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Car 2018-2019 Ford B-Max

Presentation of the production model 2018-2019 Ford B-Max will be held in Geneva in early March this year.
The production version is very similar to the concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show by Americans last year.
The main advantages of the new model in more than it modern and functional design.
2018-2019 Ford B-Max, and in fact looks very impressive against the backdrop of the entire minivan segment.
In this connection, the car has a good chance to oust the major competitors, including the Hyundai ix20 and Opel Meriva.

Trying to make the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max more functional, manufacturers supplied its sliding doors.
The solution is not new, but quite rare in the segment-B.
This will provide passengers with a more comfortable fit, or landing in a crowded parking lot, as well, it will be easier to install child seats.
When fully open the door aperture of 1.5 meters.
In addition, 2018-2019 Ford B-Max is equipped with a more pleasant one element – a panoramic roof.
Overall, the car has an attractive appearance and laconic.
There are no unnecessary lines, but especially underlined designers angularity of the body, headlights and side windows.
But, in general, everything is in perfect harmony with the other elements of the car.

Integrated Rack unusual design did not affect the safety car, shock protection in the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max high level.
Both doors will assume a side impact all the energy that would have on the central rack.
All this thanks to the high strength of the steel, which is used in the manufacture.
As already mentioned, the driver is provided with the passengers comfortable fit in the interior, but that’s not all.
Roofline 2018-2019 Ford B-Max is higher by 110 mm than the Fiesta.
The first difference appreciate tall people.

With regard to the overall things that need to be transported somewhere, then at the combined front and rear seats can accommodate an object whose length reaches 2.3 meters.
For not too big car – a pretty decent figure.
Beauty in 2018-2019 Ford B-Max is decorated only with high quality materials.
The car goes very bright shades.
And not only the body, in a lot of multi-colored inserts in plastic panels and seats.
What is very stylish and adds sports notes.
Under the hood of the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max can be 1-liter gasoline turbocharged EcoBoost, which already uses the Focus.
A small motor, depending on the version, is capable of delivering 100 or 125 horsepower.
Also, 2018-2019 Ford B-Max is available with a turbodiesel Duration TDCi.

It is difficult to say anything specific things will become known only after the Geneva Motor Show.
However, even now it is clear that the 2018-2019 Ford B-Max has more features (passenger and driver comfort, capacity is not too large sizes).
Adding to this is quite original, but a nice design, we get a truly democratic and competitive cars.
With regard to prices, there is 2018-2019 Ford B-Max should be between Focus and Fiesta.

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