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Chevrolet Tahoe 2018-2019

The American auto industry – something for everybody.
How do you know you’re a fan or not?
It is necessary to arrange avtobrosok on the route Moscow – Brest – Warsaw – Berlin – Düsseldorf and back (2400 km one way) to the Chevrolet Tahoe: 5 meters, 5.3 liters and 325 horsepower of the American car.
On his return to Moscow, we stopped at Sviblovo, relax in the sauna after a long journey.
After a week and 5 thous. Km – no questions left!

Car Type Chevrolet Tahoe 2018-2019

Big, tall, simple, reliable, friendly, spacious, powerful.
For each of the following adjectives you can think of a synonym with a negative tinge.
Bulky … well, etc.
To understand which approach is correct, you need to go to zero hours zero minutes at the Minsk highway, it is the M1 highway, with a full tank, trunk and two reserve drivers on board.
Inspect the dominant position and landing horizon and roof creeping beneath you sedans.
And the light touch of the gas pedal sending a cloud of dust and burnt rubber back to Moscow, and myself and fellow travelers, like on rails – forward in Europe.

Engine Chevrolet Tahoe 2018-2019

Under the hood of this eight-cylinder engine in volume Vortec 5.3 liter, 325 hp.
s., and the rate of 9 to hundreds.
In quiet mode turns off unnecessary cylinders for fuel economy – interesting information, which can be immediately forgotten, because no one will go to Tahoe in “quiet mode.”
And if you do not know what to do with the Fuel Economy (aggregated with a six-speed automatic transmission), Tahoe definitely not for you.

Suspension and steering Chevrolet Tahoe 2018-2019

Independent torsion bar front, rear dependent spring.
Wheel drive for driving on the highway and a decent asphalt safely disable, flying in the background like on rails.
Comfortable speed from 140 to 160 km / h, after which the car starts to shake noticeably.
Any citizen of the Russian Federation with the rights can safely get behind the wheel of a huge SUV and go out on the road – no surprises.

Salon Chevrolet Tahoe 2018-2019

The large cabin whole lot.
The box in the middle is quite suitable for the role of the table, the rear sofa – bed, the front seats – a business class air generous company.
You’re the Chevrolet designers learn to forgive “cheap” inserts “under the tree” and you can start to feel like home in Tahoe.
And very comfortable American habit – lighter weight, is enough for all the available gadgets.
For the music responds BOSE, and respond adequately.
An important point: at low volume levels the sound stage is contracted to the central column of the “torpedo”.
Do you want a real, exciting sound – succumbed to the gas.

A friend (instead of conclusion), we will not tell you that cut through the narrow streets in the center on a huge TAHOE – convenient and that the five-liter engine – it economical.
We say otherwise: Travel weekly white Tahoe and realize that you’ve got a friend.
Strong, fair, predictable and reliable.
To part with him you do not want.
If that – 2.23 million rubles for a decent equipment.

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