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Specifications 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo May

New 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo 5-generation model year after the 2018-2019 Ford Focus 3 and crossover 2018-2019 Ford Fuga has become a global model. The novelty in the face of the hero of our review with a unified appearance and the same interior design will be sold in 160 countries. The American counterpart of the European 2018-2019 Ford Mondeo will be offered under the name 2018-2019 Ford Fusion with other engines (familiar to US powerful engines) and other trim.

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Great gadget on wheels – American crossover 2018-2019 Ford Explorer

American crossover 2018-2019 Ford Explorer 5th generation sold in Russia in the spring of . At the end of , Russian motorists have purchased all new 2058 2018-2019 Ford Explorer. Why Russians do not line up in a queue for a high-tech car with stylish looks and powerful motors? Maybe the high cost-SUV crossover from 1.798 million rubles. Against the background of the price of competitors to say the least ridiculous – the Jeep the Grand Cherokee starts at 2148000 rubles. As part of our review closer look at the elegant appearance of a large American SUV, pick up the colors for painting the body, examples of tires and wheels, we estimate the interior and trunk of the car, carefully deal with the comfort and entertainment features (My2018-2019 Ford Touch system designed by Microsoft experts). Of course, attention will focus on the technical characteristics of the 2018-2019 Ford Explorer model year , will conduct a test drive on the pavement and on open roads. Our task – to find out whether Explorer good value for money, and on which of the four trim is better to choose. After all, the difference between the initial version of the Explorer XLT Sport and the richest in terms of money amounts to 360,000 rubles. Traditionally, we help videos and photos, reviews and comments holders auto journalists.

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