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Convertible Cadillac Ciel Concept 2018-2019


Concept four-door convertible Cadillac Ciel 2018-2019

GM Cadillac Division, introduced a new concept called the Cadillac Ciel, at an auto show in Monterey (Monterey Car Week).
Name car in translation from French means – “sky”.

Cadillac Ciel 2018-2019 – powerful 4-seater convertible luxury-class.
Overall dimensions of the car are: length – 5174 mm, width – 1968 mm, height – 1270mm.
Truck equipped with a 6-cylinder 419-horsepower engine, 3.6-liter twin-turbo and fuel injection injector.

At the four-seater convertible Cadillac Ciel 4 doors.
For rear passengers are offered a number of specialty wraps, also has hewmidor for cigar storage.

Appearance merges with the interior trim, which is decorated with natural leather and wood, and all this combined with innovative lighting, saturation, which changes depending on the time of day or night.

Cadillac Ciel has been custom designed to Geniral Motors North Hollywood Design Center chief designer Niki Smart.

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