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BMW X4 Crossover 2018-2019

Brands BMW and Porsche has long led the battle for life and death for the title of the most sporting SUV manufacturer in the world.
However, if measured only on sales, the total superiority is now on the side of the BMW: its large models X5 and X6 divergent circulations, an order of magnitude greater than the demand for the Porsche the Cayenne .

But now the battle has moved to a more affordable segment – BMW puts the new model X4, which should give battle the Porsche Macan .
Compare BMW X4 with “dipping” is inevitable: these cars are not only very similar in price – they profess the same ideology and are built on similar principles.

See for yourself.
At the heart of Porsche models is the chassis midsize crossover the Audi the Q5 , and the new 2018-2019 model, the X4 is built on a platform of model the BMW the X3 .
And if the “Porsche” decided to fundamentally alter inherited their design, the Bavarians left base unit virtually unchanged – say, why redo something that does not need alterations.

BMW X4 The prototype presented in April 2013, in Shanghai, went into a series of virtually unchanged.
He just replaced the bumpers but slightly reduced the dimension of the wheels.
However, the “charged” X4 M (as it surely will), will look much the same.

If the BMW X6 based on the X5 platform, the X4 uses components and assemblies more compact BMW X3.
At the same wheelbase 2810 mm it is a little longer than the donor (4671 mm), but the height is reduced by up to 1624-x millimeters.
The drag coefficient is 0.33.
The initial version weighs 1810 kilograms.

At BMW X4 2018-2019 model year, the same size wheelbase as that of the X3, but the front and rear overhangs slightly grew by more massive bumpers: three and 11 millimeters respectively.
Slightly reduced ground clearance (eight millimeters to 200 millimeters), and the springs, dampers and suspension elastokinematics were subjected to severe migration.

It looks very similar to a novice its larger relative X6.
It has a characteristic dynamic profile with small overhangs, the arched shape of the roof and the high window line.
Branded bisected grille combines with elongated headlights.
By the way, for a fee optics can be fully LED.
The hood and sides are made in relief, and extended wheel arches.
The fifth door spoiler integrated sharpened and enhanced “shoulders” vsedorozhnika underlined curved lights.

Version Service M Sport can be distinguished by an enlarged air intakes in the front bumper, an aerodynamic body kit and reduced ground clearance.
Furthermore, in this case available alloy wheels up to 20 inches in diameter.

The cabin is dominated by the strict horizontal lines, and many of the features familiar from the X3.
This, for example, three-spoke steering wheel and instrument cluster, consisting of four dials.

The large speedometer and tachometer combined with lower fuel pointers residue in the tank and the engine temperature.
Indications can be projected on the windshield.
The central panel is turned slightly towards the driver, and on top of it installed touch screen multimedia system.

In general, the interior – an exact copy of the BMW X3.
The only difference in planting: the front seats in the X4 installed on 20 mm lower than in the “X-third”, and rear – 23 mm.
For second-row passengers, this is a forced measure, otherwise even riders of average height would touch the tops of the sloping roof.

But the driver’s lower landing – an allusion to the fact that he is still a no sports car.
Especially if the three-liter “turboshesterka” located under the hood of his X4.
The buyer can choose the triple back sofa or two individual seats.

Initial equipment BMW X4 crossover, the 2018-2019 model includes dual-zone climate control, parking sensors and heated front seats.
The list of options includes the drive of the fifth door, parking autopilot, all-sky cameras, tracking systems for the “blind” zones and compliance lane, adaptive cruise control with the functions of movement in traffic jams and automatic braking.
And M Sport package includes the installation of sports seats.

All available engines got turbocharging, direct injection fuel system and killing at stops.
You can choose the petrol engines of 2.0 liters (184 and 245 hp) and 3.0 liters (306 liters. P.).
Also offered turbo diesel 2.0-liter (190 hp. P.) And 3.0 liter (258 and 313 liters. P.).

The most powerful BMW X4 2018-2019 accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.2 seconds, while consuming an average of 6.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.
Crossover can be equipped with 6-stupechnatoy manual or 8-speed “automatic”.

If you do not know, then there are two versions of BMW automatic transmission ZF – regular and “sports”, with modified block mechatronics, which quickly changes the transmission and has its own algorithms work.
So, all crossovers BMW X4 2018-2019 to put the status of only fast transmission with paddle shifters, and at the same time steering with variable gear ratio, and even four-wheel drive – rear-wheel drive versions, like European or American X3 will not.

Another useful thing – adaptive suspension with shock absorbers adjustable stiffness – will only be available in the options list.
It is a pity, because it really X4 will be the place.

The comfortable crossover mode goes very elastic, but cleverly smoothes small asphalt creases and cracks even on large 19-inch wheels, and in the “Sport” or “Sport +” chassis resets the mask of decency, opening the face of “bad” character from the video game .
Banks reduced significantly, the reaction on the steering wheel and the gas pedal are aggravated, and the class “machine” tucks right gear at precisely the moment when expected.
Yes, and with juicy peregazovkoy!

On twisty roads in 2018-2019 BMW X4 rides like a real sports car, only adjusted for high body: brakes, chassis tenacity – some hot-hatch will not stand in the pace of “X-Fourth” and a few kilometers.
Of course, to completely get rid of the feeling that mchishsya serpentine riding on an office chair, it is impossible.
However, engineers were trying to squeeze the car and its driver to the asphalt, planting and then the center of mass is still crossover.
But this is probably the main complaint about the quality drayverskogo BMW X4 2018-2019 – the rest of it is really cool.

Motor growls menacingly, box changes the light transmission of shocks, and rear-drive character of the complete drive system settings allow even slightly poskolzit on wet road after rain.
At the same X4 maintains a reasonable level of comfort (as opposed to the “charged» X5 M50d), and even though kupeobrazny body remains practical in everyday life.

The trunk is then slightly smaller than the X3, but it still easily fit a refrigerator along with its contents: the volume of the compartment is from 500 to 1400 liters.
On the back seat of the “quartet” enough room not only for children of preschool age, well, the driver will be able to enjoy the same set of electronic gadgets, as in any other modern BMW models, including the latest generation ConnectedDrive system – for Internet access and navigation satellite maps.

Russian sales of BMW X4 2018-2019 started in September of this year.
Base “X-four” index 28i AT xDrive with 245-horsepower four-cylinder turbo engine will cost 2,304 million rubles – to 202 thousand more expensive X3 with the same engine.
Prices for the version with three-liter diesel engine starts with a mark of 2.46 million rubles, and the 306-strong crossover with petrol “turboshesterkoy” will cost 2.51 million rubles.

But here’s a surprise – it is by no means the most expensive and fastest X4.
Top-end version will X4 35d with a 313-horsepower diesel engine, and this model is more expensive than others: a minimum of 2,714 million rubles.
Just as much, and Porsche Macan S with 340 hp gasoline turbo engine.

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