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Coupe Audi TT 2018-2019

The first Audi TT was presented in 1998, the year and since then its popularity has been steadily growing.
He is perhaps one of the most striking cars built on the platform of the VW Golf.
The Germans continued to improve the Audi TT, and has recently entered the market coupe is the third generation of the account.

The main features of the exterior are not changed since the debut of the first generation model.
Coupe retains the traditional form of the original curvature of the roof, a high line of windows and small overhangs.
However, there are changes in appearance and, note that it is possible.

The first generation of the car exterior a priority were soft elegant lines.
The model of the second generation of diluted faceted forms, but now the number of edges, straight lines and angles has increased even more.

False radiator grille in the form of trapeze became larger and elongated headlights is now like a knife blade.
Note that the lights in the base case equipment bi-xenon, while modifying optics TTS entirely on LED elements.

Arches wheel slightly expanded by tradition.
Engineers also retained its original silver fuel tank cap.
Along the edges of the stern mounted rectangular lights, and two pipe exhaust system (TTS modification of four) are located under the bumper.
The spoiler at the stern is raised when the speedometer needle reaches the mark of 120 kilometers per hour.

“Charged” version differs from the standard TTS Coupe Audi TT 2018-2019 aerodynamic body kit, alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter (instead of 17-inch) and decreased by 1 centimeter (to 11 cm) of clearance height.

Coupe is built on the platform of the Golf of the seventh generation.
The length of the new items remained unchanged and still is 417.7 centimeters, but the wheelbase has increased by 3.7 centimeters – up to 250.5 cm The model slightly reduced width -. to 183.2 centimeters (-1sm), and height It has not changed – 135.3 centimeters.

In the manufacture of doors and roofs of the German engineers have used a large amount of aluminum, making the compartment weight decreased by about 50 kilograms compared to its predecessor and now does not exceed 1230 kg per minute initial version of equipment.
Diameter machine reversal is not less than 11 meters.

The interior of the new Audi TT 2018-2019 is dominated by a strict style.
In the interior, in the basic configuration used alcantara and leather, which are plentifully diluted decorative aluminum plates.
The pedals and sills are also decorated with metal inserts.

The front panel is similar to the wing of an aircraft.
Three-spoke steering wheel has a slightly flattened bottom rim on it provides convenient nodules hand.

Special attention is given dashboard – a colorful 12.3-inch screen, which displays all the relevant data.
For example, if you set «Classic View» mode, the display shows the trip computer, tachometer and speedometer.

In «Infotainment View» mode between the tachometer and speedometer displays the MMI multimedia complex menu that allowed us not to establish a separate display on the center console.
“Travel” on the menu using the buttons on the steering wheel or via the optional touch pad that recognizes finger inscribed letters.

The central panel in coupe Audi TT 2018-2019 just deployed in the driver’s side.
Inside the large air vents engineers placed the keys climate system and heated seats.
These buttons are large and use them quite convenient.
The steering column in the Audi TT in 2018-2019 can be adjusted on the flight and height.

Planting in the compartment, as expected, low.
Seats front row with integrated head restraints are comfortable and offer good lateral support.
In a modification of TTS offers sports seats with an even more pronounced lateral support.
The passenger and driver’s seats from each other separates the high transmission tunnel.

In the rear was a little more space in the legs, but in the second row can comfortably get a child or adult passengers is very short, because the supply of space over the heads are still very modest.

Note that the capacity of the luggage compartment has increased to the 305-liters in the standard state, and when folded back row seats boot volume reaches the 712-year-liters.

The basic version of equipment coupe Audi TT 2018-2019 is equipped with air conditioning, heated first-row seats, electric windows, music system with USB-in and support for Bluetooth, stabilization system and six airbags.

In a modification of TTS offers electric seats, climate control, light sensor, rain sensor and parking sensors.
As an option, provided wireless internet, navigation system, automatic parking system, cruise control and a range of electronic systems, including monitoring of “dead zones” and control motion tiering.

The new Audi TT 2018-2019 proposed power line of three units with a working volume of 2.0 liters with direct injection technology and turbocharging.

The four-cylinder petrol engine (1984 cm / cc) is available in two power versions – 230 and 310 horsepower.
The last of them is equipped with a version of the TTS.
This unit responds immediately to the touch of the “gas” pedal and quickly unwound.

It is very “elastic” as its maximum torque of 380 Newton-meters is achieved over a wide range – from 1800 to 5700 rpm.
In addition, when you open a special valve in the exhaust system, the sound of the engine becomes loud and sonorous.

With him Coupé accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in about 4.6 seconds, and its maximum speed limit on the electronics 250 kilometers per hour.

This motor has a very modest “appetite”, because in urban traffic consumes about 8.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, and on the highway consumption is about 5.9 liters per “hundred” kilometers.
By the way, the volume of the fuel tank from the German coupe is 50 liters.

In addition to gasoline engines is in the power line and the Audi TT 2018-2019 turbocharged diesel engine (1968 cm / cc), the issuing of about 184 hp power capacity (3500 rev / min).
Maximum torque at it the same as in the 310-strong petrol unit – 380 Newton meters and is available already at 1750 rev / min.

There coupe to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h requires about 7.2 seconds and a top speed of 241 kilometer per hour.
Although this engine a bit noisy, it is not too “greedy” – 4.9 liters in city mode and about 3.7 liters in the country.

The engines in the Audi TT 2018-2019 is still equipped with a manual 6-band transmission, or 7-band “robot» S tronic dual-clutch transmission with the function.
Manual has good accuracy, and robotic – speed switching.

For an additional fee for the new coupe is available all-wheel drive system, but the TTS modification gets four-wheel drive in the “base”.
Of course, two driving axles provide Coupe Audi TT 2018-2019 better grip with the road surface, however, and the version with front-wheel drive proved to be very good.

Fighting with understeer “lay on the shoulders” of the electronic limited-slip differential.
Coupe Steering control is accurate and good informative, and he offered to help the adaptive electric power.

The car is equipped with an independent suspension with stabilizer bars.
The front car is equipped with classical pillars “McPherson”, while the rear is equipped with a multi-link design.

Note that the TTS version installed stiffer springs, which is especially noticeable on poorly surfaced roads.
But the proposed adaptive shock absorbers.

In addition, this modification provides for equipping Audi Drive Select feature, which allows the chassis to change the settings in three modes – “Comfort”, “Sport” and “economy”.

All wheels have Audi TT in 2018-2019 equipped with disc brakes, and front augmented ventilation.
Among the electronic driver assistance mention ESP, EBD, ABS and Brake Assist.
Soundproofing cabin is quite decent, but at speeds of more than 130 kilometers per hour wind noise still penetrates into the interior.

In Europe, sales coupe Audi TT third generation started at the end of 2018-2019 year.
Its price starts at 35 000 euros, and for the modification of the TTS is necessary to put at least 49 000 euros.

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