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Chevrolet Niva 2018-2019 second generation

Chevrolet Niva 2018-2019  SUV launched on the conveyor in 2002, and since then he has deserved reputation of reliable car and the conqueror of bad roads.
But nothing lasts forever and the era of the first generation SUV coming to an end, and soon we will have a new, more modern model, while retaining all the advantages of its predecessor.

At the end of August 2018-2019, during the Moscow International Motor Show was presented to visitors concept Chevrolet Niva II, on the basis of which will be built the second generation SUV.

The car has received a brutal appearance with more angular shapes and original vyshtampovki, rims 16 inches in diameter, tapering headlights, and an additional factory off-road body kit (protection of optics, motor protection, winch, etc.), which will be offered as an option.

If we talk about the size of new items, the height and width of the car remained at the same level, but significantly increased the length of the model – up to 30 centimeters (up to 431.6 centimeters).

The same design will get brutal and Salon Chevrolet Niva second generation, which will improved sound insulation, the more expensive finishing materials, an updated front fascia, a new instrument panel and new seats.

The manufacturer notes that in comparison with its predecessor novelty shop will be more convenient, so the second-generation Chevrolet Niva is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Under the hood, the new off-road car engineers to atmospheric gasoline 4-cylinder 16-valve 1.8-liter engine family EC8, which is produced by French automaker PSA license (Peugeot and Citroen).

This engine is equipped with the function of distributed fuel injection and develops the order of 136-year-horsepower and about 172 x Newton meters of maximum torque.
Installation of the new unit will allow Chevrolet Niva second generation make a tough competition to the French Renault Duster.

Also for this purpose, the automaker is going to offer customers this model automatic transmission as an option, as the base transmission will continue to be a reliable 5-band “mechanics”.

In addition, the manufacturer does not preclude the possibility of installation on the vehicle and diesel powertrain, but the issue is not completely resolved.

Despite all the rumors, Chevrolet Niva second generation has received a completely new platform with off-road independent front suspension and rear dependent.
The basic version of the machine will be equipped with permanent all-wheel drive with locking center differential and 2-speed razdatkoy.

Thanks oblique bumpers and short overhangs new Niva has not lost its old geometric cross and carrying a car body has an additional gain, which will provide greater safety off-road vehicle in the event of a traffic accident.

Over time, the developers intend to bring to market and “urban” version of the model that receives the drive only the front axle.

At present, the prototype of SUV Chevrolet Niva second generation passes the tests in Europe – namely in Spain and Italy.
On conveyor novelty plan to put at the end of 2018-2019 year, and the sale of the car will start in the beginning of 2018-2019 year.

If we talk about the cost of the model, it is, of course, is not yet known.
However, many experts agree that the basic version of the new items of equipment will cost about 500 thousand rubles.

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