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Crossover Acura RDX 2018-2019

Along with models Acura MDX and Acura TLX Japanese company Honda officially brought to the Russian market a compact crossover Acura RDX.
But before you start to storm the Russian roads, thoroughly updated crossover, received a new engine, a different system of all-wheel drive and a host of other improvements.

Numerous changes, according to the manufacturer should make a crossover Acura RDX attractive as familiar to him the North American market, and on discovering the Russian.

The first generation Acura RDX compact crossover premium class saw the light in 2006, the year.
In 2009, the car has gone through a restyling, but for 9 January 2012, the year it was officially announced the second generation of the crossover, finally became the younger brother of the flagship midsize Acura MDX.

It is updated car Acura RDX second generation, belonging to the lineup in 2018-2019, and officially delivered to Russia.
The appearance of crossover Acura RDX sample 2018-2019 (for Russia) has been updated quite dramatically, and in many ways it has become similar to the older brother in the face of the MDX.

Front can be seen is the same concept of performance falshradiatornoy chrome grille and bumper, though the latter seems a little heavier and vividly.
Optics Acura RDX crossover gives it a “predatory” look and complete picture of the large air intakes with round “eyes” protivotumanok the edges.

Body lines became rounder, with the result that the car has gained more elegance and style.
In the back of the large rear door it is that thanks to the relief stamps almost merges with the bumper contours.

Dimensions of the second-generation Acura RDX have become little more than: length – 4685 mm, width – 1870 mm (with mirrors – 2196 mm) and height – 1680mm.
The wheelbase has increased to 2885 mm ground clearance (clearance) was 200 mm.
Curb weight – 1761 kg (full – 2260 kg).

Inside crossover Acura RDX – is the embodiment of the perfect realization of the design, “Honda.”
The fact that this “Honda” is understandable even to the uninitiated.
Fine materials – good skin nice and soft plastic underscore the luxury status of the vehicle, not to mention nothing new in design.

This is the traditional “Honda” in a very good performance.
Cockpit instrument panel in the Acura RDX mesmerizing view – 3D-effect is so strong that I feel like a finger touch devices.
Pleases setting brightness.

But on the steering wheel insert “under the tree” – this is an optional accessory – in the “base” a leather steering wheel.
Similarly, with the handle on the gearbox insert wood.
Impressive musical equipment Crossover Acura RDX – rich sound audio system and good acoustic pressure allow music seriously enjoy.

But navigation is not even get an extra charge.
Easy organization of the center console allows you to comfortably use the mobile devices and the driver and passenger – enough room for them.

Space in front a lot, can comfortably accommodate people of different sizes, laying the feet in any variants.
Comfortable, though slightly too versatile chair, allow a well-chosen land.
But this delight of the interior Acura RDX, perhaps, is limited.

Many Japanese corporations sin that persistently prescribe “classics” excessive “naivety” and ascetic attitude towards comfort.
Crossover Acura RDX – is no exception.
For example, there is a persistence worthy of only the Japanese samurai, continues the tradition of the concern “Honda” do not lock the central duct.

From myself to turn away some baffles is possible, but will suffer a neighbor “on the desk”.
If you do not torment neighbor, the downward flow of conditioned air falls on the foot, and you can get an inflammation of the muscles from hypothermia.

And nothing can be done, you can only put up – it is a problem of all new cars of concern “Honda”, here it is just more obvious.
Acura RDX In case this means that only one front comfortable – either the driver or passenger.
The second will be forced to accept the preferences first.

The rear row of seats in the crossover Acura RDX pleasing spaciousness.
But this joy come to an end: at the rear passengers do not even have their own air.
Neither of which are individually climate out of the question for the rear passengers.
Also, the back there are no additional outlets or USB outputs.

A simple adjustment – that’s all it has to offer Crossover Acura RDX sitting behind in terms of comfort.
But the seats folded flat into the floor, which makes you think about the prospects of transportation of refrigerators and washing machines.
“But this is a premium-class!” – Some would say.
Oh, I forgot.
Then there perfectly possible to place the dog.

Spacious trunk – a definite plus Acura RDX.
Cargo space crossover capable of accommodate 404 liters.
Under the boot floor at the Acura RDX – dokatka.
Places for full-size wheel no – floor drops back to back.
But even here there is insulation, which indicates the high quality performance of the car as a whole.

If we talk about the technical characteristics of the Acura RDX, the previous generation of this crossover has been turbocharged under the bonnet “four” in volume of 2.3 liters, but it made the producer decided to give up, opting for six-cylinder petrol engine line i-VTEC, successfully tested on the Honda Odyssey.

Used engine has a V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, each of which accounted for 4 of the valve, and is equipped with Variable Cylinder Management system (VCM II), cylinder deactivation at low loads.
The engine block and cylinder head is completely made of aluminum, contributing to the relief of the weight of the crossover.

The working volume of cylinders of the engine is a 3.5 liter (3471 cc), and the maximum power reaches 273 hp
or 204 kW at 6200 r / min.
Torque has become a little less – 340 Nm at 5000 rev / min, but the developers have managed to achieve the conservation of high-speed qualities of crossover Acura RDX: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes a little less than 8 seconds.
The maximum speed is set at around 210 km / h.

The changes were made and the gearbox.
In place of the 5-speed automatic transmission by a new 6-speed sequential “automatic» SportShift, also mounted on the flagship MDX.
As for the economy of a compact crossover Acura RDX 2018-2019 model year, the car has become clearly better in terms of fuel consumption.

Crossover consumes about 7.6 liters on the highway, about 14 liters in the urban mode of transportation and 10 in mixed-mode drive (all-wheel drive for a car of this class – a very good performance).

The downside can be considered a failure of the active all-wheel drive, which came to replace a simpler version of the plug as needed to the AWD torque distribution range between the front and rear wheels from 100: 0 to 50:50.
However, this decision is explained by the desire to keep the price the manufacturer at a competitive level.

Suspension at the crossover Acura RDX II-generation fully independent.
Front desk used such as “McPherson” and anti-roll bar.
Behind the developers have used multi-link system consisting of double wishbones, coil springs and stabilizer.

In place of the hydraulic booster come with electric power steering gear ratio change function depending on the speed of movement of the crossover.
The brake system has not changed: the same disc structure with ventilated discs at the front (12.3 inches) and a non-ventilated back (12 inches).

As before crossover Acura RDX is equipped with ABS systems, EBD and Brake Assist, which helps during emergency braking.

The machine is controlled perfectly, responsive steering, but not too much, and its informative value to the occasion.
However, it is felt that this crossover – the softness of the suspension on the Acura RDX is far from business-class sedans.
But no rutting, sharp turns and maneuvers the vehicle is not afraid – RDX is on the road like a glove, dutifully fulfilling all the wishes of the driver.

Lights perfectly illuminate the road and roadside, so the discomfort of riding in the dark there.
I would like to have a weaker difference of brightness and a soft boundary between light and shadow, but a great focus of light beam compensates for this deficiency, so go easy at night.

What is asphalt?
Clearance at the crossover Acura RDX decent – 20 centimeters, so in tandem with good geometrical flotation in regular situations suburban primers no problems RDX does not feel.
Four-wheel drive, the elastic suspension – go on a first coat in a crossover Acura RDX is nice and you feel confident.

The good sound insulation ensures sound comfort when driving on the “comb” or bumpy road.
And more to this car is not necessary – few would seriously testing the quality of the premium off-road crossover.

Components Techno – the only possible version of the Acura RDX in Russia.
Customization of the car is only possible through the installation of individual and accessories packages.
Outside, unlike the basic version – it rails and sills.
If the rails are simply Below, the thresholds seem strange – their aesthetics on the fan.

“Default” in the equipment of the vehicle includes: 18-inch alloy wheels, “chrome-package” aid system in motion (ABS, EBD, TCS, VSA, HSA), 6 airbags, cruise control, keyless entry system , multifunction steering wheel, xenon head light, fog, light and rain sensors, rear parking sensors, climate control, leather seats (front seats heated, driving with an electric control), power accessories in the rear-view mirror, power moonroof on the roof and the rear doors (glass which is heated), a premium audio system (mp3, CD, USB) c 5-inch display.
Cost Techno equipment in the Russian market is of 1.899 million rubles.

A strange combination of luxury and rustic Acura RDX crossover made for a long time to puzzle over, to whom is this machine.
For a family car there is not enough room at the passengers.
For “advanced” in the Acura RDX too rustic e-filling.
No all-sky cameras, like the older Acura MDX, only unpretentious rearview camera and navigation, and other high-tech delights «noblesse oblige» there are no in principle.

One would assume that this is the machine for two, but a non-reclosable central ducts and as a result of the impossibility of creating a climate of comfort for both – a serious minus for the car, applying for the premium class.
Seriously comfortable here only one – either the passenger or the driver.
But not every passenger will experience the pleasure of dynamic car.

And the harsh suspension Acura RDX in a pair with a pronounced character krossoverskim behavior is unlikely to enjoy the majority of the passengers waiting on the premium relaxed and smooth.
So seriously only the driver can enjoy the docile engine power and exemplary behavior on the vehicle speed.

And what happens with the Acura RDX on the secondary market?
Until the spring of 2018-2019, in Russia there was no official dealer sales of crossover Acura RDX, so at the moment almost all the second-hand cars imported from abroad, mostly from the United States.
However, some special problems with spare parts and service from the owners of Acura RDX is not observed.
The car embodies a perfect combination of safety, reliability and comfort.
This is inexpensive to maintain, which is rare for a premium.

Crossover Acura RDX are very popular, but in the secondary market are considered rare cars.
The most popular today cars 2008 – 2010’s, in the price range from 800 000 to 1 000 000 rubles.

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