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Crossover 2018-2019 Toyota Venza

Sales in Russia crossover 2018-2019 Toyota Venza us no one promised intended exclusively for the American market, but we are waiting for him, however, four years – in the United States car appeared in 2009, the year.
While not addressed in the Russian office to bring an unusual car in the Russian market, he even had to undergo restyling.
So that the new model Venza for us twice.

Few people now making wagons terrain. The Subaru the Outback , the Audi Allroad , the Volvo Cross Country and even the VW the Passat Alltrack – these are the main players in this market.

And it’s strange, because in comparison with a crossover vehicle with this type of bodywork are larger (longer), better controlled (low center of gravity), consumes less fuel (aerodynamics) and thus often is not inferior to the geometric cross!

2018-2019 Toyota Venza – this is a big roomy car, but take it to any usual class was quite hard.
The only strong point for me was the statement by the official developers that 2018-2019 Toyota Venza – is supposedly a mid-size crossover.

But let’s be honest – to compare the geometry of the 2018-2019 Toyota and classic midsize crossover, such as the Hyundai Santa of Fe , or the same 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander does not work.
Korean and Japanese Santa Fe Highlander – a big “SUV”, and clearly readable SUVs belonging to the cohort in their appearance.

But the Venza looks completely different.
She has a short hood and badly littered the windshield, high ground clearance and large enough wheelbase: 2775 mm – only 15 mm less than the 2018-2019 Toyota Highlander.
Same as in the Camry .

Theoretically, “Venza” could even install a third row of seats – but the company decided not to do it, that it did not stole customers from larger and more expensive crossover Highlander.
Technically, being in the same class, these cars are quite different.

It seems as though the engineers have tidy wagon and scale it up to such an extent that the ground clearance was in the “crossover” class performance levels.
Thus, clearance of this vehicle is 205 mm.
And the lion’s share of this height provides large 19-inch wheels.
Also, to more affordable 2018-2019 Toyota Venza does not “zakannibalila» Highlander, in Russia decided to carry only weak version with four-cylinder engines volume of 2.7 liters and output of 185 horsepower.

Basic 2018-2019 Toyota Venza with an engine, six-speed “automatic” and front-wheel drive will cost 1.57 million rubles – this is 120 thousand less than the starting price for the Highlander.
That, however, goes directly to the all-wheel drive transmission and 273-horsepower V6 engine.
“Venza” four-wheel drive is only 20 thousand rubles cheaper soplatformennoy model.

I restyling little changed “Venza”: it just changed bumpers and lighting fixtures, a new equipment, and the interior can be ordered from now on not only beige, and black.
2018-2019 Toyota Venza is available in nine colors.
Dvadtsatidyuymovye wheels – optional.

Already in the “base” crossover 2018-2019 Toyota Venza has decent equipment.
Xenon headlights, a panoramic roof (as in “2018-2019 Toyota” is called two hatches in a row), 19-inch wheels, leather seats with electrically adjustable and “memory”, dual-zone climate control, interior trim brown or ebony, or under carbon.

And the list of retrofitting older versions is impressive: four-wheel drive, rear-view camera, power tailgate, automatic high beam, engine starting system without key, front parking sensors, a slightly larger touch screen (7, instead of 6.1 inches), ” music »JBL and navigation system.

The interior does not look like a work of art;
standard quality materials it also will not name.
But all collected on the conscience – would not be surprised if the salon “Venza” survive a nuclear war.
In an excellent multimedia system functionality – she even knows the weather, traffic, stock price and what gas stations cheaper fuel.

Salon “Venza” is made ​​in the old “toyotovskie” style – there are more flowing lines Camry and Highlander, than hard hi-tech new RAV4 or the Auris .
But architecture is interesting: the center console is tilted heavily, and “automatic” selector is perched on the left part of it – this solution noticeably freshens boring, the whole interior.

On the other delights do not count.
Instruments invented some simpleton without a sense of beauty, graphic touch-screen mobile phone if stolen from seven years ago, keys are clumsy, and the display of the onboard computer, located next to the block of control lamps, asked to convey greetings to eight-“Dandy”.

And the fact that there is no traditional “2018-2019 Toyota” and even “Lexus” primitive digital clock, is perceived as a grotesque mistake, if something is missing in the cabin.
But let’s be honest: from the “2018-2019 Toyota” we are waiting for the high style is not more than dumplings from the “McDonalds”.
But the reliability, usability and functionality – and how!

And God forbid you forget something in the cabin: storage space for small things here a lot, look for a half-day will be.
In addition to the spacious pockets in the doors and a solid glove compartment, as well as huge boxes in the center console and rear armrest, the passenger has an extra pocket along the central tunnel, and with its 12-volt power outlet.

Concluding the review of crossover Interior 2018-2019 Toyota Venza, is to talk about the space reserved for the rear passengers.
Passenger seat amphitheater – just above the front seats.
In addition, they may be slightly set back.

Thus, even tall passengers will remain solid reserve space from the knees up to the driver’s seat backrest.
Completing the picture bottomless trunk volume of 957 liters of storage space.
And for those who are, and that is not enough, you can fold the rear seats, the luggage compartment expanded to crazy 1987 mi liters.

How goes this 2018-2019 Toyota?
Like any other 2018-2019 Toyota!
Suffice it quiet and comfortable.
Stable – on the road can not be afraid of the side wind gusts and the junction with the trucks, and it is not necessary to be baptized before sharp turns.
And, of course, a little bit lazy.
Although by the standards of a large and high car 2018-2019 Toyota Venza is not bad!

Reactions to the steering wheel in her nearly clear, to abuse the side rolls and the buildup of a body on the waves of the coating machine is also not seen, but the speed it did not come out – the engine capacity of 2.7 liters for “Venza” is not enough.
Dispersal to hundred takes 9.9 seconds (in all-wheel drive version is even more – 10.6 seconds).
Not for off-road is not for the pickup and for heavy excavator and a passenger car and a half million rubles more than it is somehow undignified.

And if the city or in the quiet American engine traffic is still missing in our schizophrenic movement and overtaking it will not be enough.
Well, even if “automatic” is set up nicely.

The driver and passengers comfortable both on the track and on the gravel road.
Powerful air conditioning and a pollen filter are left outside all the dust and heat.
Capsule microcosm Venza nice and isolated from external noise.
When you valish the fields so that risen from the dust of death you choke surrounding a cow, in the car quiet, cool and gently through both hatch the sun shines.

Crossover 2018-2019 Toyota Venza is accelerated as the average car of a golf class.
Suspension is soft, but there is no buildup.
Steering wheel in the American pustovat at zero, but it is necessary to reject it slightly to one side, as an effort to appear.
However, it is somewhat artificial and still small.

In general, the driving characteristics of the 2018-2019 Toyota Venza can be described as sufficient.
The engine accelerates, brakes retard and steering wheel turns the car.
On good American roads more and is not necessary.
But in Russia, we are driving on rough roads sometimes as Venza behaves on them?

Like the Camry, and Highlander, 2018-2019 Toyota Venza suspension pleases excellent power consumption and, consequently, the smoothness of motion.
Naturally, large and heavy wheels rumbling on the big potholes, but the steering wheel is almost no effect, and 55 th profile in these times – this is quite a lot.

Solid appearance, large trunk, high ground clearance, a spacious interior – in theory this should bring the car a success.
Venza – a real 2018-2019 Toyota.
Quiet, comfortable and safe, because all of its components and assemblies tested on other models.

“Venza” can not be called cheap, but in the “2018-2019 Toyota” says that the Russians have already received twice as many orders than expected.
And how much would be, whether in V6 cars?

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