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BMW X7 2019

Photos of the new crossover BMW X7 2019

For years, among the fans of the brand from the Munich automaker rumors about the company’s plans to release a full-size crossover BMW X7, which would take its rightful place in the SUV market in North America.

Crossover BMW X7

However, as they say, the tale soon, the case – not very … First appearance of a large crossover in the United States prevented the outbreak of the crisis, which severely thinned market is large and, accordingly, gluttonous SUVs, their sales started to decline significantly.
In this regard, the development of BMW X7 has been frozen until better times.
And now, apparently, the time has come and the German developer decided to go back to the idea of ​​creating a flagship crossover.

Photos BMW X7 – side view

But the idea is not all, we need opportunities and good luck, and the latter is very unpredictable thing, because originally all been waiting for the emergence of a new SUV back in 2018-2019, which, as is clear does not happen, then the time of appearance of BMW X7 were moved to 2018-2019, and this is one more blow to waiting for a miracle – this month it became known from the official press release the group from Bavaria, the new BMW X7 will come on the market not earlier than 2019.
There is still hope that the concept SUV will show in the next year.

Spy photos of the new BMW X7

In the development of vehicle used CLAR platform is a modular platform that also lies at the heart of the new “Seven» F01.
It is planned that the chassis will form the basis of the majority ‘prodolnikov “, that is, those models of BMW, who mounted engine not cross and longitudinal.

With regards to power units available for the BMW X7 – their bude enough, all inline “six”, “eights” and V12.
Not ruled out the possibility of equipping the model hybrid engine modifications.

According to some statements made by engineers, dimensions BMW X7 will be slightly increased as compared to the “five» F15, also plans to install a third row of seats.

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