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2019-2020 Concept Jeep Yuntu – the revival of the model Wagoneer?

A new Jeep Yuntu Concept SUV, introduced during the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017, has replenished the Jeep 2018-2019 range. In the review the first information, the price, the photo, the video and the picking of the chic Jeep Yuntu Concept. According to insiders, the conceptual Jeep Yuntu is a forerunner of the serial 7-seat crossover Jeep Wagoneer, which is about to be launched in 2018 on the conveyor of the Guangzhou-Fiat JV in China. However, perhaps the leadership of the group FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) will decide to keep the original name of Yuntu for the new large crossover Jeep, and will bring the model not only to the Chinese, but also the American market. It is expected that the price of the serial Jeep Yuntu (Jeep Wagoneer) will be about 70,000 dollars.

The luxurious Jeep Yuntu Concept caused a genuine interest among the visitors of the automobile exhibition in Shanghai. Firstly, the Jeep brand is not as often as it would be desirable, it pleases motorists with its innovations. And secondly, the concept of the crossover is really good.

The brutal appearance, the huge overall dimensions of the body, exceeding 5 meters in length and 2 meters in the width (the Jeep Yuntu is noticeably larger than the 4.8 meter Grand Cherokee ), a luxurious salon with 6 separate armchairs, access to which are opened by large swing doors (the rear are traditionally for conceptual Models are opened against the motion).
The exterior design of the body of the conceptual novelty is decided in the original style of Jeep SUVs.

There is a proprietary falshradiator grille with 7 holes in chrome frames, compact bumpers, large 20-inch wheels, placed in arches hinting with their view of the square, fully LED headlamps and rear position lights, straight lines, horizontal surfaces – in short, large Brutal SUV.

But the interior of the novelty is the exact opposite of the body of the concept. It seems that before us is a large gadget on wheels with interior trim made of natural materials (leather and wood), diluted with polished aluminum. Wooden panels, by the way, adorn the steering wheel, front panel, door cards, central tunnel and even chairs.

In the salon Jeep Yuntu Concept 11 (eleven) !!! Color displays: three on the front panel (the digital instrument panel, the central screen and the individual display for the passenger) and two color screens for the four passengers at the rear of the cabin – an internet club of some kind, rather than a saloon of a large SUV. At the same time, the conceptual novelty can boast of a complete lack of physical keys and switches – all control of the equipment is carried out using touch screens and compact touchpads, scattered throughout the salon.

Six separate seats and a tunnel separating the cabin into two equal halves are installed in such a way that there is a feeling as if the details are floating above the crossover floor. Airiness and lightness of the interior adds a huge panoramic roof, a large area of ​​glazing and a soft LED interior lighting.

Specifications Jeep Yuntu Concept 2017. It’s a shame, but about the technical stuffing of the prototype of a large American crossover, the information is minimal. The manufacturer is not yet in a hurry to disclose information about the technology, but … the inscription PHEV, located on the tailgate, indicates that the concept is a plug-in hybrid. The serial Jeep Yuntu (Jeep Wagoneer) is likely to receive in addition to the hybrid power plant and traditional gasoline and diesel engines from the stock FCA. And also the Jeep Active Drive Low drive system with Selec-terrain system, which allows choosing the optimal mode of the transmission for driving in different road conditions (auto, snow, sand, mud or rock.

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