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Crossover 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 cars

Inventing the 1994 class of compact crossovers, and 2018-2019 Toyota officials did not know that you have found a gold mine.
The market of light off-road vehicles is increasing from year to year, providing a stable popularity of the pioneer class RAV4: 20 years managed to sell about 4.5 million vehicles.

In Russia, where the “2018-2019 Toyota” has traditionally love, third-generation model even in a “pre-retirement” age enjoyed good demand – in 2012 bought a crossover 27 thousand people.
And since 2013, the year appeared on the shelves of the fourth generation of the car: the new appearance, the other interior, special equipment for Russian and – for the first time – a turbodiesel.

It is difficult to explain why, but the generation number 4 is a bit like it was the first “PAB” – not appearance, but some fresh, inspiring and expressive acuity lines.
It is no secret that the second and third generation 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 crossover differed very discreet appearance, largely universal style.

This, of course, was the result of a marketing policy – like many, does not irritate the exotic.
The second managed to clear, but fans of the previous model was considered the reincarnation of boring.

But with the fourth embodiment, all right – just lit up at the Motor Show in Los Angeles, he immediately caused a storm of comments and discussions.
If the third RAV4 took respectability, the fourth shines fit and volitional accents.

The new RAV4 2014 Japanese went from blurry lines, giving greater crossover healthy aggression: the wide radiator grille gave way to a narrow and more “evil”;
narrowed and lights, now they emphasize strip of daytime running lights;
podshtampovok hard muscles beneath the window line and angulation of the front bumper significantly invigorate crossover.

If you delve into the analysis, in the form of 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 2014 can be found on the related features and modern Auris and Verso , which is also used design techniques, “the emphasis on the bottom» (Under Priority) and “sharp eyes» (Keen Look);
present style solutions by Camry and the Yaris .

However, despite the nepotism, the RAV4 2014 does not look simply “liftovannym clone” toyotovskih sedans – is completely independent on the charisma of the car.
Like the first-generation RAV4, the new crossover is determined to win back some lost was its leading position in the class and once again become the first.

In 1994, the car with the four in the title is successful, it will be possible fourth generation RAV4?
As with the previous two generations, the current RAV4 2014 is unlikely to be the benchmark of design.

But in the interior – a real revolution.
Duplex theme of the front panel, which first appeared in the last generation 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4, has received refined development.
Artful design bending the central tunnel, the plastic of good quality, leather inserts and trim under the “carbon”.

New 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 crossover in 2014 looks so much richer his predecessor, that involuntarily come to mind associations with the luxury brand of the Lexus .
These associations, however, very useful: according to statistics, more than half of the owners of 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 as the new vehicle is selected Lexus or, at worst, another “2018-2019 Toyota”.

Those who are drawn to the “Lexus”, but so far has accumulated only RAV4, to complain about the complete poverty just do not have.
Russia was the only European country for which 2018-2019 Toyota has prepared a version of the engine 2.5, six-speed “automatic” and the all-wheel drive.

To us such a machine available only in the “top” trim “Elegance Plus” and “Prestige Plus” – in the first of them available leather seats (the driver – including electric), Xenon, dual-zone climate control, access to the car and start the engine keyless and electric tailgate.

In the version of “Prestige Plus” adds blind spot monitoring system, automatic switching from beam to beam and a lane change warning.
But multimedia system with navigation and voice control – 2018-2019 Toyota Touch & Go Plus – even here, only available as an option.

The instrument panel is a new 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 in 2014 gives a little “cartoon”.
All the space on the right given under the modest fuel gauge.
On machines with the “mechanics” is located on the left prompter switching (shift-lamp).

6.1-inch TFT screen with rearview camera is not installed only in the most basic trim levels “Standard” and “Standard Plus”, as well as dual-zone climate control.
But keyless entry system and the possibility of the engine start button RAV4 owners receive only the version of “Elegance” and above.

At the bottom of the center console is easily accessible recess Sport button, which includes a sports mode (on versions with the “automatic” there are still a number and Eco key), the key-off seat heating, AUX and USB inputs, and two 12-volt power outlet.
Optionally cars with “automatic” can be equipped with paddles “petals”.

To the left of the steering wheel, next to the tailgate opening, is a key cross-axle locking clutch, which allows you to distribute torque 50/50 at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour.
Power driver seat adjustment is installed on all 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 in 2014, starting with version “Elegance”.

The range of the new RAV4 engines comprises three quite modern power units – two petrol, two-liter 150-horsepower 3ZR-FE 2.5-liter and 180-hp 2AR-FE, and putting on the Camry.

The third engine – a completely new diesel model 2AD-FTV volume of 2.2 liters.
Generally, this is a very correct and positive trend – increasingly supply the Russian market of diesel variants of popular cars.

Even more surprising RAV4 in 2014 on the roads.
Stop, and is generally a 2018-2019 Toyota?
The machine is easily operated and practically does not heel, even in the most dashing serpentine.
Steering wheel Electric Power – more than adequate.

Structurally, the 2014 RAV4 remains the same – it has a front MacPherson strut and rear double wishbones – but its suspension has been retuned seriously.
Shock absorbers and springs have become tougher, increased the diameter of the stabilizer and the rigidity of their anchorages.
In this configuration for versions with different engines differ.
For example, the Russian modification made 2.5, the assurances of the Japanese, more comfortable.
But that is not noticeable!

Compared with the previous generation machine the new 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 in 2014 with great attention relates to road junctions and irregularities, and speed bumps suspension fulfills rebound to its stops and with a characteristic unpleasant thud.
Adequate Does this sacrifice for the benefit of improved controllability?
Are Russian buyers, who always valued 2018-2019 Toyota especially for the level of comfort, to sacrifice them for the sake of “drayverskogo” qualities?
Is not a fact.

It is unlikely that our fellow citizens will appreciate and hanging just 170 millimeters off the ground, does not secure a reception pipe of the exhaust manifold.
This is one of the features of the “Russian version” – in other modifications clearance is worthy of 197 millimeters.

The reason for this specific layout engine 2.5, but this is unlikely to be able to provide comfort on the roads.
There is another argument, which appears, strangely enough, against the “Russian” modification – fuel consumption.

Even in the refined European conditions on-board computer displays rarely less than 13 liters per “hundred”.
In Moscow, these figures are easily converted into 15-16 liters.
For a compact crossover – a bit too much.
This appetite could be forgiven for hurricane dynamics, but it is not!

Developed by the engine 2.5 180 power and 230 Nm – not the figures that easily allow to deal with the neighbors in the traffic light.
The pressed key bit Sport sharpens the response to the gas and causes the “machine” to work more bright, but basically the car’s behavior does not change.
But “the Russian» RAV4 2014 – the fastest car possible.

Maybe it is better to choose something a little more economical, but at the same time, with sufficient traction?
Traction in turbodiesels, of course, more than the 2.5 petrol engine, but the dynamics of a hundred diesel car loses half a second the RAV4 2.5 ( “petrol” is still on the 30 horsepower more powerful).

In the middle of the operating range of the engine with a turbo diesel crossover rides quite aggressively, but to the “top” sour: unscrew the engine until it stops it makes no sense.
Even a sports transmission mode does not bring qualitative changes.
“Automatic” even though the transmission keeps longer, but in turn often chooses too high a level, and normal acceleration at the outlet does not happen.

The situation is somewhat correct paddle shifters.
Switching using them occur quickly and clearly.
But this option is somehow only Europeans available.
Another shortcoming of this modification: understeer in tight corners: its level at the turbodiesel version is even higher than the gasoline engine with 2.5.

Fight with the demolition is intended to lead the new integrated system of “dynamic management”.
Connect the rear axle (up to 50 percent of the time) at the start, disconnect the four-wheel drive on the brakes and lock coupling 50:50 by pressing a special key, the system was able to before.

Now – when you press the Sport – added traction control function in turn.
It transmits 10 percent of the torque to the rear axle on corner entry and can then increase the time of the rear wheels and 50 per cent.

On paper, everything is clear and logical.
But in practice, RAV4 still over and over again “smears” by turn.
But it turned out that the fight with the demolition does not need to come up with clever electronic systems.
You just need to properly balance the car.
And confirmed it is the simple modification – with two-liter 150-horsepower engine and manual transmission.

suspension settings and control the two-liter version – ideal for crossover 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 2014!
The tightening of the suspension held during the transformation of the third generation RAV4 in the fourth, there did not seem to do much.
This is still a good old “2018-2019 Toyota” – quite comfortable, almost did not notice the irregularities, smoothly worked through the joints.

And this comfort is not at odds with the handling.
Moreover, most affordable two-liter modification – now the most drayverskogo!
Demolition typical of the heavier versions are almost there.
Understeer – much more neutral, and turns the car slides predictably all four wheels.

Note that the current RAV4 longer than its predecessor by 125 mm (4570 mm) below 15 mm (1670 mm) and 30 mm wider (1845 mm).
Significantly increased wheelbase – by as much as 100 mm (2660 mm).
Due to this, as well as the more subtle the front seats the space for the rear passengers has increased to 970 mm.
They say it’s best in class.

In the meantime, I had the strange feeling: each modification RAV4 is good in its own way, but definitely recommend this or that version can not.
If only we could take the best of each version – motor power 2.5, traction and efficiency turbo and suspension settings and steering of the two-liter versions – would then get the perfect crossover 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4.
And not only for Russia, but in general.

We can say with certainty: the new 2018-2019 Toyota RAV4 crossover in 2014 on 100% corresponds to the most historical explanation of their acronyms: Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD.
In other words, it is a comfortable four-wheel drive vehicle for active pastime.

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