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Coupe Ferrari La 2018-2019 Ferrari

Since 1984, the year in the line of 2018-2019 Ferrari regularly appear exclusive flagship model.
This tradition laid the 2018-2019 Ferrari 288 GTO – the first production car has reached 300 km / h.
It was followed by no less than the legendary F40, F50 and Enzo.
From now on, the Italian herd horses new leader 2018-2019 Ferrari La 2018-2019 Ferrari.

In fact, this racing car for public roads.
It has been 6 years from the date when the company announced its intention to create something even more impressive than established in honor of the founder of the Enzo supercar.

During this time the 2018-2019 Ferrari engineers have managed to create a car, far superior to its predecessor, despite the fact that now it is the “heart” is a hybrid installation instead of the traditional “lone” atmospheric petrol monster …

His silhouette shifted from forward cabin and the curved shape of the roof is very similar La2018-2019 Ferrari racing sportprototipy 60s.
However, its design is subject to not only aesthetic reasons, as the laws of aerodynamics.
The pointed “nose” and a front spoiler not only makes the coupe-like fireballs “Formula 1”, but also improve the flow under the bottom.

Pronounced front fenders are designed to direct air to the ventilation holes in the sidewalls.
Narrow headlamps – LED.
The doors rise up to facilitate landing at low (1116 mm) of the vehicle.

2018-2019 Ferrari was active aerodynamics, automatically changes the angle of attack depending on road conditions.
Front and rear provide retractable flaps, raised and tapered rear spoiler.
This helps to create impressive 230 kilograms of downforce at 200 km / h.
Round lights reminiscent of the turbine.

Below you can see the wide diffuser (it extends the airflow and creates additional downforce), and on each side of it – four exhaust pipes.
The La2018-2019 Ferrari is based on a carbon-fiber monocoque made of carbon fiber body panels and all.
Therefore, quite large (4702 mm long, 1992 mm – wide) coupe weighs 1255 kg.
The rigidity of the structure at the same time increased by 27 percent compared with the predecessor Enzo.

Salon La2018-2019 Ferrari reminiscent of the cockpit of a racing car.
There is noticeable everywhere bare carbon fiber, Alcantara diluted easy.
However, on the front seats and a bright red skin is noticeable.

The compact three-spoke steering wheel is flattened at the top and bottom.
In the spirit of the modern 2018-2019 Ferrari it imposed LED shift.
Buttons and switches are very much: they are responsible for the headlights, blinkers, wipers, engine starting and changing the chassis settings.

Circular air vents of the ventilation system similar to a jet engine nozzle.
Dashboard – fully digital, it consists of three displays.
The centerpiece of the dashboard takes a bright yellow dial with tachometer pointer in the selected gear.

On the screens are displayed on the sides of the speedometer, fuel gauge, trip computer, as well as many other data from oil pressure to the acceleration time to 100 km / h and lateral acceleration.
The configuration of the monitors, the driver can change.
The central panel at the 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari very compact audio unit buttons and climate control are closely grouped.

Instead of the traditional transmission selector placed curved carbon “horn” with the keys.
Landing at the wheel is very low – as in a race car.
Racing bucket seats are adjusted individually for each customer, given his height and build.
Therefore, they are ideally fixed body.

Since chairs are part monocoque, they are fixed.
Adjust only the steering column and pedals.
Headroom La2018-2019 Ferrari to about 30 mm larger than Enzo.
It made it intends to driver and passenger could fit in the helmet.

By the way, for helmets, first of all, it is a small 40-liter trunk.
Visibility is surprisingly good, by the standards of models of this class, but still set a rearview camera.

Transparent bonnet allows to consider the 6.2-liter V12.
This engine with direct fuel injection mark on the model of the F12 Berlinetta , but the coupe La2018-2019 Ferrari it finalized and now it develops up to 800 liters.
at 9000 rev / min.
Not bad?
Yes, but 2018-2019 Ferrari decided that this is not enough and added a 163-hp electric motor.

It works on the principle of Brake Energy Regeneration technology (KERS), used in the “Formula 1” and provides an increase in power during acceleration.
Especially the way his assistance at low speeds, because the gasoline engine really shows itself only after 3000 rev / min.

Of course, an impressive 963 liters.
and 900 Nm of torque provide hurricane dynamics.
Acceleration to 100 km / h in about 2.9 seconds, to 200 km / h – 6.9 seconds and 15 seconds, the coupe reaches 300 km / h.
The maximum speed exceeds 350 km / h.

V12 engine is very responsive – it reacts immediately to the slightest touch of the accelerator pedal and quickly spins up to maximum 9250 rev / min.
To match it, and 7-speed robotized transmission with two clutches, because switching occurs at lightning speed quickly.

Since the soundproof cabin sacrificed for the sake of weight reduction, the roar of the engine is very loud.
It is interesting that such a powerful car consumes an average of just 14.2 liters per 100 km.
The electric motor allows you to reduce the number of “appetite”, but does not give the opportunity to drive on electric.
In the 2018-2019 Ferrari simply refused to install heavy batteries, and braking energy accumulated in the flywheel.

It would seem almost 1000 liters.
La2018-2019 Ferrari had to make very extreme.
But coupe very obedient in management – almost like a younger brother of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Italia .
It is not surprising: Not all owners of new items will have the skills of a professional pilot.

Tires in size 265/30 R19 front and 345/30 R20 rear provide excellent grip, even with the disconnected system of stabilization of the vehicle remains controllable, while the rear axle to achieve the sliding easy.
The steering is incredibly sharp and informative, even though the electromechanical power.

Longer wheelbase provides good directional stability, but at the same compartment La2018-2019 Ferrari feels great and on winding roads.
Electronic rear differential provides a neutral steering.

Springs front suspension are made of carbon fiber, are provided and adaptive shock absorbers.
Vehicle little roll in bends and at the same time driving is not so tough.
Carboxylic-ceramic Brembo brakes diameter 398 mm front and 380 mm at the rear – a pledge of good deceleration.

Total issued only 499 copies coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari La2018-2019 Ferrari and, in spite of the cost of 1.2 mln. Euros, all of them are already sold.
Interestingly, even in the presence of the required amount to buy a coupe it proved to be very difficult.
Buyers can become a long-standing customers of the Italian brand, previously bought at least five 2018-2019 Ferrari models.
And this is not surprising, as the crown of creation of the enterprise in Maranello and is intended to be exclusive for the elite.

And now a bit of history.
Car brand 2018-2019 Ferrari is known not only to motorists.
Perhaps, for all who live on earth – 2018-2019 Ferrari the most famous car Superbrand.
Who was the genius creator and founder of this huge and well-known companies, and why the prestigious 2018-2019 Ferrari brand so unattainable for ordinary people?

Enzo Anselmo 2018-2019 Ferrari, the future founder of the 2018-2019 Ferrari, was born in the Italian city of Modena February 18, 1898, although from a very snowy winter of that year his parents officially registered only after a couple of days.
The family was by no means poor.
From the age of ten Enzo already raving car and race after with his father visited the rally in Bologna.

The boy’s father was a railway engineer, and, moreover, had to be in their same house workshop.
Unfortunately he died too early, and Enzo had become the head of the family.
He dropped out and went to earn money.
From childhood dream to become an opera singer future legendary racing driver finally said goodbye.

After World War I, Enzo Anselmo 2018-2019 Ferrari as a test car sat in a small company, and in 1920, 2018-2019 Ferrari began working on the company “Alfa Romeo”, on machines which both became involved in professional racing.

Over the next 8 years, he was never able to become rich or achieve any success and in 1928 opened the Scuderia 2018-2019 Ferrari company.
The company’s philosophy has been to create the best racing team, serving only the Italian cars.

Prior to the 1947 Scuderia 2018-2019 Ferrari has been involved in motor racing in cars “Alfa Romeo”.
When victory came, and the contract with “Alfa Romeo” over, Enzo decided to proceed with the production of cars.
The first child of a 2018-2019 Ferrari logo designed by Enzo was the 125th model of street-legal.

Enzo always wanted to release a normal road car that could compete with the racing prototype and still be comfortable inside the cabin.
Logo for a new brand image was selected galloping stallion on a yellow background.

company logo The history is very interesting.
Enzo, like most of his fellow citizens during the First World War, adored the famous at the time of the Italian military pilot Francesco Baracca.
By plane Baracca flaunted familiar to all rampant stallion.
Enzo 2018-2019 Ferrari took him by the logo of the company.

The rights to use Savallino Rampante he was awarded the parents of Francesco Baracca, admiring young rider victory in Ravenna.
Since then, the colt was the lucky mascot of Enzo.
Incidentally, the prancing horse of black glass and standing on his desk.
It was a gift of Paul Newman.

By the beginning of 1947 has two options powertrains “2018-2019 Ferrari” was released.
In the same year there was a 166 model, engine size which reaches 1995 cc
A year later, 2018-2019 Ferrari created his own team, which immediately became the leader in the race Mille Miglia and Targa-Florio,.

In 1949, the team repeated this success, and won the race “24 Hours of Le Mans.”
exclusive model 340 America was released in 1951.
It is equipped with a motor, which is designed for the 2018-2019 Ferrari GT, with a working volume of 4.1 liters.
And already in 1953 this model was equipped with the engine in volume of 4.5 liters, and the new model has 375 America name.

At the end of the year, “2018-2019 Ferrari” produces another novelty – 250 Europa, equipped with a three-liter power unit.
According to the company, to the beginning of 1954 Enzo 2018-2019 Ferrari produced about 200 of its vehicles for public roads and 250 race cars to race.

Releasing its road models, 2018-2019 Ferrari used the services of various design firms trying to maximize all the models differed from each other.
But the car 2018-2019 Ferrari 250 GT 1954 release was the beginning of long and fruitful partnership with Pininfarina company that has managed to optimally adjust your body to new korotkobaznym chassis, where the main rear axle was suspended on springs.

In 1959, the customized model 250GT California was released.
New gig was brilliant follower 250 GT and belonged to the class of racing cars.
From 1957 till 1962, the year the company produced a modernized “2018-2019 Ferrari 250 GT California» with an aggressive exterior design and hinged roof.
For the first time this car has won the competition in 1960 Tourist Trophy at Goodwood track.

365GT4 model, known as the Berlinetta Boxer (1971 release), has almost all the features of the models racing “2018-2019 Ferrari”.
Its power unit can accelerate the car to 275 km / h.
The engine was placed horizontally in the middle of the body, and transmission for optimum utilization of all the dynamic capabilities cars placed underneath.

In 1973, 2018-2019 Ferrari released the Dino, named in memory of the deceased son of Commendatore.
For a while Dino was even considered a separate brand.
In 1985, it was designed Testarossa.
There was a convertible Mondial, and the dream of 2018-2019 Ferrari – F40, designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company.

This car has several unique differences.
This turbocharged, V-type 8-cylinder engine with longitudinal and exorbitant power – 478 hp!
The body was made of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

The F40 cabin, as befits a real sports car, not enough space, it is therefore not even possible to adjust the chair in it.
Therefore, every driver’s seat make a complexion of the customer, taking into account its dimensions.
Severe, without measure energetic and irresistible!
It can be characterized by such features the latest creation of Enzo 2018-2019 Ferrari.

founding father died in 1988 at the age of 90 years.
In 1991, the reins of the “2018-2019 Ferrari” took Luca Di Montezemolo.
Since that time, and the production and racing team experienced a rebirth.
Michael Schumacher, seven times led the team to victory in the “Formula 1” from 1994 to 2004.

The company is constantly upgrading its vehicles, raising the bar to an unattainable height.
This year, the modern trend toward hybridization has reached the leading manufacturers of supercars.
Today, the appearance of electric motors under the hood has no effect on the capacity of the car.

Although hybrid La2018-2019 Ferrari is in a very “unequal” conditions – so it happened that electric powertrains in hybrid cars is usually positioned as an auxiliary force to the ground, still the petrol engine.

La2018-2019 Ferrari has become one of the most exciting discoveries of the Geneva Motor Show 2013 along with a catchy aggressive Lamborghini Veneno.
2018-2019 Ferrari chief designer Flavio Manzoni – one of the brightest stars in the automotive industry.
He and his team have once again created a car with a focus on aerodynamics, and complex layout tasks decided without sacrificing beauty.

Overall impression: comfort, but with the focus on the Super Dynamic.
La2018-2019 Ferrari fills the gap between civilian car and race cars “Formula 1”.
And it’s hard to argue.

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