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Crossover Jeep Cherokee 2018-2019

In place of this paragraph was originally another: the mass comparisons and caustic jokes in the address of the new 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee  model year.
For example, it looks worse than the average Russian with a hangover.
Or that he is like a farmer Edgar from the movie “Men in Black” – in the scene where he pulls on his face on the back of the head.

With it you can safely go into the most wild forest – because no animal would dare to even come close.
But in the end we decided to do without it.
For us that is not funny.
Yes it is, in fact, never been like others.

Forty years ago, Cherokee just as surprising and even ridicule.
The two-door station wagon with high ground clearance, a monocoque body and the first fully automatic all-wheel drive system with a limited slip differential does not fit into the usual canons of the automotive world.

But against all odds he became popular, and ten years later, in 1984, received a completely new design and somehow suddenly appeared benchmark brutality.
The new generation of crossover Cherokee changed as the Randle McMurphy after lobotomy, which, however, absolutely does not mean its failure.

Inherent to the old 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee straight lines, sharp angles, large headlights and an aggressive appearance disappeared.
In their place came flowing lines, rounded grille “nostrils”, hood with large “beak” and extremely narrow lights.
The rear part is less revolutionary, but confusing “second chin” a la the first generation of the Subaru the Tribeca .

Looking at all this celebration of design ideas disappear last doubts that the design is really a hand specialists the Alfa Romeo .
Which, by the way, it helped a lot to save on development of a new model.
As a result, many of my friends think this car most ugly of created over the past two or three years.

Let the head of the design department 2018-2019 Jeep Mark Allen, said that this is the image that will attract buyers even after five years, my friends and colleagues make fun of this car.
But the Americans, in the market where the car appeared in the past year, their attitude to the novelty expressed unequivocally – Cherokee has been an enormous demand in the United States.

The car has even been nominated for the “World Car of the Year» (World Car of the Year).
The winner eventually became the sedan the Audi the A3 , but a failing machine, obviously, would not be placed in the top 12 best.

He’s just not the same as before.
What especially do not like us, unlike the others.
In the 2018-2019 Jeep, at least, seriously counting on the success of the model in other countries.
Not for nothing in Toledo, Ohio, each year will collect about 250,000 crossovers Cherokee.
This, for example, more than was sold the previous-generation Cherokee in the past three years.

The interior, by the way, compared with the previous generation crossover changed even stronger appearance.
What’s narrow headlights when replacing the typical American saloon with seating shapeless, “wooden” plastics and almost monochrome display came two color screen (8.4-inch on the center console and a 7-inch on the instrument panel), comfortable seats and even unusual gadgets like wireless charging for mobile phone.

In fairness, charge your iPhone using this thing did not happen: after an hour’s drive battery indicator is not increased any percentage.
The all-new interior is already appreciated by experts.
The publication Ward’s Auto has recognized its best in its class in .

The list of winners 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee name appears next to the famous Mercedes-Benz S500 and the Rolls-Royce Wraith, for example.
And this is not surprising.
Yes, finishing materials significantly worse than the premium sedans, but in comparison not only with the old Cherokee, but most American cars their quality has increased significantly.

Plastic has three degrees of softness: on the doors of the most pleasant to the touch, a little harder on the dashboard, on the edges of the dashboard very hard, but it is not enough.
In some pickings there tasteless wood decoration in the style of the Camry , but on the 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee on it, thank God, we can give up.

Location appliances and entertainment system controls focused on the driver.
Copco are exactly where they are looking for.
In this case, too, the rear passengers do not feel superfluous here: a place for a head very much, for the feet – quite enough for the person growth of 183 centimeters.

Of the minuses inside – only a strange landing at the wheel.
“Donut” like slightly tilted: not as much as on minivans, but more than in all sedans and crossovers.
The 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee is still a lot of interesting.
For example, it is important that the new Cherokee was interesting in technique.
See for yourself: its body is 65 percent consists of high-strength steels, that’s cool even by the standards of premium-class – won in progressive Acura MDX them only 59 percent.

Safety, of course, at the five-star level, and not only passive.
The car itself is able to hold the strip, it has a system of automatic emergency braking, and cruise control with Stop & Go function, and avtoparkovschik system that warns of approaching vehicles when you leave the parking lot in reverse.

Especially for Russia and the Middle East 2018-2019 Jeep has prepared four-cylinder gasoline engine 2.4-liter (177 hp).
He, according to Kirill Ustinov’s Director of Public Relations “Chrysler Rus”, set up in a way that can easily consume 92 octane Russian regional quality.

In other markets, the SUV will be sold with a gasoline 3.2-liter unit (272 hp..) And 2.0-liter diesel with two firmware – 170 and 140 horsepower (the last in our country will not be).
Even in the engine range – no resemblance to its predecessor.
In the old Cherokee was a 2.8-liter diesel engine capacity of 200 liters.
and 3.7-horsepower petrol engine (205 horsepower).

Go ahead.
Automatic Transmission at crossover 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee – already with nine assists, almost like in a good bike.
The “machine”, of course, there is a manual mode – but for as long as you doschelkaete strange gearshift buttons (this buttons instead of petals) transfer from the first to the ninth, certainly have time to get home.

But the main thing – permeability.
The basic version of the crossover 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee 2014 – just a front-wheel.
We pass by.
Next – 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee with the Active Drive I. Here, too, the system is simple – this is the usual crossover with plug rear axle drive, complete electronic systems.

The optional Active Drive II is interesting: at low speed clutch can be forcibly block;
In addition, there is a Selec-Terrain system (it has four algorithms work for different road conditions: Auto, Sport, Snow and Sand / Mud) and assistant descent from the mountain.
But even more important is that in the present reduction gear transmission with the “evil” ratio of 1: 2.92.
Thumbs up!

So in fact there is still special version 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk – her mission called Active Drive Lock.
Lock And here means that among other things you get with the rear differential lock.
As well as protecting the bottom, off-road tires, increased to 221 mm ground clearance, all-terrain “cruise control» Selec-Speed ​​Control (speed – from 1.6 to 8.5 kilometers per hour), which will allow you to get even on the very steep hill and then go down to her without touching the gas pedal.

Terrain-Selec system has an optional hardcore mode Rock.
Geometric cross-version Trailhawk also quite good: the approach angle, for example, is 29.9 degrees.
True, the Land Rover Freelander , he is even more – 31 degrees.
But the figure is 29.9 inspires.
How does the 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee on the road?
In the crossover without any sporting pretensions very small banks, responsive and informative steering.

And thanks to a clever electric power steering from the 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee virtually no torque steer (which is especially important for front-wheel versions), and he is better behaved on the road with a side slope or when the cover under the left and right wheels is inhomogeneous – electronics compensates for minor withdrawals secret from the driver .

Automatic works perfect – still would be, as claimed in the 2018-2019 Jeep, it has 40 different algorithms, due to the development of which started selling had to be postponed for several months.
She grabs and smoothness and quickness.

Problems begin unless on streamers: “automatic” carefully keeps too high a gear, and even the diesel engine starts to desperately miss.
Sport mode?
Yes, box reset transfer or two, but there is another attack: in response to even the slightest pressing the gas pedal will be followed by another switch down.
Release the pedal – again move up.
He pressed – down.
No one gear to keep – the one that lower.
Maybe 40 algorithms – it’s still too much?

And stiff suspension – shakes on any more or less serious irregularities.
Without a crime, of course, and on a more serious irregularities Cherokee folded.
But I would like more glitz and here.

Questions to the car enough, but on the whole 2018-2019 Jeep Cherokee new crossover is good.
Really impressive off-road ability of the Trailhawk version, decent interior, smooth devyatidiapazonny “machine”, a bunch of electronic assistants.
And the adequacy of the price tag.

The front-wheel version of the Sport with the 2.4 engine will cost 1,390,000 rubles.
The car in a richer version of Longitude and all-wheel drive is rated at 1.6 million.
Modifications Limited and Trailhawk cost to 200 thousand more.
The normal price for a big American car with a decent cross Koreans and Japanese are no less.

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