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Chevrolet Cruze sedan 2018-2019

Chevrolet Cruze 2018-2019 was developed as a completely new model that the new platform has been specially created – “Delta-2”.
He made ​​his debut in the most popular Cruze sedan this year.
Today, Chevrolet Cruze is one of the representatives of the overall compact-class golf.
Its external dimensions of only a few millimeters lower middle class cars.
The base in 2685 mm long, has allowed designers to ensure the driver and passengers plenty of space in the cabin and surround them with exceptional comfort.

The basic package includes 2-zone climate control, full power accessories, which includes heating and power mirrors, rain and light sensors, navigation, cruise control and radio with control on the steering wheel.
Interior leather and passive safety provide 6 airbags Chevrolet Cruze 2018-2019 -. Nice both inside and outside, it just attracts the views of other drivers on the road and pedestrians on the sidewalks.

The car has a wide choice of engines.
Engine 1.6-liter is available as a 5 -step mechanics, and 6-band automatic. 113 horsepower machine provide a good momentum, if the rotating wheel through a mechanical transmission.
With the automatic character of the car becomes calm and reasonable.
The engine capacity of 1.8 liters – is the average for the Chevrolet Cruze 2018-2019 , but 141 hp.
power and 176 Nm of torque make it possible to accelerate to 185 km / h, and change the first “hundred” in 11.5 seconds.

It is with an automatic transmission, with the mechanics of the results will be better – 195 km / h and less than 11 seconds to “hundreds.”
And the most powerful in the line of motors is the 2-liter turbodiesel.
Its 150 hp.
enough to even on the automatic gain first “hundred” in less than 10 seconds, and its top speed – 205 km / h.
With a manual transmission, “maximum speed” will be at 5 km / h above, but also in the assets of this motor is very modest appetite.
The only pity is that to us has not delivered diesel Cruz in top configuration.
By choosing diesel, have to put up with the lack of skin and some comfort options.

Petrol engines moderately thrifty.
High dynamics, in addition to a hard body, and requires properly functioning suspension.
And in this issue Cruze rose to the occasion, on the front axle independent suspension with coil springs and struts “McPherson”, and behind – semidependent with stabilizers.
Their duet provides a decent car handling combined with a high comfort and endurance.
Rudder sharp, less than 3 turns from lock to lock.
The brake system also does not cause any complaints.

Front and rear disc brakes, and the front is also vented, ensure the car smooth and effective braking, even with a slight effort on the brake pedal.
Anyway, this car’s controls do not require a long addiction driver.

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