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BMW Active Tourer 2018-2019

The stand of the Bavarian concern BMW 2018-2019 at the recent Paris Motor Show, as expected, turned out to be spectacular.
And not only in a large area or a spectacular design of the exhibition.
The most striking decoration BMW Group became the Paris stand is cars.
At this time, many visitors to the motor show were presented several new products of all sizes, and a highlight of the Bavarian collection proved the concept car BMW Active Tourer 2018-2019.
His main task was to demonstrate the style of future premium compact car from the German manufacturer.

Through meticulously “polished” appearance, Active Tourer might seem quite serial, or at least prepared for the production car.
And this is not surprising, because in Munich has long been refuted rumors concerning the development of cars with the provisional name of the BMW 1-series GT.
Therefore, the status of the Active Tourer concept eloquently just a few details.
Such a silver bullet concept car, of less than 4.5 meters, is different from the serial “cars are” of concern, perhaps, higher landing driver and passengers.

However, corporate brand attributes (features of the interior, functional and comfortable cockpit, spacious saloon) remained recognizable.
Although, in terms of technology, BMW Active Tourer – the car is fundamentally innovative.
Under the hood is hidden Active Tourer hybrid powertrain the iDrive, which consists of a 3-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor, with a total output of 190 horsepower.
In addition, the car is built on a new platform with front-wheel drive, which the German company plans to share with the Mini brand.

In the end, the most futuristic element appearance of the concept car BMW Active Tourer is its roof, made ​​of composite materials that can change transparency depending on the wishes of the driver.

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