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BMW ALPINA B7 2018-2019

BMW Alpina B7 2018-2019 – draws attention to aerodynamic shape and proprietary 20-spoke wheels.
Alpina – this is not a design firm, and the manufacturer.
The main proof – strongly strikeout engraver VIN-code BMW and beside him knocked her, alpinsky.
White-blue BMW logo at the front and rear left, and the name is pronounced as BMW Alpina.
Simply, these companies have long cooperated fully trust each other.

When “Alpina” the word comes the thought of exclusive cars, expensive wines and luxury lifestyle.
And once it started to manufacture typewriters … To increase engine power, it had to dig much.
Motor equipped with Mahle forged pistons, redesigned power supply and gas distribution systems, improved the cooling and turbocharging.
To realize the enormous potential of torque upgraded powertrain and chassis.

Centre shall be in accordance with the wishes of customers.
To trim apply special skin – Lavalina, which is processed without the use of chemicals and “breathes”.
Also, as the materials used Californian “Murten” tree.
Finally, in the cabin ceiling mounted name plate with the serial number of the car BMW Alpina B7 2018-2019 – available in two versions:. With rear wheel drive and full.
Length – 5087 mm, width – 1902 mm, height – 1485 mm.

Wheelbase – 3070 mm.
Curb weight – 2130 kg.
Body Type – sedan.
Number of doors – 4 places – 5. Motor gasoline the V8, twin-turbo.
Displacement – 4395 cm / cu.
Maximum power – 507 hp at 5500 rpm.
Maximum torque – 700 Nm at 3000 – 3750 rpm.

Maximum speed – 302 km / h.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h – 4.8 seconds.
Fuel type – AI-98.
Average fuel consumption in the combined cycle 100 km – 12.4 liters.
Price in Europe BMW Alpina B7 – starts from 151 100 euros.

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