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BMW 7-Series will be deprived V12 engine 2018-2019

In the long-term plans of the German company BMW 2018-2019 has a point to stop using V12 engines on models 7-Series next generation.
This engine will replace the power unit with a lower volume and fewer cylinders, but with turbocharging.
Chances are that the turbines at the new flagship sedan will be the engine for three.

At the moment, the BMW 7-Series 2018-2019 with a V12 engine offered to customers in two wheelbase versions.
Car prices with the normal wheelbase on the Russian market of 6 000 000, and with the increased base – 6.6 million rubles.
Motor with a volume of 6 liters develops power of 544 horsepower.
With him Sedan able to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.6 seconds.

It should be noted that this year the German automaker said 25 Anniversary use V12 power unit on its models.
In this connection, it was decided to manufacture an exclusive version of the BMW 7-Series in the amount of 25-ti copies for the US market.
The issue of replacing the V12 still not completely solved, and a new generation of the BMW 7-Series is not expected before 2018-2019 th year.

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