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BMW 8-Series Concept 2018-2019 – the forerunner of a new family of BMW 8-series

New BMW 8-Series Concept (BMW 8-Series Concept) 2018-2019 presented to connoisseurs of classic and antique cars at the elegance competition Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on the shore of Lake Como in Italy told the world about the latest generation of the BMW 8-Series. In our review, the concept of BMW 8-series – the first news, photos, videos, specifications and the preliminary price of a stylish Bavarian sports car premium. According to preliminary information, the price of the newborn of the new generation 8-series – two-door BMW 8-Series Coupe will be less than 100,000 euros for the version of the BMW 840i Coupe with a 326-horsepower gasoline engine.

The BMW 8-Series Concept is the harbinger of a whole new family of BMW 8-Series, returning to the automotive market nearly 20 years after the demise of the first generation of the BMW 8 Series (E31), manufactured from 1989 to 1999. According to preliminary information, the German manufacturer is preparing 3 models of the new generation of the 8-series: the two-door BMW 8-Series Coupe will enter the market in 2018, then in 2019 they will present the open two-door BMW 8-Series Convertible, and the four-door BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe promises Will appear in 2020.

Interestingly, BMW AG for the 8 Series family has registered a whole array of trademarks 825, 830, 835, 845, 850, 860 and, of course, the M850 and M8. The presence of the newest CLAR platform on the basis of which the new generations of the BMW 5-Series and the BMW 7-Series are based also allows us to equip cars with a huge number of engines, from a four-cylinder 2.0-liter to a 6.6-liter from 12 !!! Cylinders in the BMW 8-Series will have a plug-in hybrid version.

The main competitor of the Bavarian novelty is the 8-series two-door Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet . So the struggle for buyers between German manufacturers of large two-door premium cars promises to be very interesting.

There is no sense in creating a verbal portrait of the BMW 8-Series Concept, it’s better for our readers to admire the designer’s intricacies with the help of photos and video materials, which made it possible to create a real masterpiece. We also need to add that the concept flaunts the laser-phosphor headlamps headlights, huge 21-inch discs and original dimensional lamps with three-dimensional LED graphics.

The interior of the BMW 8-Series Concept, however, as well as the production version of the BMW 8-Series Coupe, with a landing formula of 2 + 2. The architecture of the front panel and the center console of the novelty, the design of the steering wheel, the first and second row seats, the location of controls and equipment may cause confusion about the Bavarian company fans … everything is so unusually located, but convenient and ergonomic.

The main driver in the car is an intelligible business, in the workplace of which the main accents are placed. Steering wheel with padded petals and hubs made of hand-polished aluminum, a digital combination of instruments, a large color screen of the IDrive multimedia complex, a touch panel for controlling climate control and auxiliary functions of the car in the center console, ideally located under the driver’s right hand control selector and automatic washer IDrive, Next to it there was a bright red pushbutton / stop button and a parking brake button.

Sports seats buckets according to the reviews of German journalists, who managed to assess the BMW concept before the presentation in Italy, provide a comfortable and assured landing, and the materials of the decoration cause real enthusiasm. Natural leather, Nappa leather and Alcantara, polished aluminum and a huge amount of carbon fiber parts.

Technical characteristics of the BMW 8-Series Concept 2018-2019 the manufacturer is not in a hurry to disclose. We can only assume that the serial versions of the BMW 8-series will receive gasoline and diesel engines from the soplatform models BMW 5-Series and BMW 7-Series, along with the 8 automatic transmission Steptronic, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive xDrive.

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