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BMW i3 2018-2019

The newly revised the BMW i3 conceptual model was presented in London.
The new vision of the concept car BMW i3 2018-2019 shows the direction to create the future of stylish exteriors and interiors of the German car company.
As said Benoit Jacob, head of the design department of the company – “The fact that everyone here can see, 90 percent ready for mass production, although some visual detail possible and will undergo some changes.”
At the heart of BMW i3 – two independent modules.

Drive structural unit is made ​​of aluminum and includes a chassis, a drive system and the battery.
Another “habitable” zone is made of lightweight carbon fiber and reinforced plastic.
Machine weight not more than 1,250 kg of ti.
BMW i3 is moving with the help of 168-strong motor, which is located on the rear axle, together with electronic control and differential systems.
The torque is 170 Nm.
The motor is conjugate to the rear axle via a single-stage transmission.

The company says that the maximum speed of BMW i3 is 150 km / h, and acceleration to the first “hundred” required 8 seconds.
Power comes from lithium-ion batteries, which are located under the floor, which provides better weight distribution.
The BMW claim that the power reserve is enough to overcome the 100 kilometers, after which the i3 can be fully recharged from the usual socket.
At that ti will take about 6 hours.
In this case 80 percent of the vehicle is charged for only 60 minutes.

The passenger compartment features a large free space than any other model of the company, so as there is no central tunnel.
All components and control devices, which are usually located on the center console are published on the dashboard, where a large number of LCD screens.
The volume of the luggage compartment in the BMW i3 is 200 liters.

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