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Bright coupe-crossover 2018-2019 Mini Paceman

2018-2019 Mini Paceman model engenders a new class of vehicles – compact coupe crossover. Debut of new items 2018-2019 Mini Peysmen held at the Paris Motor Show , photo, and video which can be seen in the HGV. Since the beginning of trehdverka whose technical characteristics are familiar to motorists on the 2018-2019 Mini Countryman, will appear in Russian showrooms. The price for those who want to buy a 2018-2019 Mini Cooper Paceman will be between 995 000 rubles.

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The British company 2018-2019 Mini displays the time on the automotive arena a compact crossover with kupeobraznym body. One gets the impression that all the cars will be crossover in the coming years.
Peysmen built on the 2018-2019 Mini Countryman platform, but differs from its five-door sibling fewer doors, more compact and, of course, stylish falling roof.

  • External dimensions body 2018-2019 Mini Paceman are: 4109 mm long, 1786 mm wide, 1518 mm in height, with 2595 mm wheelbase of 155 mm and clearance (clearance).

Exterior trends absorbed all the family traits of the famous British car brand. When looking at the mini-crossover scanned the familiar lines and elements of both the classic 2018-2019 Mini hatchback and courageous line Countryman. The front of the car with round blocks headlamps, multi-level air intake, bumper trim with additional “points” of light. The sides of the body with the familiar view mirrors on the legs, high window sill line and compact glass surfaces clearly falling aft roof, spaced around the perimeter of the body wheels.
Lower the machine cover of “grown-up” black not painted plastic, even the edges swollen wheel arches are powerful and wide plastic clothing. The back of a traditional tailgate with a miniature glass drops horizontal position lamps, lean bumper with integrated in the body conclusions silencers. New 2018-2019 Mini Paceman looks great athlete folded in four large feet – wheels.

  • Depending on the degree of equipping sports a vehicle tire 195/60 R16 and 205/55 R17, an optional 225/45 R18 and 225/40 R19, certainly on alloy wheels.
  • The body is painted: base in color Light White (White), Pure Red (red), Bright Yellow (yellow); and metallics: Light Coffee (brown), True Blue (Blue), Royal Grey (dark gray), Cosmic Blue (dark blue), Absolute Black (Black).

Shop in front of the three-door coupe-crossover 2018-2019 Mini Paceman is exactly the same interior decoration fellow 2018-2019 Mini shop. Here are just a back row of seats can be only two local. Two separate seats provide sufficient comfort for its riders, of course with an eye on what you are in a compact car with a low roof. Chairs of the first and second row with pronounced lateral support, located in the center rail for mounting all kinds of containers and accessories automobile adds style. Cargo capacity with all the occupied passenger seats is 330 liters, with the addition of the second row of cargo capacity will increase up to 1080 liters.
The basic version has air conditioning, electromirrors heating, central lock, elektrosteklopodemnikami, music CD MP3 AUX. Weight of additional options allow to “pack” the car is sufficiently rich. Leather interior, climate control, light and rain sensors, adaptive xenon headlights, an advanced multimedia system with 6.5 inch color screen (Bluetooth, USB, voice control, navigation) and even music with the Harman Kardon 10-Tew speakers (640 watts) .

Specifications: 2018-2019 Mini Paceman sports suspension and lowered by 10 mm compared with the 2018-2019 Mini Countryman platform donor. Front desk Makerson mnogoryichazhka and rear, in the initial version of the already DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), elektousilitel Servotronic steering and front-wheel drive. As an option available ALL4 all-wheel drive transmission. Have connected the rear wheels will not allow, of course, to storm the roads, and low ground clearance (135 mm) clearly does not imply the possibility to leave the asphalt, but test drive the car on a slippery road shows that such content – the most it.
In the engine compartment Russian versions of 2018-2019 Mini Peysmen (and still it can call 2018-2019 Mini Pacman or 2018-2019 Mini Pokemon) will be prescribed diesel and a pair of gasoline engines by default with the mechanics of 6-Th stages, for a fee of 74500 rubles deliver machine – 6-speed automatic transmission.

  • Cooper Paceman petrol 1.6 liters. (122 hp) with a 6 speed manual (6 automatic transmission) Acceleration from 0 to 100 mph in 10.4 (11.5) seconds, top speed of 192 kmh (184 mph). Average fuel consumption of 6 (7.2) liters.
  • Cooper S All4 Paceman petrol 1.6 liters. (184 hp), to hundreds of spurt 7.5 (7.8) seconds at maximum 217 mph and averaged fuel consumption depending on the type of transmission of 6.1 (7.5) liters.
  • Another possible Cooper SD Paceman diesel 2 liter. (143 hp).

How much: For sale in Russia includes the cost of 995 000 rubles for a 2018-2019 Mini Cooper Paceman. Price Cooper S All4 Paceman will be from 1 350 000 rubles.

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