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New BMW X3 2019 – a new generation of the Bavarian crossover

The new mid-size crossover BMW X3 of the third generation is presented officially by the Bavarian manufacturer on June 26 in the American Spartanburg. Model 2019-2020 (body G01) moved to a new platform, increased in size, received more advanced equipment and acquired the most powerful version of M Performance with a 360-strong “turbo”. It was the top version with the M40i index that the German company used to present its novelties. In the sale of new BMW X3 2019-2020 will arrive in the autumn of this year, having previously noted at the auto show in Frankfurt. At home, in Germany, the crossover will be offered at a price of 44,000 euros (option BMW X3 xDrive20i) to 66,300 euros (the “hot” version of the BMW X3 M40i).

In the European market, the “X-third” in the previous body (F25) was sold well, but still did not reach the leaders of the segment. So, in 2019, 47,455 buyers made their choice in favor of the Bavarian crossover, while the competitors have much more solid figures – Audi Q5 (70,266), Mercedes-Benz GLC (70,349), Volvo XC60 (82,990 units). Approximately the same picture was observed a year earlier. In Russia over the past year, the owners of the BMW X3 have become 2,824 people – this is the second most popular BMW model after the flagship X5 (5,203 sales). In general, the SUV has much to strive for, and, as is gratifying, many improvements have already been made in the course of the current generation change. About them and talk in our review.

Dimensions and clearance of BMW X3 2019-2020

The tendency for constant consolidation of models did not pass by and the German premium brand. For example, in this way the last BMW X1 went, albeit not in all directions, but nevertheless increased in size. In order to maintain the subordination, after his younger “brother” grew and X3, the benefit of this contributed to the change of platform. The updated crossover is similar to the partners in the lineup – the BMW 5-series G30 and the BMW 6-series Gran Turismo – tested a new “cart” CLAR.

The total dimensions of the BMW X3 (G01) are as follows: length – 4708 mm (+51 mm in relation to the predecessor ), width – 1891 mm (+10 mm), height – 1676 mm (-2 mm). The wheelbase, of course, also grew to 2864 mm instead of the previous 2810 mm (54 mm increment). The ground clearance remained the same – 204 mm, the maximum depth of ford crossing – 500 mm.

Nuances of the body design

Changes in the appearance of the novelty are of a local nature, so that the crossover remains a typical representative of the BMW line. Typical, but at the same time incredibly stylish, gambling and charismatic. The main innovations in design have traditionally occurred on the front. Here we find modified headlights with sharper outlines and proprietary ring-shaped optics Adaptive LED (or Adaptive Full LED). Lighting blocks now do not closely adjoin to the “nostrils” of the falshradiator, but are located with a gap, and this despite the increased size of the lattice ovals. The front bumper is also slightly changed, mainly due to a revision of the air intake configuration and fog lamps. The latter are now made in the form of horizontal LED strokes integrated into the side sections (used to be circular and were located separately).
Photo of BMW X3 body G01

The designers paid less attention to the stern part of the “third” BMW X-3, although traces of intervention are found here on a close inspection. At least, the lanterns and the diffuser were revised. Exhaust pipes are withdrawn on both sides of the bumper, only the shape of the nozzles changes. In conventional versions, they are round, in the case of the BMW X3 M40i, they are trapezoidal.

The feed of BMW X3 2019-2020 photo

The exterior décor of the updated SUV varies depending on the optional finishing packages. There are design lines xLine, M Sport and absolutely new Luxury. Each of them assumes a special design of the bumpers, grille and side glazing (the frame can be chrome or matt). The figure and the size of the wheel disks are also varied, the basic dimension of the wheels being increased by one point – from R17 to R18. The maximum diameter of the discs is 21 inches.

Of the unseen improvements in the architecture of the body is to allocate an optimized coefficient of aerodynamic resistance (0.29 instead of the previous 0.36), an ideal weighting along the axes (50:50) and a reduced curb weight (gain up to 55 kg depending on the modification).

Instrumentation and trunk

The “third-third” third generation salon will offer excellent ergonomics, comfortable front and rear seats, top quality materials and advanced electronics, including unprecedented advanced assistance systems. In the list of basic and optional equipment BMW X3 there is a multimedia complex with a display of 10.25 inches (smartphone integration, voice control, recognition of gestures), a digital instrument panel with 12.3-inch screen, front seats with ventilation and massage functions, three-zone climate control, illumination, projection display with high resolution.


There will be a number of other interesting “chips” in the new X3. These, of course, include the semi-automatic piloting system CoPilot, combining the functional adaptive cruise control and lane tracking assistant. Another useful thing is the BMW Display Key key, which can not only remotely block / unlock the car, but also display some side information, for example, the amount of fuel in the tank.

Rear Seats

The volume of the trunk of the crossover remained at the level of the car of the previous generation. The standard layout of the seats allows you to load 550 liters, a double – 1600 liters. The rear sofa is cut in a proportion of 40/20/40, which provides the necessary variability in the transformation of the cargo compartment.

Roof rack with folded backs

Technical characteristics of the BMW X3 new model 2019-2020 year

The range of modifications of the new BMW X3 was quite wide. Some versions will be available from the start of sales, some will be added later. The complete list looks like this:

  • BMW X3 sDrive20i / xDrive20i – 4-cylinder turbo engine 2.0 liters (184 hp, 290 Nm);
  • BMW X3 xDrive30i – 4-cylinder turbo unit of 2.0 liters (252 hp, 350 Nm);
  • BMW X3 M40i – 6-cylinder turbo engine 3.0 liters (360 hp, 500 Nm);
  • BMW X3 xDrive20d – 4-cylinder diesel 2.0 liters (190 hp, 400 Nm);
  • BMW X3 xDrive30d – 6-cylinder turbodiesel 3.0 liters (265 hp, 620 Nm);

All engines are combined with the 8-speed “automatic” Steptronic. In the future, the appearance of the variant M40d with a 320-strong diesel engine and a hybrid based on the turbocharged “four” is possible. Of the presented versions, the best dynamics is expected to be demonstrated by the X3 M40i model, accelerating to “hundreds” in 4.8 seconds and reaching a speed limit of 250 km / h. The most economical is the modification xDrive20d, consuming an average of 5.0-5.4 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km.

During the modernization of 2019, certain changes were made to the design of the suspension, which did not affect its overall configuration. In front, there is still a two-lever system, behind – five-lever. Pneumatics for the SUV is not available, but as an option, the installation of adaptive shock absorbers and sports M-suspension. For the future, integration of steering with variable ratio is planned. It will go into the standard equipment of the BMW X3 M40i, while for other versions it will be offered for a surcharge. But now that any X3 modifications are already in place, this is the switch for selecting Driving Dynamics Control with ECO PRO, COMFORT, SPORT settings (for the M40i also SPORT +).

In our market BMW X3 in the new body G01 will be released synchronously with the start of European sales – approximately in November 2019. The complete sets and prices of the new model for Russia will be announced before the beginning of the arrival of cars to the dealers’ salons.

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