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BMW X4 crossover Sports 2018-2019

This year, in the spring of the German automaker BMW 2018-2019 plans to introduce the car enthusiasts with its new model – a crossover index X4.
In principle, the new product will be positioned as a sports version of the X3 crossover, as once was the BMW X6 sports a modification of the popular X5 model.
For more information about your new product Bavarian concern has not yet disclose, but some information is known today.
When designing a new crossover Germans were founded shown last spring at the Shanghai motor show concept BMW X4 Concept (all images), its style reminiscent of crossover X6.

Visually, the production version of the car is different from the conceptual model to a few elements.
This novelty will serve as a model for the planned restyling the X3 crossover, as they quite a lot in common.
In particular, the two cars are very similar dimensions.
They have the same body length – 464.8 cm, and the same length wheelbase – 281 cm.
At the same time BMW X4 2018-2019 wider by 3.4 cm (191.5 cm) and below 5.3 cm (160.8 cm).
While there is no way to say anything about the interior of the car, because the Germans had carefully concealed even information about interior decoration materials, not to mention the level of technical equipment.

According to spy shots, walking on the internet, one can only conclude that the interior of the BMW X4 was created based on the X3 crossover interior.
We also know that the capacity of the luggage compartment in the new machine will be about 500 liters.
The motor line of new items will include two power units, also borrowed from the X3 crossover.
On the role of the base engine offered gasoline 4-cylinder 2-liter unit, which develops 245 horsepower and 350 Newton meters of maximum torque.
And although in the motor range “troika” has a less powerful 184-strong unit, preference was given to exactly 245 -strong engine as BMW X4 is positioned as a sporty crossover that dictates higher requirements for engine power.

Also under the bonnet of the new BMW X4 gasoline 6-cylinder 3-liter unit can be installed, whose power is 306 horsepower and maximum torque of 400 Newton-meters.
In tandem with these motors is expected to be only work 8 -speed automatic transmission Steptronic box.
Will other powertrain options are available – it is still unknown.
Over time, the Germans promised to launch a diesel version of the 381 -strong crossover, as well as the modification of a hybrid power plant.
The new BMW X4 is assembled on the same platform as the X3 crossover.
This means that the model will be available as a wheel-drive system, and with a drive to the rear axle.

The car was fully independent suspension front and rear and all-wheel disc brakes are equipped with a ventilation function.
To assist rack and pinion electric power is proposed.
Note that the date and place of the official debut of BMW X4 crossover postponed more than once.
Originally planned to introduce a novelty at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2018-2019 th year, then moved to the premiere Geneva Motor Show in March of this year, well, not so long ago it became known that the Germans had pushed the car presentation even further – to the New York show, to be held in April 2018-2019-th year.
Shortly after the official debut of the new product will be released on the German market, continue to turn the United States and Canada, and only then will the crossover in Europe and in the Russian market.

Prices and equipment variants of the vehicle will be announced later, but some European experts say that the initial cost of the model is not less than 42 thousand dollars -x.

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