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Concept 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala – future flagship 2018-2019 Cadillac

The show car 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala Concept year – the first news, photo, price, facilities and specifications 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala, future leader of the American manufacturer. Concept 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala officially introduced in California in the Contest of elegance at Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance) August 18, , which is also lit up the German show cars Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept and BMW 2002 Hommage. Concept 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala platform built on the latest Omega and production version may receive the name 2018-2019 Cadillac CT8, ensconced in the table of ranks of 2018-2019 Cadillac Motor Car Division, slightly higher model the 2018-2019 Cadillac CT6 , which is also based on this truck. According to preliminary estimates, the price of a new production model 2018-2019 Cadillac CT 8 will be in America at least 60 thousand. Dollars.

Information about what the Americans are preparing a larger four-door sedan than the current flagship of the 2018-2019 Cadillac CT6, long been in the information space. So premiere show car Escala came as no surprise, but the fact that the prototype was not a sedan and a hatchback or liftbek (here as someone more like it) called, to say the least, surprising! Developers conceptual novelties called his work a sedan, but with a trunk like a liftback … clearly a marketing ploy designed to attract the attention of potential buyers. After all, just imagine, we have cars Premium Luxury F-type with body liftback. On the other hand, in the modern automotive world plenty of other hybrid combinations and trendy Touring four-door coupe-type solutions, psevdokrossover, kupeobrazny crossover krossven even kupeobrazny wagon Shooting Brake. So the four-door sedan, liftback already a reality!

  • External dimensions body 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala Concept , the solid and constitute a 5347 mm long, 1948 mm wide, 1455 mm in height, with a 3228 mm wheelbase.
  • The show car is based on the earth huge 22-inch wheels (forged wheels R22 low-profile tires and Michelin).

Soplatformenny brother serial sedan concept 2018-2019 Cadillac CT6 less in length by 163 mm wide by 69 mm, with the smaller size of the wheelbase by 122 mm, but slightly higher, at 17 mm.

In the design of the exterior body of the new concept from 2018-2019 Cadillac uses the most recent design style of the American manufacturer, which allows to form the character of the auto premium.
In the presence of a powerful relief of the bonnet, large false radiator grille and bumper solid, narrow blade like LED headlights and vertical LED daytime running lights – a full-face (light-emitting diodes, by the way, organic – OLED).

Profile body looks even more impressive: a long bonnet, decorated vyshtampovki powerful wheel arches and large doors with a high sill, soft line domed roof, solid food, decorated with fanfare.
Rear corners with original overall course of LED, lamps, strict hollow vertical section luggage and compact bumper.

The interior of the concept 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala picks atypical style, inspired by the body show car and demonstrates the duplicity of the cabin. Finding himself in the front row in the driver and passenger seats have a desire to suspense (sports seat, high tunnel dividing the interior in the cockpit), as well as entertainment and communication with the outside world by means of advanced communication systems (in the presence of three curved screen OLED screens, the ability to connect a smartphone and an Internet connection).

Once in the second row from the two passengers will likely have a desire to get comfortable and enjoy the cozy and comfortable chairs with unhurried moving from point A to point B, as long as possible in order not to leave the luxurious interior. To communicate with the outside world and to entertain second-row passengers with individual plates, traveling from the backs of the front seats when activated.

As the trim materials used high-quality leather and fabric, which is covered with even the trunk, inlays of real wood and brushed aluminum.
Cargo space with impressive dimensions and the ability to take a solid cargo volume. Above all, the trunk is intriguing design of the door – sort of a hatch in the basement (at the production version is likely to be the traditional fifth tailgate).

Specifications 2018-2019 Cadillac Escala Concept: Future prototype flagship 2018-2019 Cadillac is built on the latest platform, the Omega, which implies extensive use of aluminum and composite materials in the power frame body structure and exterior of hinged panels, fully independent wheel suspension with adaptive shock absorbers Magnetic Ride Control, levers made ​​of forged aluminum rear wheel steer effect.
According to preliminary information, rear-wheel drive (RWD), but perhaps there will be also a version with all-wheel drive AWD.
Under the hood, the concept of new petrol 4.2-liter twin-turbo V-8 (500 hp) in a 8-speed automatic Hydra-Matic 8L90. The engine is equipped with a standard system deactivation half Active Management cylinders under light loads reduces fuel consumption.

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