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Coupe Ferrari 488 GTB 2018-2019

In recent years, many motor companies are increasingly paying attention to turbocharging.
With him powertrains become more powerful and economical.
Italian automaker 2018-2019 Ferrari supercar began to equip their cars turbochargers back in the 80s of the last century – the pioneers in this area have become legendary cars F40 and 288 GTO.

After some time, the Italian brand has decided once again to use the turbo.
Not so long ago the company introduced a coupe-cabriolet called California T, and now has been born 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB model year, which in essence is an updated version of the model of the 2018-2019 Ferrari 458 Italia.

The car retained the elegant silhouette with soft lines and shifted closer to the front of the cabin.
Long headlights of the new car are complemented by narrow strip of daytime running lights on the LED elements.

Since the engine is equipped with a turbocharger requires air to a much greater extent, the ventilation holes in the bumper of the personal and rear wings significantly increased in size.
Note that they are made in the spirit of the air intakes model 2018-2019 Ferrari 308 from the mid 70-ies of the last century.

Himself the power unit can be considered through the engine compartment cover glass.
In coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 significantly improved aerodynamic properties of the body.

The car has received additional lining on the sides, as well as new front and rear spoilers.
Moreover, slightly changed architecture facepiece.

And at the stern can note two pipe exhaust system (instead of three) and the new lights the traditional round shape.
We add that the new 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 model year slightly lost weight.
Its mass in running order of about 1370 kilos, which is about 10 kilograms less in comparison with its predecessor.

As for dimensions, the length of the new 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 reached 456.8 cm, width rests on the mark 195.2 centimeters and a height of new items does not exceed 121.3 cm.
The length of the wheelbase of the coupe is 265-year-centimeters.

The width of the front and rear track are respectively 167.9 and 163.2 centimeters.
The minimum diameter of the reversal pattern is 11 meters.

Inside, the new 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB  first drew the attention of a modified center console with switches, as well as a tachometer red.
The screens that display readings of some instruments, got another plan.

The steering wheel in the 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB  traditionally liberally strewn with various keys and buttons, which are responsible for the management of dipped and main beam optics front, the engine start-up, the wiper operation, direction indicators, switch the suspension settings and so on.

Inside, the new coupe sports seats fitted with good lateral support.
Note that in the luggage compartment of the Italian news placed about 230-year-liters of luggage.

Coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 received at its disposal a gasoline 8-cylinder V-shaped 32-valve power unit with a displacement of 3.9 liters (3902 cm / cc).
Incidentally, the numerical index of a car title means not that other, as the volume of each of the eight cylinders.

This engine is equipped with a pair of turbines and is capable of producing about 670-year-horsepower at 8000 revolutions / minute and about 760-minute Newton meters of maximum torque already at 3000 rev / min.

Note that this engine was a significant increase in power and has a better traction at medium speed.
Slip when frisky start from a place designed to address the technology called Launch Control.

From zero to 100 kilometers per hour 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB 2016 is able to accelerate just 3 seconds, and up to the second “hundred” on the speedometer Coupe accelerates in about 8.3 seconds.
At the same time the speed limit of the Italian car is more than 330 kilometers per hour.

As for fuel consumption, it dropped to a mark of 11.4 liters per 100 kilometers in mixed driving conditions.
By the way, the car’s engine is equipped with jamming technology at a stop.

Coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB  still gets robotic 7-band transmission with double clutch function, as well as rear-wheel drive.
Curiously, the torque of the power unit to the initial transmission is limited in order to avoid slipping wheels.

The car has anti-lock system called F1-Trac with other settings, as well as advanced electronic differential E-Diff3.

In addition, the presence of a function Side Slip Control 2, which allows you to send a compartment in a controlled skid.
Coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB is equipped with a fully independent suspension with adaptive shock absorbers and stabilizer bars.

The front part of the machine is based on the double cross levers and aft received multi-link design.
The wheels on both axles 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB equipped with carbon-ceramic disc brakes with a ventilation system.

The front tires have a size Italian news 245/35 ZR20, and the rear – 305/30 ZR20.
In the presence of the electronic system F1-Trac, CST and ABS, as well as four airbags.

World premiere coupe 2018-2019 Ferrari 488 GTB is scheduled for the Geneva International Motor Show 2015, which will open at the beginning of spring.
Shortly after the debut of the new model should be on sale.
It costs at least 220,000 euros.

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