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Chevrolet Aveo

Nominally, the Chevrolet Aveo belongs to a class-B, but this car meets such requirements of ergonomics and safety, for which it can rightly be attributed to the C-class.
The new avant-garde design to give the car a large radiator grille, dissected into two parts, the horizontal insertion with logo Chevrolet, and refined headlamps which emphasize the aggressive appearance of the car.
A food with a massive bumper and round the back lighting units, even more hints on sportiness.

Not for nothing on the creation of a new corporate identity Chevrolet Aveo has 12 design centers scattered around the world.
By its dimensions model can compete, even with minivans.
Vehicle 1.5 meters in height and in length – just less than 4 meters.
It is necessary to pay tribute to the interior decoration materials, especially Given the budgetary Aveo.
The front door and Penela made using soft plastic that is pleasant to the touch.
The quality of fit of all elements, also, no doubt.
The list of standard and optional equipment, the model is one of the richest in the classroom.
This includes the steering column, power, which is height-adjustable in the base set, central locking, electric mirrors and heated, air-conditioning and so on.

Chevrolet Aveo combines everything that customers expect from a new car.
Absolutely all design solutions implemented in the automobile, are subject to the idea of ​​fast and comfortable travel.
Before compact dimensions and high maneuverability Aveo capitulate, even hopeless urban traffic jams.
The color scheme is also impressive – a choice of 9 body colors.

Chevrolet Aveo is available in sedan and hatchback.
And there is a hatchback 5-door and 3-door.
For all versions of hatchback is offered in the power unit volume of 1.5 liters and 86 horsepower.
In addition, if you are not satisfied with a 5-speed manual transmission, you can select the automatic transmission.
Car Chassis carefully balanced.
Good suspension and power consumption of its minimum tendency to rocking especially valuable in our, sometimes extreme, environments.
Therefore, the combination of ride and handling in the Aveo – can be safely attributed to the strong side of the model.
Perhaps on highways active driver bit is not enough to power the motor, but this car is designed primarily for the city.
Chevrolet Aveo can be called a real car for real life, and the price he is quite real – from 11 thousand dollars.

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