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Chrysler 300C 2018-2019

In Russia starts selling Chrysler 300C 2018-2019 sedan model year 2012 th, which is equipped with it modern 8 -step automatic ZF gearbox.
It should be noted that the company is the first, which set the box on the American stock cars.
According to the manufacturer, 8 A range “machine” has not previously been used on American sedans with premium and installed only in the European luxury segment.

“Chrysler 300C 2018-2019 sedan model year  2018-2019 th was developed, following what luxury felt stronger when it is earned, ie the one who has achieved the status of hard work deserves just as much need of it.
Without any compromise relating to the size, comfort and prestige, which should be expected from a luxury urban sedan, 300C  2018-2019 th year, has the best-in-class fuel economy, thanks to a brand new 8 A range of automatic transmission “- said Saad Chehad, Director of Chrysler, commenting on the appearance of new items.

In general, according to the brand, in a country mode, fuel consumption is 7.1 liters per 100 kilometers.
The city mode, the figure is 14.3 liters per 100 km and combined cycle – 9.7 liters.
Compared with its predecessor, these indicators have improved by 17 per cent.
Three additional gear ratios in the automatic gearbox ZF ensure reduction of the difference between the values ​​of gear ratios, which positively affects the sensations at switching speeds up and down.
Powered “machine” with a 3.6-liter power unit Pentastar V6, whose power is 286 horsepower.
More quickly change gears can be in Sport mode.
When activated, the gear shift is carried out at high performance engine speed.

For a greater sense of drive and dynamics of the Chrysler 300C driver you may use two paddles to control the power and transmission on the new color monitor avionics EVIC information center, located in the center of the instrument panel.
The basic package Chrysler 300C sedan entered the window curtain airbags on the entire length of the passenger compartment, the airbag for the knees of the driver, built-in seat side airbags, help system at start downhill, dynamic stabilization system the ESC, traction control Traction Control, Rain System Brake Support and Ready Alert Braking, as well as active front head restraints.
The cost of a sedan Chrysler 300C Luxury Series starts in Russia with 2.26 million rubles.

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