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Compact MPV BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019

New times forced automakers to expand the range and open up new segments for themselves.
Sometimes it is necessary to produce a very unusual models that diverge from the traditional image of the brand.
Recently, in this way we went to the BMW, introducing the first in its history kompaktven 2-Series Active Tourer.

The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 model year, even before its launch has made several revolutions for one individual automaker.
First, as has been said above, this is the first compact van in the BMW lineup.

Secondly, Active Tourer – this is the first front-wheel drive car in the BMW range.
And, thirdly, kompaktven BMW 2-Series is the first car in the compact premium-class offering full-color Head-Up Display.

Outside BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 is based on the appearance of the eponymous concept car, shown as early as 2012 in Paris.
In the first appearance kompaktvena BMW clearly discern the features of modern design style of the Bavarian automaker and there are hints of sportiness, which should contribute to the growth trends of popularity among the youth.

The length of the body BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is 4342 mm, width fit into the framework of 1800 mm, the height is limited to 1555 mm and wheelbase length not exceeding 2670 mm.
Note that the shape of the car turned out very dynamic, and its drag coefficient is based on version 0.26 to 0,29 Cx.

The platform borrowed from the new Mini for him.
In order to reduce the weight of the hood is made of aluminum alloy.
The initial version of the compact van BMW 2-Series Active Tourer weighs 1395 kg.

Designed to be a rather rapid.
The car has a pronounced wedge-shaped profile with a large angle of inclination of the windshield, arched roof and the silhouette of a slightly elevated rear.
Bisected grille combined with slanted headlights, in which traditional round headlight visible.

Optics, by the way, for a fee, and can be completely LED.
The V-shaped front bumper noticeable trapezoidal air intake.
Like the older brothers, the sidewalls are made in relief and wheel arches widened slightly.
The fifth door spoiler top is covered, and the width of the rear lights emphasize the oblong.

Interestingly, even kompaktven BMW M Performance sports offered package.
It includes an aerodynamic body kit and 18-inch alloy wheels instead of the standard 16-inch.

Inside the predominant traditional style BMW.
Here is dominated by the strict horizontal lines, and finishing a lot of black lacquered surfaces and inserts “aluminum”.
The Luxury Line versions salon decorated leather and wood.
On the rim of the three-spoke steering wheel provides nodules in the area of ​​the grip hand.

The dials of the instrument complemented with silver rims and bright red illumination.
Inside the speedometer fuel gauge pointer is in the tank and in the rev counter – Engine temperature sensor.
In the center of a screen of the onboard computer.
Among the options is a system of projection data on the windshield.

The central panel is turned slightly towards the driver.
Already in the basic version of it extends the 6.5-inch iDrive multimedia system.
Menu navigation is done with a round joystick.

Keys audio blocks and climate control large and rationally ordered.
Inside a lot of compartments for small luggage.
In the minivan roomy glove compartment box in the center armrest, large pockets in the doors, as well as more niche in the center console and a set of coasters.

We changed the steering column height and depth.
Landing in the 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 is quite high, which, coupled with thin roof pillars provide a good visibility in all directions.

The front seats are somewhat elastic, but keep well back.
You can select them in electric and heated as an option.
M Performance Package implies the presence of sports seats with improved lateral support.

On the second row – a very decent legroom and head over.
In addition, the rear seats are equipped with adjustable horizontal and have their backs adjusted angle.
But since the interior kompaktvena BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 is not too wide in the area of ​​the shoulders, the three adult passengers will feel cramped.
Soon there should be extended seven-seat version.

Trunk BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is able to accommodate up to 468 liters of cargo, but due to the folding in the proportion of 40:20:40 rear seat able to grow to 1510 liters.
Under the floor provided for the separation, and the fifth door for a fee it can be equipped with an electric drive.

Initially, the choice will be available in three engine with turbocharging, direct fuel injection and a jamming system at stations.
They all comply with the Euro 6 environmental standards.

218i version equipped with 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol unit with twin-scroll.
With its 1.5 liters of displacement motor is able to develop up to 136 hp
power and about 220 Nm of torque, spending per 100 km on average, about 4.9-5.1 liters of gasoline.

Aggregated 136-strong unit will be either a base 6-step “mechanics” or with optional 6-band “automatic”.
In the first case, the starting time of acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h is not more than 9.3 seconds, and the second – 9.6 seconds.

To modify the 225i Germans prepared 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a displacement of 2.0 liters, two balance shafts and turbo-compressor TwinPower Turbo system.

Maximum power of this unit is 231 hp and torque peaks at 350 Nm mark, which, coupled with the only available 8-band automatic transmission Steptronic allows to accelerate the BMW 225i Active Tourer from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.8 seconds .
The average expected fuel consumption should not exceed 6.0 liters.

The only available at the start of the diesel (modification 218d) will equip the new 4-cylinder powerplant with a displacement of 2.0 liter, common rail injection system and a turbocharger with variable geometry.

At its maximum the engine will give out 150 hp
power and 330 Nm of torque, and as a PPC buyers offered 6-speed “mechanics” or 8-band “automatic”.
This type of CPR did not influence the motor features: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.9 seconds and average fuel consumption of around 4.1 liters.

Note that later appear on the market a few modifications BMW 2-Series Active Tourer: gasoline 220i, 216d and 220d diesel, as well as two-wheel-drive versions – 220d and 225i.
As for the hybrid variants, it is still no information from the camp of BMW have been reported.

Manual 6-speed gear box lacks precision, but the short lever stroke.
But the automatic 6-stupechnataya and 8-speed transmission characterized by smoothness and responsiveness.

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 demonstrates good handling, for a minivan.
Its steering is precise and informative, and filled with the weight at high speeds.

Stability System is able to simulate a limited slip differential, which helps to overcome understeer.
Suspension is quite elastic, by the standards of this class of cars.
This is especially noticeable in the version with a package M Performance, which provides stiffer springs.
But the high 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 little roll in cornering.
At high speeds wind noise is clearly audible and tires.

Acquisition of the German kompaktvena quite rich: includes dual-zone climate control, the CD-player, parking sensors, light and rain sensors, the connection Bluetooth, 6 airbags and stabilization system.

Among the optional equipment – panoramic roof, navigation system, parking autopilot, adaptive cruise control with the functions of movement in traffic jams and the automatic deceleration tracking system “blind” areas, road signs recognition and observance of traffic lanes.

The cost of the initial version kompaktvena BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2018-2019 is 27 200 euros, but later there will be a more affordable version with less powerful engines.

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