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2018-2019 BMW M550i xDrive – the top version of the sedan BMW 5-Series (G30)

In the review, a novelty in the BMW model range of 2018-2019, the new Bavarian missile BMW M550i xDrive – photos and video, price and equipment, specifications of the top version of the new generation BMW 5-Series (G30) . The new flagship BMW 5-series – sedan M550i xDrive revealed in detail. Elegant appearance, premium cabin, four-wheel drive and a 462-hp petrol V8 twin-turbo shoot four doors to the first hundred in just 4.0 seconds … the price of the BMW M550i xDrive in Russia is from 5100 thousand rubles, in the native BMW for Germany for a novelty request From 82700 euros.

With the change of generations of the BMW 5-Series, the new top version is called the M550i xDrive and replaces the BMW M5. Interestingly, the new flagship 5-series has become more affordable, while the model is equipped with a less powerful engine, but traction is now transmitted to all wheels. The outgoing BMW M5 with a 560-horsepower gasoline monster under the hood transmitting traction to the rear wheels was accelerated from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.4 seconds. The new BMW M550i xDrive with a more modest 462-horsepower engine, but with all-wheel drive provides the dynamics of acceleration to the first hundred in just 4.0 seconds. So only power is sometimes small, the main thing is to distribute traction correctly.

On the rights of the flagship, as well as the most dynamic and aggressive sedan of the 5-series, the BMW M550i xDrive is not only the most stylish and attractive, but the largest and heaviest member of the BMW 5-Series (G30) family.

  • The exterior dimensions of the body of the BMW M550i xDrive 2018-2019 are 4962 mm in length, 1868 mm in width, 1467 mm in height, with a 2975 mm wheelbase.
  • The sedan weight in the loaded state is 1885 kg.
  • Standard 19-inch alloy wheels with 245/40 R19 tires on the front axle and 275/35 R19 on the rear are standard. As an option, larger 20-inch wheels are available with 245/35 R20 tires in front and 275/30 R20 in the rear.

The top version of the BMW 5-Series looks solidly, positively and, of course, aggressively thanks to the M aerodynamic package. In the presence of an original bumper with a characteristic aerodynamic body kit, lining on thresholds, a spoiler on the trunk lid, black trapezium exhaust nozzles. Understandably, there are adaptive LED headlights and headlights for rear lights with LED filling.

The interior of BMW’s flagship 5-series sedan BMW M550i xDrive is exclusive. On the sills of the sedan illuminated inscriptions “M550i”, enticing the driver and passengers in the salon. The interior pleases with high-quality finishing materials (Nappa leather or Dakota leather, decorative inserts of precious wood or aluminum), excellent organization of the driver’s workplace and a mass of super modern equipment. In order to emphasize the special status of the sedan in the cabin, there are sports seats (M sports seats), a sports steering wheel with three spokes (M sports steering wheel), an informative instrument panel with the inscription “M550i”, aluminum pedals, and even carpets are decorated with magic M .

From the equipment we will mention the projection display, multimedia complex ConnectedDrive with 12.25-inch color screen (Apple CarPlay, navigation, Remote 3D View, LTE Internet, gestures and voice control), four zone climate control, front seats with electric adjustment, Ventilation and massage, heated and ventilated rear seats.

Technical characteristics of the BMW M550i xDrive 2018-2019. Under the hood of the sedan is a 4.4-liter petrol V8 M Performance TwinPower Turbo (462 hp 650 Nm).
Gearbox automatic 8-speed Steptronic Sport. The BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system is standard. Thanks to the all-wheel drive system and powerful engine with two turbochargers, the top-of-the-range BMW 5-series sedan fires up to 100 km / h in just 4.0 seconds, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h, and the combined fuel consumption is 8.9-9.1 liters.

Thanks to the full drive behind the wheel of the new BMW M550i xDrive, you can safely move even on icy roads, the car is different from the crazy 560-horsepower predecessor of the BMW M5 with its rugged nature, excellent handling and stable behavior during emergency acceleration, and even when passing fast corners. A great alternative is the super expensive Mercedes-AMG E 63 costing from 6900000 rubles. For the remaining money after buying BMW M550i xDrive money, if you choose a Bavarian, you can buy a crossover BMW X1 in the base.

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