Newton-meters at its peak at 3600 rev / min.
With this engine crossover has a top speed of 202 kilometers per hour, and the acceleration from zero to 100 km / h requires 9.7 seconds.
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 7.7 liters of 100 kilometers.
In tandem with this unit works base 6 -speed manual transmission, but as an option will be available and 6 A range “machine» Steptronic.

This is followed by 2-liter turbocharged engine with TwinPower Turbo, whose power is 184 horsepower in the range of 5000 – 6250 rev / min.
Peak torque of 270 Newton meters is reached at 1250 – 4500 rpm / min.
In this case, the BMW X1 gets a basic “mechanics” to a 6-speed or 8 -step “automatic” Steptronic as an option.
In the combined cycle engine consumes about 7.5 liters of gasoline on “hundreds” of kilometers.
The maximum speed is up to 205-ti kilometers per hour and acceleration from zero to 100 km / h comes in 7.8 seconds.

The third petrol engine has the same volume of 2.0 liters, but, thanks to turbo TwinPower Turbo system and the Valvetronic variable valve timing, its power increased to 245 horsepower ti (5000 – 6500 rev / min) and a maximum torque of 350 Newton-meters (1250 – 4800 rev / min).
The motor runs with a base 6 A range “mechanics” or with the optional 8 A range “automatic”.
With the BMW X1 machine can accelerate to a maximum speed of 205 km / h and accelerates from zero to the first “hundred” for 6.1 seconds.
In mixed driving cycle consumes about 7.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

Two 4-cylinder diesel engine with the same cubic capacity of 2.0 liters, but with different capacity are also included in the motor range of crossover.
One developing 184 horsepower (4000 rev / min) and 380 Newton meters of torque (1750 – 2750 rev / min).
The second gives 218 forces power (4000 rev / min) and a torque of 450 Nm (1500 – 2500 rev / min).
Transmission is the same – 6 -speed manual and eight -speed automatic.
Less powerful engine accelerates the car up to the first “hundreds” of 8.1 seconds and consumes an average of 5.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.
In the more powerful the machine, the figures are 6.8 seconds and 5.9 liters.

The basic version of equipment BMW X1 th 2018-2019 model year equipped with fog lights, running lights with LEDs, steel preassembled on rims with a diameter of 17 inches, air conditioning, trip computer, CD-player with AUX -Entrance, leather steering wheel, safety package, stability control the DSC, ABS anti-lock brakes, brake force distribution EBD, brake control system on CBC cornering and braking energy recovery system.
The BMW X1 is based on the advanced platform of the station wagon of the BMW 3-Series.

Behind the crossover is equipped with a multi-link design, front – independent suspension-type racks, “McPherson”.
For a car with the least powerful petrol engine is offered on the rear axle drive, all other versions get four-wheel drive xDrive.
Also note that the steering control instead of the previous model of the electromechanical amplifier has received a new electro-hydraulic power.
Renewed BMW X1 will appear in the Russian market this spring.
Cost of the car starts at 1,325,000 rubles.
Well, a new generation of crossover should debut presumably in 2018-2019 th year.

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