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Chrysler 300C Sedan 2018-2019

In the domestic market sedan called the Chrysler 300 is not available, but the model 300C index officially sold.
The second generation car was introduced to the public at the beginning of January 2011, as part of the Detroit International Motor Show in the fall of 2018-2019, at the auto show in Los Angeles premiered its restyled version.

Visually the sedan Chrysler 300C 2018-2019 first looks quite massive model year and, at the same time, it is pretty, and its distinctive feature is the large number of coated chrome elements in the design of the exterior.

For example, it refers to the handles on the doors, a large false radiator grille, side window edging front and Framing “protivotumanok”.
Note that the “base” machine is equipped with 18-inch wheels, a surcharge will be offered 19-inch wheels.

Interior design in the updated Chrysler 300C sedan 2018-2019 almost completely copied from the interior of the standard 300-th model.
Shop different ergonomics, good layout and decent equipment.

The interior decoration, American engineers have focused on high-quality and expensive skin inlays made of natural wood.
Thanks to this combination, the updated interior sedan Chrysler 300C 2018-2019 looks cozy and luxurious.

On the first row of seats can comfortably accommodate drivers and passengers of almost any configuration, and a large set of adjustments allows to choose the most optimal position.

The seats of the second row in the 2018-2019 Chrysler 300C is actually able to accommodate three people, but the high transmission tunnel creates some inconvenience for the average passenger, so stay in the back can comfortably only two people.

For the updated Chrysler 300C sedan 2018-2019 Americans produced two power units to choose from.
One of them – this is the atmospheric 6-cylinder V-engine with a displacement of 3.6 liters, which produces about 292’s horsepower and about 350 Newton meters of maximum torque.

The second engine – 8-cylinder V-shaped “aspirated» HEMI series with a working volume of 5.7 liters.
His output is 363 horsepower power and about 492 Newton meters of peak torque.

The pair of these engines offer an automatic 8-speed transmission.
A restyled version of the car is available in all-wheel drive modifications, and in the version with front wheel drive.

The main feature of the 2018-2019 model year the updated Chrysler 300C is a solid list of available equipment.

Business-class sedan is already in the basic version is equipped with a new multimedia complex with a navigation system and a color display with a diagonal of 8.4 inches, heated rear seats, heated and ventilated settings memory leather seats of the first row, the air conditioning, as well as a host of different electronic systems responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers and the driver.

2018-2019 model year Chrysler 300C sedan Updated already sold in the United States.
There’s the cost starts from 37 395 dollars.
In our country, car sales should start this year.

It remains to add that dorestaylingovoy your car in the domestic market offers a minimum of 1,982,000 rubles.

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