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Crossover Audi RS Q3 2018-2019

Most fast and powerful modification of Audi vehicles built sports department of the Quattro, worn RS code.
The discoverer of this “family” was the Audi RS2, presented at the beginning of the 90s of the last century, as in the past since two decades, this “family” was quite large.

Perhaps one of the most unusual patterns among these “hot” car is a compact crossover called the RS Q3, which made ​​its debut only last year, but has been restyled along with the other models of the Audi Q3 line.
The car is easily recognizable due to the characteristic shape of a body with highly inclined front and rear roof pillars and small overhangs and a high line windows.

Recognize restyled sports crossover can be updated on the wide false radiator grille, chrome-plated.
Modified and elongated headlights, you can see the section LED daytime running lights.
On the front bumper updated machines are evident one narrow and the two large air intakes.
On average Quattro logo emblazoned.

Although the body color, side view mirrors and roof rails received a silver hue.
The back of the “hot” crossover Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 has slightly altered swept optics and tailgate are now crowned by a large spoiler.
From under the bumper on the stern looks massive pipe exhaust system.

The new Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 is a compact crossover.
In length it reaches 441 cm, and the distance between its axis is 260.3 centimeters.
The width of the new items is equal to 184.1 cm, height not exceeding 158 cm-mi.
However, the weight of the car is pretty decent – about 1655 kilos.

For better handling the German engineers have reduced the ride height by 2.5 cm – 14.5 cm, as well as the established alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter.
As an option will be available 20-inch wheels.
The diameter of the sports crossover reversal is about 11.8 meters.

In the design of the “hot” interior Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 engineers applied polished aluminum, Alcantara and genuine leather.
In addition, as an option offered lacquered black trim and even decorative elements of carbon fiber.
Metal inserts are present and on the pedals.
In addition, the cabin is a large number of «RS» labels that emphasize the car’s special status.

The steering wheel of the car updated three-spoke, clad in perforated leather, and at the bottom a little flat.
The new Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 has the original dashboard.
In the center of the speedometer is located fuel gauge, tachometer and inside you can see the index of the power unit temperature.

Between them (tachometer and speedometer) is a color monitor on-board computer that can provide additional data – for example, oil temperature and turbo pressure indicators.
The central panel of the relief forms deployed slightly towards the driver.
In its upper part is installed retractable screen MMI multimedia complex.

Controls the air conditioning and music system are highlighted bright red.
They are not too small and rationally arranged, so use them quite convenient.
For the front passenger and driver in the Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 crossover features sports seats with improved lateral support.
They are very comfortable, though slightly elastic.

In addition, the seats are equipped with the function of heating and lumbar support settings.
But for the electrical adjustment will have to fork out extra.
Visibility in all directions is quite decent.
back row seats are designed for three passengers, but there will be more convenient, yet, two of fares.
Third passenger comfort limit is not too good backrest and seat cushion profile.

It is worth noting that a large angle of the rear uprights provide only the minimum reserve space above their heads.
Although the space in the legs is more than enough.
The luggage compartment of the crossover can absorb about 356-year-liters of luggage in the standard state, and due to the transformation back sofa volume of the luggage compartment can be increased up to about 1261 liters of.

The updated 2018-2019 Audi RS Q3 is equipped with the same turbocharged unit, which is still borrowed from the TT RS model last year.
We are talking about gasoline 5-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters.
His slightly modified, increasing the return on 30-horsepower.
Now, its capacity is 340 forces at 5300 rev / min.

Also, up to 450 newton-meters minute German engineers increased peak torque which is attained in the range of 1600 to 5200 rpm.
From this it follows that the power unit is rather “flexible” and turbopause barely noticeable.
Traction enough, even more abundantly.
This engine is very responsive, easily gaining momentum and quickly spins up to maximum.
The sound of the motor unobtrusive and pleasant enough.

“Hot” crossover Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 boasts a uniform and confident acceleration dynamics.
From zero to 100 km / h the car is dispersed updated in about 4.8 seconds, and its maximum speed reaches a target of 250 kilometers per hour.

In addition, a sports crossover Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 decreased “appetite”, the engine is now consumes about 12 liters of gasoline per 100 km in city conditions and the order of 6.9 liters per “hundred” outside the city.
We add that among the equipment model has the engine at stops jamming technology.

In tandem with the powertrain operates robotic 7-band transmission with S-Tronic dual-clutch function, which changes the transmission a little quicker and smarter than before.
wheel drive system improves traction with the road surface.
Chassis Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 crossover adjusted to a more active movement.

The steering is accurate, and filled with a pleasant weight.
Besides, at a decent level feedback.
Germans slightly increased rigidity of the suspension, which allowed banks to keep on winding stretches of road to a minimum.
The car has received a very good sound insulation, so the extra sounds, even at high speed to the salon almost does not penetrate.

Of course, it makes no sense to talk about any off-road crossover potential, given the low-profile wheels and reduced and so is not an outstanding ground clearance.
On the wheels of the front axle, German engineers have installed new brake discs with a diameter has been increased to 36.5 centimeters, so that the car is slowing down a little faster.
And the rear and front brakes RS Q3 2018-2019 Audi sports are equipped with ventilation function.

Note that for the new items proposed chassis adjustment technology called Audi Drive Select.
For example, if you connect “the Dynamic” mode, the “gas” pedal improves responsiveness, steering becomes more acute at higher speeds alternate transmission, and thanks to a special valve in the exhaust system, the engine sound is more sonorous and loud.

However, in this mode also increases rigidity and adaptive shock absorbers.
In the “Comfort” the new Audi RS Q3 2018-2019 more gently fulfills all the defects of the roadway, and the steering becomes lighter.

In equipping its updated crossover German automaker has included a front bi-xenon adaptive optics, 2-band climate control, electric door mirrors, electric windows, parking system, music system 10 speakers, Bluetooth, system Stability Program ESP, and six airbags.

As the options offered to the Germans front lights on the LED elements, adaptive cruise control, panoramic glass roof, an Internet connection and a navigation system.

In addition, the surcharge will be available to a whole set of electronic assistants, among them – recognize traffic signs, monitoring of “dead” zones, compliance tiering movement and other functions.

In the European market sales of the updated Audi RS Q3 will begin in the beginning of 2018-2019 year.
Note that after a restyling of the sporty crossover is slightly added to the price – it is now the minimum price starts with a mark of 56 thousand euros.

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