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New BMW M5 2019 – the next generation of the Bavarian “emka”

The high-performance sedan BMW M5 F90 2019-2020 model year is officially presented by the Bavarian manufacturer on August 21, 2019. A public presentation of the novelty is planned for the September car forum in Frankfurt. A new generation of “charged” four-door has got an improved version of the turbo engine 4.4 V8 with grown up to 600 hp. kickback, an 8-speed automatic transmission instead of the former “robot” and an all-wheel drive system M xDrive with five operating modes. And these are just technical innovations, which are supplemented by the traditional adjustment of the exterior design, interior decoration and the list of available equipment.

Receiving orders for the BMW M5 of the sixth generation will begin immediately after the Frankfurt lookout. The base price of the model in the German market is 117,900 euros, for a special version of the BMW M5 First Edition, limited to 400 copies, will have to pay another 19,500 euros. The first customers will be able to see their cars personally in the spring of 2019. At the same time, sales of the updated sedan will start in Russia, where the minimum price tag, according to preliminary calculations, will be set at around 8 million rubles. Photo, complete sets and prices, technical characteristics of the BMW M5 2019-2020 in the new F90 body will be presented in the framework of this review.

Dimensions and weight of the new “emka”

With the succession of generations, the BMW M5 has decently grown in size. The length of the new model was 4965 mm (+55 mm), width – 1903 mm (+12 mm), height – 1473 mm (+16 mm). Together with the dimensions, the wheelbase and ground clearance have significantly increased. The center-to-center distance was 2982 mm (+18 mm), and the ground clearance was 132 mm (before it was 117 mm).

Equipping all-wheel drive transmission did not lead to an increase in the curb weight of the BMW M5, on the contrary, it even slightly decreased. If the predecessor weighed 1870 kg, then the new edition of the car – only 1855 kg. To facilitate the design allowed the wide use of aluminum – it made front wings, hood, trunk lid, doors. At the same time, the roof of the new “em-fifth” is made of carbon fiber, which not only reduced the weight of the car, but also made its body more rigid and safe. Decrease in the weight of the sedan, in addition to all, contributed to the installation of lithium-ion battery, which replaced the usual lead-acid battery.

Design of the body of the BMW M5

The novelty of BMW flaunts an aggressive and stylish exterior, reflecting the wayward and uncompromising character of the model. The configuration of the front bumper is chosen not only for reasons of aesthetics, but also taking into account the need for proper cooling of the power unit and brake mechanisms. For this purpose, the air intake was divided into three sections – a large central one and two small side ones. The headlights and grille, in turn, have a classic design for the representatives of the BMW line, with optics, of course, exclusively LED.
Photo BMW BMW M5 2019-2020

The feed of the new BMW M5 is recognized by the original architecture of the diffuser, a pair of double-barreled exhaust pipes, huge lighting units with spectacular 3D graphics and a neat spoiler on the trunk lid.

Sedan of the 6th generation sedan

The four-door profile features a short front overhang, a long hood line, a sporty rearward-dome roof, perfectly contoured wheel arches. The sides of the body are equipped with longitudinal ribs, “gills” in M-style on the front fenders and elegant cases of mirrors with an aerodynamically adjusted shape.

Photos of BMW M5 First Edition

The color palette of the body colors of the sport sedan of the new generation includes several exclusive color variants prepared especially for the M5. Among them are Marina Bay Blue Metallic, Frozen Dark Silver, Frozen Arctic Gray and a number of others. The standard dimension of the wheels is 19 inches: the front mounts rubber 275/40 R19, rear – 285/40 R19. As an option, it is offered to order 20-inch wheels with tires 275/35 R20 and 285/35 R20 respectively for the front and rear axles.

Nuances of furnish of an interior and equipment

The salon of the “charged” BMW M5 meets the familiar in the BMW 5-series G30 layout of the elements of interior decoration. But “emku” gives out specific design of separate details with application of M-symbolics. Similar accents are placed on the head restraints of the seats, door sills, gear lever, steering wheel. The latter, by the way, has a special sports configuration with three spokes and a pair of red switches M1 and M2, reserved for user settings of the driving mode.

Interior BMW M5

Renovated premium sedan BMW relies only the most advanced and advanced equipment. The standard and advanced equipment includes a digital instrument panel, a multimedia ConnectedDrive with a 12.25-inch display, electrified front seats (in rich versions with adjustable side support rollers and a backrest angle), a projection display, four-zone climate control, atmospheric interior lighting , at least six airbags. Also in the arsenal of the BMW M5 were all electronic assistance systems available to the usual four-door 5-series.

Second row of seats

Technical specifications of BMW M5 (F90) 2019-2020 year

The source of traction for the new M5 was the upgraded 4.4-liter V8 turbo from the previous generation model. To add a performance unit, German engineers installed new turbochargers, increased the maximum injection pressure to 350 bar, reworked the lubrication and cooling systems, made changes to the design of the exhaust manifold and exhaust system. As a result, the peak power rose to 600 hp. (at 5600-6700 rpm), and the torque increased to 750 Nm (in the range of 1800-5600 rpm).

Turbo engine 4.4 V8 with a power of 600 hp

Increasing the impact of the power plant required the developers to implement the full drive. It was implemented on the basis of the classical rear-wheel drive scheme of BMW, providing for the possibility of connecting the front axle with an electronically controlled coupling. Also feature of the 4WD system is the presence of an active M-differential, the head of the distribution of torque between the rear wheels. The M xDrive drive allows you to choose between five driving modes: two with a stabilization system (normal or M Dynamic Mode) and three with DSC off (4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD). The latter modes are designed primarily for racing battles, and especially extreme is seen aerobatics with a clean rear-wheel drive (2WD).

The transition to the all-wheel drive scheme did not end with the revision of the transmission. In addition, it was decided to replace the old robotic box with the 8-step “automatic” M Steptronic with the three-position switch Drivelogic. The chassis was also rebuilt, although it retained the usual layout with the front two-link and rear multi-link, but underwent a number of constructive changes. In particular, the rigidity of the individual components was increased so that they could cope with the increased loads. In the ranks there were adaptive shock absorbers and an electric amplifier, which have three options for setting – Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

Produced in the technical part of the improvement allowed to achieve phenomenal results. Up to 100 km / h the new BMW M5 accelerates in just 3.4 seconds, which is a whole second faster than before. The same dynamic performance can boast except that the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4Matic +, but the Audi RS6 Avant performance spurt to “hundreds” is given a little tighter – 3.7 seconds. The speed limit of the “Fifth” in the body of the F90 is limited to either 250 km / h or 305 km / h with the optional M Driver’s Package. The average fuel consumption of the car is claimed at 10.5 l / 100 km.

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