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Compact MPV Ford C-Max 2018-2019

The American car manufacturer 2018-2019 Ford has declassified an updated version of its compact van C-Max.
Appearance of the car has received the design in the style of a family of models Focus, the car interior more functional and practical, and the “appetite” explicitly declined in powertrains.

Moreover, the American engineers significantly expanded the list of available equipment for the car.

Updated kompaktven 2018-2019 Ford C-Max 2014 model year, as well as its seven-seat version called the Grand C-Max, now has a new proprietary false radiator grille, a modified facial bumper, as well as an updated front optics.

In addition, the redesigned car received an upgraded tailgate and other taillights.
The most significant change in the cabin of the machine – it’s a modified center console with a button layout scheme.

Now inside the model has more space for storing various small items (including – bottles of capacity from 0.4 to 1.0 liters), a heated steering wheel function, as well as an additional USB-in.

As stated by the American automaker, the cabin is updated kompaktvena 2018-2019 Ford C-Max 2014 model year, significantly improved sound insulation and significantly improved quality of the finishing materials.

For example, side windows will now be slightly thicker, and between the interior and the engine compartment for better applied damping materials.
Got restyled compact van and the other power unit.

The motor line 2018-2019 Ford C-Max 2014 has a new turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 1.5 liters, which produces about 120 horsepower.
It is intended to replace the previous 1.6-liter engine, in comparison with which it is somewhat more powerful, but also, and more environmentally friendly by about 6 percent.

As for the 2-liter diesel engine, it has also been greatly improved and are now polluting the atmosphere by 20 percent less than it was before.
This engine will be offered in two power output versions – 163 and 140 horsepower.

If we talk about gasoline units, the most affordable options for equipping kompaktvena 2018-2019 Ford C-Max 2014 model year will have under the hood of the popular three-cylinder 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine series, outstanding, depending on the version of 125 or 100 horsepower.

Another petrol engine has a working volume of 1.5 liters.
He will also be offered in two versions issued by power – 180 and 150 horsepower.

As noted in the company, the first car began to equip a function of both the MyKey, by which motorists may be programmed, for example, limiting the maximum volume of the music system or the maximum vehicle speed.
It is assumed that this system can help protect primarily young motorists.

In addition to the updated 2018-2019 Ford C-Max 2014 model year will be available bi-xenon adaptive headlights, a number of electronic systems that ensure the safety of new multimedia complex Sync2, adaptive cruise control and automatic parking system.

The official premiere of the updated compact van 2018-2019 Ford C-Max and his 7-seater version of the Grand C-Max will be held in October 2014 at the International Motor Show in Paris.
The cost of its new American automaker is not disclosed, as the release date models on the market.

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