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Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019

General Motors Company has introduced a new low-cost sedan Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019 , which is scheduled to supply the markets of developing countries.
Chevrolet Cobalt absolutely fully developed in Brazil and with the same American sedan, which withdrew from the production after the appearance of the Cruze, it has little in common.
Production of the sedan, too, will be established in Brazil.

New Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019 will be a global model of GM, which will be available in countries around the world – from South America to Asia and even in Europe.
The conceptual model was shown in June 2011, th at the motor show in Buenos Aires.
For its size the production version of Chevrolet Cobalt located between models Aveo and Cruze.
The length of the new car – 4479 mm, though the wheelbase – 2620 mm.
The width is 1735 mm, and the “growth” – 1514 mm.
One of the biggest advantages of the new items is a large luggage compartment and its volume is 563 liters.

Powertrain sedan lineup consists of 4-cylinder engines, the amount of which is from 1.3 to 1.8 liters, thus, they can not only consume diesel or gasoline, but also ethanol.
In addition to the manual transmission, Chevrolet Cobalt plan to complete and automatic transmission.
Interior of the new sedan has a similarity with the Aveo model.
Same nice center console with multimedia system, on the spot where in the “base”, is likely to be a plastic cap.
The same steering wheel with metal insert and the instrument panel, like a motorcycle.

The seats in the Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019 have an anatomical shape and have a strong lateral support.
On the back seat space for the knees enough passengers with an average physique anguish is not threatened.
Salon trimmed inexpensive, but it is high-quality materials.
Chevrolet Cobalt is equipped with electrical window lifters, electric and heated mirrors, radio CD / MP3, front airbags and air conditioning.

There are plans that the production of the new budget sedan for the former Soviet republics will be established at the plant of General Motors in Uzbekistan, according to other sources – in Russia in St. Petersburg.
Chevrolet Cobalt 2018-2019 will cost about 22,800 dollars.

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