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Chevrolet Cruze 2018-2019

Last Cruze not unusual: hatchback sold in Australia Holden Cruze (perelitsovanny Suzuki Ignis), but the name – the only ancient “trifle”.
Chevrolet Cruze – the first car to another generation Delta platform, the latest (in fact it will be built new Opel Astra, Coy will appear in the fall).
Nothing revolutionary: in front McPherson strut and rear – semi-dependent suspension with a torsion support.
Triangular communication front suspension – duralumin and are attached to the subframe through gidroopory.
Disc brakes – all wheels (front ventilated).
The hardness of the body according to a comparison with the Lacetti increased by 140%, and the manufacturer’s crash-test promise, if car will receive 5 of the starry sky in the ranking EuroNCAR

As long because of the Chevrolet Cruze reserved 3 engine – gasoline of 1.6 liters (112 hp) and 1, S l (140 hp) and a fresh two-liter turbodiesel capacity of 150 hp
Transmissions – five-speed “mechanics”, and six step-and “robot”.
It is planned, the TTS palette later supplemented petrol turbomo-torus of 1.4 liters (opelevskie research) and the 125-strong turbodiesel (after the two-liter engine, but derated).
Truth is, the national economic decline continued palette set to power devices voprosets.

Who specifically developed the Chevrolet the Cruze ?
The composition of the GM takes a certain amount of design and design offices – in Korea, Europe.
North and South America, Australia, which compose a single ensemble.
Engineers not only talk online, passing the buddy buddy generate consistent measure such as the one in the studio working day comes to an end, and in another only occurs.
Almost study some units held all day.
But the lion’s share of cases vgpolnili Koreans and engineers Techno Center ITDC in Rüsselsheim (experts at Opel’s).
However, the aerodynamics were worked in Korea in the newly minted GM-DAT research center has an aerodynamic tube, where allowed to blow cars with face velocity of 250 klm / h in the temperature range from-40 ° C at 60 ° C and at a moisture content of 5 by 95%.
A good outcome for the global machine: Cx = 0.31.

Due to the design of the Korean Taevan replied Kim.
In 2006, he worked at Fiat where in the perceived role in the development of cars Fiat 500 and Grande Punto, – and this experiment was not present.
Sedan Chevrolet Cruze came out catchy, wanting nothing fundamental souped s design is lacking.
Angular headlights – almost like on the new Aveo.
The dynamic window-sill line and circular roof – as in the past Passat.
Rear lights with dual kruglyashami – like set up down lights sedan the Honda the Civic , the door handles to the “natural” enough – as a “two-bedroom apartment,” the BMW … From the world according to a thread, and the shirt came out fine.
Cuts an eye only body paint painted cross member on the radiator grid – left rough.

On the streets of the old towns of the Spanish periphery Cantab-rii I almost fit in between the stone walls.
Since the Cruze – a fool of class C;
the length of the machine – 4,6 m and breadth – 1,8 m. It looks larger than the Mercedes C-class and “troyashka» BMW!
Merchants will probably correlate with Cruise Car class D – and it does not need to fib: He indeed is 6 cm longer with excessive Bavarian “three-room apartment!”

Exterior Chevrolet Cruze I looked back a year, as soon as I saw in Korea layout and the code naming J300.
Undaunted, however, not screaming band cool color palette, and most importantly – benign that have been used by connecting the trunk upholstery.
Entrance panel resolved in the company’s “symmetrical” way Chevrolet, with inserts on front panel – from the fabric because, if there is to trim doors and seats.

The steering wheel is adjustable and according to an angle of heel, and according to the flight, the driver’s seat is allowed to pull almost never on the floor and seat themselves – strong and educated side help.
Consistent compared with the Lacetti – a breakthrough!

Not enough of this, in contrast to the Lacetti (the truth and all of today’s “kid-Daewoo”) at the Cruise has character: it is interesting ride!
Suspension – compacted, -dobroporyadochnaya “.
Another would be to increase the sound insulation of the bottom and wheel arches – and it would be absolutely wonderful.

Power steering in the Chevrolet Cruze – hydraulic, wanting to act as galvanic, while not the most-most the best.
In okolonuleaoy area – empty, after a little “thick”.
However, the car rolls right!
I overdo it with the speed at the entrance to a turn – and smooth sliding front wheels.
He kicked off the gas – and because so smooth screwed in turn.
May not be disabled-stabilization system takes the craft just as perfect episode.

Gasoline 140 powerful engine Chevrolet Cruze passable trails at medium speed, but sour in the “top”.
Five-speed gearbox was amused little arm moves, however, switching themselves “rubber” vague.
The two-liter turbo diesel liked more: Cruise with it rolls more dynamic, richer.
However, firstly, there is in fact such “stagnant” box, and in the other, the deepest turboyamu, koiya in conjunction with the “longish” close box does not allow to apply the highest transmission in the town.
For example, at only 5 is allowed to travel from 100 klm / h.
A turbodiesel uninteresting sound at medium speed discourages ride with courage.

As you know, in the first analysis of the rolled out the most are not cheap version.
I, for example, does not see cars with the ordinary air-conditioner – and, therefore, a different configuration of the central console.
How common are comfortable seats and not hairy skin of a normal steering wheel?
And as the basic machine will go from 113-powerful engine 1.6 and in the absence of stabilization systems?
I do not understand.
However, the major naturally remains: remarkable design, good and that were used benign production.

As Koreans sparkle with happiness!
Now, they say, we will be on equal compete with the concern Hyundai-Kia!
And if after that the most-most in the Kia ?
Pro-European cee’d?
Cruze and really not terrible, the most if no Kia cee’d, nor his counterpart Hyundai i30 does not have a favorite so we have the version sedan.

By the way, why the main lights came on-the Cruze sedan and hatchback is not?
Specifically, because the Russian Federation – the main European market for Chevrolet (in each case, according to the results of the previous year).
In addition, because the love and sedans in Korea and in the USA.
Hatchback will appear later.
But the wagon will not: lend its space “almost crossover» the Chevrolet of Orlando , the layout of which is shown at the autumn motor show in Paris (AP №19, 2008).
Orlando will be closer to those punishments, as, for example, the Nissan the Qashqai .

Before the curtain was offered a ride on diesel Kruse with newly minted six-speed “automatic”.
Directions: well passable.
Myagenko switching, lack jerks including the transition “machine” with the second to fourth transfer immediately.
However, at speeds near 120 klm / h box begins to rage: just add gas – cut one fifth provision, just let go – again 6. At least those speeds because throwing, but between the other gears.
And in torn city I rate very closely twitch: Box thinks that way is long, like in an old chetyrehstupny “robot” just squeezed another 2 assists.

Kovárny Koreans: impeccably made only if not hidden from the eye … And after all, if put pros and cons, the result is all the same will be released plus – albeit not that of a fat, like the Chevrolet cross on the radiator grid.

It was expected, though deliveries to the Russian Federation of Korean cars will begin today in the spring, but the situation has changed: we will only sell Cruz, chosen in Russia.
And the assembly line at the newly minted GM plant in Shushary St. Petersburg to launch only in the source of the fall.

Of course, if the Cruze will be worth more expensive Lacetti but cheaper than of Opel the Astra .
That there is, if based on today’s prices, in the range from 450 550 thousand rubles ..

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