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Coupe Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2018-2019

Earlier this year, Chevrolet 2018-2019 has rolled out two at once “hot” new items – Crazy Corvette Z06 2018-2019 in a new generation of coupe and convertible.
The monstrous supercharged V8 engine volume 6.2 liters and power – attention – 650 horsepower!
Brash, fast and stylish supercar from America.

Just think – the car Chevrolet brand was founded in 1911 by legendary William Durant, founder of General Motors, and Louis Chevrolet.
A year later they released their first model – a five-seat sedan, spacious enough, with a six-cylinder engine.

In 1916 was presented to Chevrolet 490, the brand brought great glory.
By the way, the three figures in the title denotes the initial value of the car.
And in 1953, thanks to Chevrolet, America appeared sporting the Corvette supercar, which immediately declared its championship ambitions in the race on both sides of the ocean.

But in 1962 the concern General Motors has decided to abandon the corporate support of any activity in motorsport.
According to one version, GM’s made it under heavy pressure from the US government and regulators: they say, at the time of sale the group crept up to 60 per cent of the total for that “light” antitrust sanctions.

Stop participating in motorsports, GM if retained its market share in the range of innocents.
Whatever it was, the ban came into force, and in agreement with him was not all.
Engineer Zachary Arkus-Dante, the father of model Chevrolet Corvette, planned to quietly circumvent the limitation: Together with colleagues, he created the options package called RPO Z06.

In it there were racing accessories – stabilizer bar, power brakes, stiff springs and so on, but they knew about it only verified customers.
Initially RPO Z06 package is offered only for the coupe, as a greatly enlarged the fuel tank is not placed in a convertible.
But other components Z06 came open car, which later were presented.
With the package was available only one LS6 engine volume of 5.4 liters and 360 hp

Total of 199 racing packages were sold.
That is why the Chevrolet Corvette sample of 1963 is considered the first “Corvette” with the Z06 designation.
The car’s name three characters have merged in the year 2001 when debuted coupe Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06.
Initially, its V8 engine of 5.7 liters gave out 385 hp

It might seem that the Z06 is weaker than the previous “Corvette”, but a novice was easier and therefore faster.
In 2002, the engine gave out 405 hp already
– Up to 100 km / h Corvette accelerates in 3.9 seconds, reaching a maximum of 275 km / h.
In 2006, the premiere of the rear-wheel drive sports car Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06.
The easiest of all the “Corvette” is equipped with the most powerful at that time, “aspirated” in the history of General Motors.

Aluminium-titanium alloy and carbon fiber composite materials allow to keep the weight within 1420 kg.
As a result – acceleration to 100 km / h 0.3 seconds faster.
In the past generation, “charged» Corvette Z06 was equipped with a seven-liter engine, giving out 505 hp and shoots from zero to hundred in 3.5 seconds.
Not bad, to put it mildly … But the creators of the new version have decided not to be penny wise, increasing the capacity of the drop.

But let’s not hurry up and tell you everything in order.
Corvette always been catchy appearance and C7 in this regard is no exception.
It saves family tapered silhouette with a pointed “nose”, a long hood and shifted back parlor.

Coupe and convertible fully justifies its name Stingray ( «ramp” translated from English), because its curved lines actually resembles the sea fish.
The narrow headlights complemented curved LED daytime running lights.
In a bumper noticeable wide “mouth” grille.
coupé roof is detachable, and at rear pillars – large angle.

Z06 easy to distinguish from the standard the Corvette .
All changes are functional.
Thus, a more aggressive front bumper and sharp rear spoiler designed to increase downforce.
The optional package includes the Z07 has carbon and aerodynamic.
Additional air intakes on the hood and side walls are designed to improve the cooling of the engine compartment.

Installed 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels.
Hind wings extended, and four square lantern longer separated by corners of the body.
From bumper look out four broad nozzle exhaust system.
The Corvette Z06 is based on a space frame made of aluminum alloys.
Present in the design and lightweight magnesium, and the hood and roof are made of carbon fiber.

The rigidity of the body is increased by 20 percent compared to the previous generation model.
However, and somewhat higher weight – 1600 kg.
“Virtually every change in appearance has a functional relevance and the increased needs caused by such a powerful vehicle,” – says the chief designer of the project Corvette Tom Peters.

The interior decoration sports car combines leather and aluminum, and for a fee, you can select the insertion of carbon fiber and Alcantara.
The front panel as it envelops the driver, which emphasizes orientation cabin on it.
It established a new steering wheel with a flat bottom rim.
On the dashboard analog speedometer, fuel level gauges in the tank and the temperature of the engine combined with a color screen.

On it displayed image tachometer, as well as data on temperature and oil pressure, lap times on the racetrack, lateral acceleration.
Indications can be projected on the windshield.
The central panel is turned slightly towards the driver.
On top of it installed an 8-inch touchscreen MyLink multimedia complex.

He is sliding, and behind it hides a secret compartment for small luggage – a good addition to the glove compartment.
Keys audio blocks and climate control bit, so it is easy to get used to.
Seats Chevrolet Corvette Z06 divided high transmission tunnel, which is located inside the armrest with boxing.

They are comfortable and nice to hold back, and another fitted with electric, heating and ventilation.
Power is, and the steering column.
The surcharge offered bucket seats – more elastic, but with improved lateral support.
Of course, landing behind the wheel is very low.
Corvette shows that the sports car can be quite practical.
The volume of the luggage compartment – 425 liters, and the loading aperture wide.

The model is equipped with a very rich: keyless access, bi-xenon headlights, power accessories, separate climate control, audio system Bose, rear view camera, rain sensor, connection Bluetooth, navigation system, cruise control.
6 airbags and RTM system stabilization are also provided.

In the list of options has electric steering column, wireless internet and original technology of Performance Data Recorder – camera, video recording laps on the race track.
Of course, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is unthinkable without the big V8 under the hood.
The Z06 mounted 6.2-liter engine is not very advanced valve mechanism OHV.

Its modernized – supplemented the direct injection of fuel, installed titanium valves and, most importantly, – mechanical compressor.
Power has reached an impressive 650 liters.
at 6400 rev / min.
Maximum torque is really huge – 880 Newton-meters at 3,600 rev / min, so traction is always enough.

“Eight” wakes up immediately after pressing the starter button, and makes itself felt low-frequency roar with a slight hint of howling Eaton compressor.
With increasing speed up to 3,000 this sound becomes louder, because the relief valve opens in the exhaust system.
Motor easily spins up to 6500 rev / min.

With a sharp start to slip fighting technology Launch control, so the coupe reaches 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds and a traditional American 400 meters from the place it overcomes 11 seconds.

The maximum speed exceeds 320 km / h, and up to 240-250 km / h the car gets fast and easy.
Mechanical 7-speed transmission demonstrates the accurate switching.
You can select and 8-step “automatic machine” with a surprisingly fast reaction and gearshift paddles for manual mode.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 – not only the king of direct distances, it is also a very good handling.
He became much more obedient than the previous generation model, and it is easier to cope with it.
Grip just phenomenal, given the huge traction and contribute to this very broad tires in size 285/30 ZR19 front and 335/25 ZR20 at the rear.
Breaking the rear axle in the bank it is possible unless with disabled stabilization system.

Electric Power Steering with sharp, precise and surprisingly informative.
Perfect (50:50) weight distribution between axles and an electronic rear differential provides a neutral steering.
The lateral acceleration in cornering reaches 1,19 g.

Are standard adaptive dampers.
In sport mode, thanks to their minimal body roll.
At the same time, the engine becomes more responsive, RTM interferes later, and the steering is filled with the weight.
Coupe bad slows and the standard brakes, but really good show themselves carboxylic ceramic discs Brembo 394 mm diameter front and 388 mm at the rear.
The stopping distance from 100 km / h – a total of 32 meters.

At the same time, the car – not only to track the projectile, it remains a good fit for everyday use.
In comfort mode, driving a fairly mild by the standards of a sport coupe.
A cylinder shutdown system to reduce fuel consumption by up to more or less moderate 18.1 liters / 100 km in the urban cycle and 9.8 l / 100 km – in a country.

Coupe Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z06 will go on sale from January 2018-2019 year.
Prices in the US start with a mark of 79 thousand dollars and even with all the options, the price -.. A little over 100 thousand is very good, considering that most of the models have similar dynamic characteristics are two to three times more expensive.

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