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Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019

When developing Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019 designers have given the absolute freedom of action.
And, as we have seen, this move paid off.
Whatever the association did not cause this car, but the competition for the most original design with Chrysler Prowler would be hard to compete.
The model not only unusual shape, and proportion.
Rear chassis wider front.
There is a difference in diameter wheels – 20 inches at the rear, in the front – 17.
The front landing gear, in general, the dream of a fan-motorist.
Technical details, which are usually hidden under the body, here on display – it is possible to study the structure of the chassis.
Wheels cover carbon arch, which rotate together with them.

Perhaps the creators Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019 set out to surprise everyone with a record number of aluminum components.
The car almost a third made of this metal.
But the authors, for some reason, stripped of his creation of expressive recognizable signs.
No logo, name plate on the front of the no.
Only on the rear bumper, if you look closely, you can see a modest inscription.
The main part of the body is not overloaded with Chrysler Prowler bend profile add expression thresholds that stretched from the rear wheel arches to the hood.
Foods like car chaise sample 30 ‘s,.
It violates everything the proportions, regarding the front part.
But precisely this is the whole trick.

The trunk is there purely nominal, it is designed only for the folded roof, no more.
By the way, the roof itself has to add manually.
All devices in the Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019 more like decorative elements than on the information panel.
Speedometer aside traditional central place.
It shows in miles and ends at around 150.
Calculated in kilometers – it will be 240 km / h.
Traditionally, the Roadster – here only two seats.
On the comfort of the driver developers Chrysler Prowler taken care of very well: seat adjustment, steering column and on the steering wheel and more detailed management of the cruise-control.

Overall, the layout of the center console and unpretentious interior is decorated quite primitive.
Materials, of course, done everything neat and quality, but too conservative, not fantasy.
In contrast to the exterior.
Special charm Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019 adds sound of the engine.
However, the vibration of it are felt not only on the steering wheel, but also on the whole body.
The power unit has a capacity of 3.5 liters and power of 257 horsepower.
Maximum speed – 240 km / h and acceleration to the first “hundred” takes only 6 seconds.
In the urban cycle the car consumes about 12 liters of gasoline ti per 100 kilometers.

Power: Chrysler Prowler disposes of 4-speed automatic transmission. Chrysler Prowler 2018-2019 car can be called rare, it was issued no more than 12 thousand copies ti.

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