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Crossover Acura MDX 2018-2019

Acura last of the Japanese premium brands officially enters the Russian market.
And he does it with the help of one of the most sought after models in the North American market MDX.
Lowering fuel consumption, dynamic false, exaggerated the amount of luggage and clearance – in the face of fierce competition in the market all means are good.

Acura has gone the other way and decided to be honest in everything: the V6 naturally aspirated, a real third-row seat, the appropriate passport characteristics of fuel, natural wood in the interior – this is not the imperial habits of engineers, and the desire to distance from the mass market.

Price list crossover MDX 2018-2019 model year seems even more honest than embossed olive ash, which finished with the front panel.

It is proposed to only two complete, with equipment levels differ from each other only in details such as the presence of the ash and the quality of the skin.
The price tag for the novelty starts to 2.499 million rubles – the amount, at first glance, is not modest.

During the presentation, representatives of the Acura said that the MDX crossover market vertical will occupy a niche between mass market and premium, while having pronounced a premium accent.

On the other hand, even the maximum amount of 2.799 million rubles – a ceiling above which does not jump even if they wanted to.
If price lists from competitors begin with the preposition “of” in the case of the Acura is “up.”

In crossover MDX 2018-2019 is even a little bit more than the demands of the target audience: a fully LED optics (including fog), adaptive cruise control, navigation system, three-zone climate control, DVD with a separate screen in the roof, the ability to connect all kinds of devices up to PlayStation, seat ventilation, and the list goes on.

The third row of seats for which competitors are asked sometimes considerable sums have Acura MDX 2018-2019 is already in the database.
On the other hand, the wealth of options does not add the machine identity – crossover is almost impossible to adapt to your personal priorities.

The main stumbling block here – the lack of alternatives in the selection of the power unit and the transmission.

Meet on clothes, and what do we see?
Massive car, preaching in the general family values, looks pretty easy and fast for its size and capacity.
As already mentioned, the silhouette of the previous generation Acura MDX clearly guessed.

However, the new design elements, such as full LED headlights and a modified plastic body panels, make it clear that it is not the fruit of restyling, but a completely new car in front of us.
This is also confirmed by the developers.

If we take into account the size, the novelty has become a 51 mm longer, and the base is increased by 71 mm.
The overall height reduced by 38 mm, loading height boot – 46 mm.
In this crossover Acura MDX 2018-2019 got a little longer – 33 mm.

The new body includes extensive use of high strength steels – their share in the construction of up to 64 percent.
This will not only make the power structure is stronger, but also reduce overall vehicle weight by about 125 kg.
Torsional stiffness has increased by 12.4 percent, while the stiffness of the suspension mounting points – all on 67 percent.

Pokoldovat engineers and on the aerodynamics, reducing the car’s frontal resistance at 16 percent.
Been improvements steering – wheel became sharper by 9 percent.
Well, the original data set to a positive mood.

However, we all know that the preferences of American drivers and domestic several diverge.
Immediately there was a question: whether the adaptation carried out for our market?

strap top speed to 220 km / h (is an artificial limit of 180 km / h in the US market) has been raised for the Russian version of crossover Acura MDX 2018-2019.

In this regard, more productive steel front brakes.
Also in the front suspension appeared thicker stabilizer bars.

All crossover Acura MDX, designed for the Russian market, come from the United States with a 3.5-liter petrol V6.
With fair “six» Acura MDX 2018-2019 model year goes exactly as the manufacturer claims: 7.6 to 100 kilometers per hour.
Another thing is that traction of 355 Nm for dynamic driving on the serpentines it is still not enough.

290 liter capacity.
– Also, above all, an honest record.
At the same time of the motor derating up to 249 liters.
in order to save on transport tax it does not go.
The Acura did not underestimate the efficiency and performance, drawing for a fabulous two-ton crossover “6 liters per 100 kilometers,” – this is ridiculous.

There is no shame in the fact that a large seven-seater car consumes 15 liters in the urban cycle and 10 liters in city / highway mode.
In this approach, by the way, is just hidden American origin Acura MDX, and imposing behavior on the highway – a clear confirmation.

But a large family crossover and should not be another, spiting all seven passengers on each bump bumpy.
To match the suspension and sound insulation – MDX is one of the quietest cars in its class.

On the driver’s seat adjustment enough.
The very comfortable chair and good locks body.
The front panel is made of an elastic plastic, pleasant, very nice look optitronnye devices, and read perfectly.

Overall, the interior makes a good impression.
Emphasis is placed on the insertion of wood, which is processed manually.
But piling up the small screen on the center console is ambiguous.
In principle, ergonomics does not suffer, but stylish this decision will not name.

And what then armrest box!
Larger in size I have not seen in any car – here and fit female handbag medium size, and a couple of iPad, and a bunch of other stuff.

Visibility in the “Akure” in order, and if someone does not like to turn my head, let them know that the perimeter of the car prices is full of cameras.
The monitor can display all-round visibility, and also a specific desired point – at least in the front, even from behind.

However, we are familiar with “Akkord” opportunity to receive on the image display with an external rear-view mirror is not – instead, stands crouched indicators “blind spots.”

Engine starts with the button completely inaudible, and his pleasant baritone is cut only at high speeds.
Soundproofing a car is made at a very decent level – it is to recognize.

Crossover Acura MDX would not mind to move out and smooth asphalt.
Ground clearance, which is specifically for Russia increased from 180 to 200 mm, and one of the most progressive systems SH-AWD all-wheel drive on the planet is not exactly will get stuck in the first puddle.

By and large, the MDX off-road capabilities are limited only by the geometric cross.
Intelligent four-wheel drive, which is able to adjust the traction at each wheel individually, is not only useful for the city, but also improves handling during enthusiastic driving, literally screwing machine in turn.

Crossover Acura MDX 2018-2019 with a high center of gravity passes bends almost was “whips”.

Fair in MDX and transmission – 6-step “automatic» SportShift works exclusively on the basis of the specified settings.
Box operates in close conjunction with traction control Grade Logic Control System, Shift Hold transmission gear selection and retention cornering Cornering G Shift.

And it all works exactly as stated by the manufacturer, without a “but” and “subject.”
Even traction control is completely deactivated in the event of failure, that today it is rather rare.

But the most important thing in the crossover Acura MDX, both inside and outside, it is impossible to identify the Honda .
This is especially strange, given a general savings, including in the premium segment.
Find in Infiniti QX any deflector on the Nissan the X-Trail , and the top-end Lexus GX button on the Toyota the RAV4 – this is not surprising.

Flirting with technical indicators and price tags, which can be safely add several hundred thousand rubles, without crossing the threshold of the showroom – is a vicious circle of modern automotive industry, in which many were forced to participate, not to go the distance.
Understandable and perhaps forgivable, but the more respect cause few who dare to break out of this circle.
Another thing is that only units so gamble ends successfully. The Acura , your way out.

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