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Chevrolet Corvette Centennial Edition 2018-2019

In the interval from 1915 to 1919, Louis Chevrolet 2018-2019 many times took part in racing competitions, neodnokratnono won in some categories, but do not become a champion.
Apparently, the victory in the automotive competitions was not the main purpose for him.
Participation in the race has motivated him in the implementation and establishment of the automotive empire Chevrolet, which will celebrate one hundred years old this year.

To his centennial, Chevrolet has decided to release a special edition of the legendary car called «Centennial Edition», which translated to English means “Centennial Edition”.
The main feature of the anniversary model Corvette was the coloring of a body called the Carbon Flash, as well as the acquired company logos with a silhouette of Mr. Chevrolet and numeral 100.

The company plans to release several versions: Corvette Standard and Grand Sport will be shod with exclusive 19-inch wheels, the version model Corvette ZR-1 Corvette Z06 and will have wheels 20 inches in size, and in addition equipped with sports catalyst.

The vehicle interior is framed in Alcantara with contrasting decorative stitching and headrests embroidered with images such as logos like on a car body. Centennial Edition Corvette will go on sale in 2011, although the first Corvette was released already sold for the fabulous sum at Barrett-Jackson auction.


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