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Coupe BMW i8 2018-2019

Environmental technology each year gaining more and more popularity and have already become a kind of fashion.
The most successful were cars with hybrid power plants.
Of course, as a rule, it is the urban model, it is in terms of traffic jams hybrid drive has the advantage.

However, this does not mean that it can not be used in a sports model.
Confirmation of this – the new BMW i8 Coupe 2018-2019 model year.
The coupe i8 – this is the second model in the company’s line of ecological «i».
After the small town of the compact i3 Bavarians decided to prove that the environment – not for wimps, and the “green” car can be not only beautiful, but also fast.

As proof of this – 4 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour.
Moreover, coupe BMW i8 in 2018-2019 – the world’s first car, which was created exclusively on the computer, without prior layouts and test.

Aerodynamics, driving performance, safety systems – all were calculated electronically.
Introduced in September, 2009, the concept was already virtually finished vehicles.
And, despite the decent price tag, all Russian quota i8 already allocated for pre-orders.

What will have enthusiasts who are ready to buy at a price BMW M5 car that they had seen only in photographs?
At least – the most high-tech sports car in the world that can afford not only to Arab sheiks or owners of the factories and steamers.
Unlike hypercar like the Porsche 918 or McLaren P1 with a price list of more than a million euros.

This i8 has nothing to do with conventional hybrids such as “Seven» BMW or “Toyota Prius” neither in design nor by ideology.
The car looks very original and does not differ from the pre-production concept car EfficicentDynamics.

Wide and low car seems literally sprawled on the ground.
He has a long hood, a high window line and inclined at a large angle of the roof rack.
the body is shaped like a wave.
False radiator grille in the tradition of BMW consists of two halves.

Oblong lights – LED completely, and set a bumper air intake.
Lacquered black and bright blue inserts stand out against the body.
i8 The doors rise up.
Profile underline the 20-inch wheels.
The rear part of the stress U-shaped lights, extended wings and bumper relief.

BMW’s engineers did not adapt existing designs to the needs of the new project, but simply took a clean sheet and drew a hybrid from the ground up.
To begin with, they abandoned the traditional metal – steel or aluminum – Body, replacing it with a carbon fiber monocoque developed in collaboration with the American company SG Carbon.

It is attached to a so-called “sled module” – an aluminum chassis with suspension, propulsion and batteries.
And on top of all this is covered with panels of reinforced plastic such bizarre shapes that of Salvador Dali’s mustache drooped would envy.

It is allowed to keep the weight at 1485 kg, which is not bad for a hybrid car length 4629 mm, 1942 mm wide and 1297 mm in height.
Slozhnosochinennogo appearance BMW i8 2018-2019 model year – not just a whim of the designer.
All these curves, recesses, slots and holes – working aerodynamic elements.
The drag coefficient is very low – 0.26.

When large and heavy doors are raised up, the passengers opened baggy skirts and elegant interior sports car.
I want to be a match for i8 and sit in the car delicately, so as not to disrupt the overall aesthetics.
However, it is not easy to do, because the monocoque is located almost in the supine position.

The interior decoration combines leather and polished aluminum.
The front panel is shaped like an airplane wing.
Three-spoke steering wheel – small and nodules to provide enough hands on its rim.
Readings displayed on the screen, covered with original curved visor.

Interestingly, the backlight is changed depending on driving modes, it may be red or blue.
For an extra charge available data projection technology on a windshield.
The central panel is turned slightly towards the driver.
On top of it extends 8.8-inch screen of the navigation system.
Menu navigation is done with a round joystick.

Keys audio blocks and climate control here a bit, but some of them are too small few.
Inside is not too many offices for small luggage: There are no pockets in the doors, the glove box is small, and only two cupholders.

Landing at the wheel low.
The front seats are separated by a high transmission tunnel that gives the impression of the cockpit.
Near selector gearbox – engine start button.
Seats have good lateral support and quite comfortable.

Lever “parking brake” is not available, because the parking brake – electromechanical.
This freed space for the armrest with boxing.
Since landing formula i8 – 2 + 2, the rear seats are not too much.
Especially limited headroom, so there is comfortable for children or people of short stature.
The trunk is also modest: its volume – 154 liters.

The initial version includes equipment keyless entry system, electric windows and mirrors, dual-zone climate control, light sensors and rain, rear view camera, the connection Bluetooth, CD-player, adaptive cruise control with auto deceleration system.

Impulse version implies the presence of a 280-watt audio system with 11 speakers and technology of recognition of road signs.
Full charge of the battery at the current European prices for electricity will cost about half the euro, and hence per 100 kilometers on electric will need to spend a total of six euros.

However, the electric range at the 2018-2019 BMW i8 not superlarge: the maximum long range does not exceed 37 kilometers.
But what you want from a compact unit lithium-polymer batteries with a capacity of 7.1 kW / h?
Yes, “Tesla” power reserve of more than about 10 times, but she and the battery is 10 times larger and weighs American sedan as the bloated frame SUV.

From home charging Wallbox Wallbox or the Pro power 3.7 kW (16 A / 230 V) coupe BMW i8 in 2018-2019 will be able to recharge the battery charge to 80 percent in less than two hours.
Such charging can be hung at home, they will appear on the public car parks.

The engines are two: electric (131 horsepower and 250 Nm), connected to the front wheels, and the three-cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine capacity of only 1.5 liters, develops 231 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque and drives the rear axle wheel movement.
We have electric unpretentious two-stage automatic transmission, while the petrol engine – gidrotransformatorny six-step “automatic» Aisin.

The rigid link between the engine is absent – that is, they can work individually and together.
So, coupe BMW i8 in 2018-2019 may be the anterior and posterior, and even all-wheel drive.
Coupe Starts silently with keys and begins to move forward and the electric drive.

Each press on the sensitive gas pedal instantly reduces power reserve of electricity, which, recall, is equal to 37-kilometers.
Sagging accelerator pedal is not left to chance an electric motor, automatically connecting the rear-wheel drive and the 1.5-liter petrol engine.

Last is located in the rear of the vehicle.
Once it starts, the salon is filled with a dull roar of a sports car.
Bavarians exhaust sound of success – more pleasant to listen to except the fifth symphony by Bach.

Pure electric car is traveling 20 minutes or even less, depending on driving conditions.
The maximum speed in pure electric power – 120 kilometers per hour.
When the battery charge drops, the generator starts charging system from the petrol unit.

The fastest way to charge is replenished in Sport mode, which works exclusively with gasoline engines.
Interior, dashboard lights and immediately turn red.
For greater intensity in the course can be sent paddle shifters.
generator performance depends on the engine speed: the fastest electric charge accumulates when the tachometer needle reaches 3-4 thousand turns.

Push for more – and charge falls again, because the electric motor comes in petrol, thinking that the driver wants to make a breakthrough.
Like any other hybrid, at the i8 has a brake recovery system, through which you can also recharge the battery.
The more intense braking, the more charge is supplied.

Rush forward this car is capable of no worse than the BMW the M5 , at which he had borrowed at least the suspension arms.
4.4 seconds to “hundreds”?
It seems that even faster.
How exactly is redistributed traction on the wheels and how much each of the motors gives power at a particular moment, only one known to engineers BMW, which hide all this information under the heading “own development”.

The machine almost without thinking, performs all the commands of the driver on the line and an order of magnitude more comfortable in an urban environment than the “charged” counterparts.

However, in the long trips on the i8 go not: buckets seats-it does not fit, and after a couple of hours there is discomfort in the lower back.
Driving on bad asphalt for 2018-2019 BMW i8 is also contraindicated.
Suspension coupe korotkohodnaya and rigid, like a real sports car.

But the car a little roll in cornering.
The slowdown comes at first with the help of an electric motor, and then to connect discs and pads.
However, the pedal has been very informative.
High-quality insulation and interior, so at high speeds in a low voice.

Low center of gravity and uniform (50:50) weight distribution along the axes contribute to good governance.
However, the standard is too narrow tires (195/50 R20 front and 215/45 R20 rear), but because the grip is not the best.
Therefore, it makes sense to choose the option tires in size 215/45 R20 front and 245/40 R20 at the rear.

Steering the coupe BMW i8 2018-2019 accurate and fairly sharp, although feedback from him a little.
Are standard adaptive dampers.

“Fun on the track, we offer customers the M-series cars.
The coupe i8 – a comfortable city car, which is pleasant to travel from home to work and back, and at the same time you will not be able to wake up in the morning your neighbors in a loud exhaust.
We understand that it will be necessary to get used to such positioning.
Yet accustomed to the iPhone, although at first did not understand how it works.
We have created a car iPhone and are confident that customers will accept it and they like it, “- said the head of the line dynamics division« i »Reidar Fleck.

In fact, BMW dealer turned out to be the most customer, which focused on the company when creating the i8 – a top manager, lover of comfort and outer beauty, and even vegetarian.

BMW i8 quotas for this year have already painted.
The company has not yet disclose production plans and the number of customers who have ordered i8 for 126 000 euros (about 6 million) before its release into production.

It is believed all the more difficult, but the coupe BMW i8 in 2018-2019 – it is a reality, it is a view into the future of sports cars, and look purely optimistic.
No matter how sad it may sound, but the days of rattling “eights” devouring fuel buckets, numbered on the scale of automotive history.

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