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City car 2018-2019 Honda N-ONE

In Japan, the market there was a new compact city car 2018-2019 Honda N-ONE, made ​​in “retro” style.
2018-2019 Honda models are usually quite modern appearance, but a sense of nostalgia Japanese companies are also not alien.
It just proves the compact N-ONE, incoming recently on sale in the Japanese islands.
The forerunners of this model were concepts 2018-2019 Honda EV-N and N4, whose premiere took place at the motor show in Tokyo, respectively, in 2009 th and 2011 th years.
Like the popular Fiat 500 city car 2018-2019 Honda N-ONE is a classic model N360 middle of the last century it modern performance.

The car has a spacious cabin that can accommodate four people, and has a good sound insulation.
In addition, it features 11 shades for paint finishes.
The cost city car 2018-2019 Honda N-ONE in Japan starts at 1.15 million yen (about 14,400 US dollars) and comes to 1,707,750 yen (about 21,300 dollars).
Although these compact machines are increasingly popular with motorists of different countries (for example, we can recall the Mini or the Fiat 500), a Japanese model is not going to withdraw beyond the islands.

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